It's the paradox we need to solve and we need to do it fast.

Because there is a large number of people who cannot afford the basic needs let alone your current or future solution.

Join our efforts and start working on the improvement of your local community as the only real way to resolve the biggest issue of our contemporary society.

Once you set your life on a growth trajectory path, guided by The Sequence Project, it is in your best interest to invest in personal development of every person in your closest social environment. Because with the personal growth comes the buying power.


More money people around you make, more money you make. In addition, nothing boosts business like a great PR and active involvement into the issues of your local community is the best one!


This particular self-marketing method is derived from the very nature of humankind.

Every war, every crime, every hungry child, abused woman, global famine and poverty, climate change, low income, and every other tragedy that’s been happening to the people is caused by the low or total absence of education on a global scale. Solve the problem of education and you solved everything.

Our mission is simple:


To reach the point where every single person on this planet can purchase a product or a service, without looking at the price tag.


And that can only be achieved through education, rising of self-awareness and personal development. Because every person counts and every person is capable of achieving big things.

How do you personally benefit from the increase of global self-awareness and education of every soul on this planet?


Can you sell something to someone who:

A) Doesn’t know how to read,


B) Who subsequently doesn’t have any money?


The Sequence Project

the backbone of your personal progress, resolves that problem and redefines one of the smartest wisdom man has ever thought of:


Think Global, Act Local.

Learn more about The Sequence Project


We are investing our resources into the upgrade of our society to make every living human being on this planet perfectly capable of building wealth. Point of Sync academy is achieving that objective through series of cutting edge personal development and business courses along with direct local actions aimed to improve the odds of people in local communities.

Because, our society can only be strong as it’s weakest link.



Is to set your life on a certain growth trajectory path in order to build the momentum and influence the well-being of the global population. Built-in program for making a global impact, found in a 6-module advanced personal and business master course we’ve build for individual personal growth – your growth – aligns perfectly with that objective.



  • More than 20 years of business experience
  • Deep understanding of monetary-market system
  • Ability to transfer our cumulative knowledge to you and everyone else interested
  • Determination to transform your life and life of others
  • Knowledge and decisiveness to make the global impact through individual actions.


06 Apr 2017


Inside the monetary system with the maker of THE SEQUENCE PROJECT In this mind-opening interview, we will bring the overseen advantages of the monetary system closer to our readers, but we will also be arguing the concept known as The Sequence. It is a groundbreaking program that makes possible for a person to reach, what its [...]
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04 Apr 2017

Why You Do What You Do?

The answer might shock you and rock your entire belief system! The majority, or some 80% of the entire human population, base their lives on these two principles: I’m doing just fine considering and I like things the way they are. It’s not like there’s some alternative in this world for me. Something will eventually come […]

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22 Feb 2016

Debt is our biggest advantage

Throughout our history, we were struggling to sustain on this harsh planet. During all that time, with the body count in billions, we managed to adjust our cognitive behavior to allow us not only to survive but to thrive like no other species this planet has ever created. That small adjustment will give birth to […]

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20 Apr 2017

Working From Home Biggest Challenge

While working from home does seem as the most favorable option to make money, the whole concept hides one serious threat that might undermine your efforts if you fail to take it into the account. The one thing that home-working environment is missing is the sense of professionalism, common for more traditional setups. And that's the [...]
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11 Apr 2017

Stand-alone SEO expert vs AdSense/AdWords expert. Who wins?

If you’re thinking about offering freelancing services as the SEO expert, think twice about your position on the market. In other words, think about the  exact type of the services you’re about to offer to the market. Should you go with general SEO only or should you become the AdSense/AdWords expert?   While it’s mostly […]

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