A 6-module personal development and business master course with the groundbreaking global mission. Move beyond just entrepreneurship. Become a respected leader!

Advanced modules will enable you to:

  • Brainstorm, plan and run highly profitable online and offline businesses
  • Make money online from your home
  • Generate several additional income sources using only 4 hours a day
  • Become self-employed and live without the boss
  • Build long-term wealth


A note from Jep Andre Laponnel, a Co-Owner and CEO of legendary TROLL company:


Trolls company


One important piece of advice for you – take a GOOD look at this program. After reading through this material I am really impressed with all the knowledge that has been compressed into this program. Even with all my business experience I learn something new in each chapter – and even on each page. I sit with a big smile – taking notes….

No matter how experienced you are – just starting up or wanting to expand your business (who doesn’t want that) there is a wealth of inspiration to get here.

So – if you want to become rich/richer – this is the right place for you!


There is no real success without a higher mission. The Sequence project is giving you that mission!


Among dozens of critical assets you need on your journey, that cannot be found in any other self-development program, like a

  • 3-stage business model blueprint, that eliminates the need for capital investments in the startup phase; 
  • advanced time and money management programs and
  • a special section with the cutting-edge neuro-behavioral protocols and mind hacks to incorporate crucial new habits, 


You will also be provided with:


  • The detailed blueprint of an executive business plan, accompanied with the advanced tutorial explaining how the high-end business plans are made and executed – something that, in reality, cannot be found on the internet. You will learn how to recognize and analyze any business idea to see if there is any real financial potential.


  • The easiest way to fund your startup without loaning expensive bank loans or begging venture capitals. No matter how much you raise, you won’t pay a dime of interest. Welcome to the future of fundraising!


  • The detailed, step-by-step guide to SET UP THE HIVE OF WEBSITES THAT MAKE MONEY. There’s only one way of doing this and you will learn it. 3 billion people connects to the internet daily. That’s one big market and perfect environment to make profit in several different ways – from your living room!


  • An ADVANCED GUIDE TO SELF-BRANDING to become recognized as a leader of your local community and wider. If you ever had any ambitions to run for a mayor or representative in the parliament, independently from all major parties in your country, this is the tutorial you were looking for!


They don’t teach this stuff in schools. You’ll never see a lecture, in formal education, teaching you how to join that group of 2% of people who own 86% of everything this planet has to offer. Yet, seemingly against all odds, we have now over 150,000,000 people who own 86% of everything this planet has to offer.

That’s exactly what THE SEQUENCE Project is teaching you. You will learn how to join this elite group of men and women whose every move makes an impact on a global scale.

It’s not an illusion. It is a highly profitable reality! The reality that makes possible for you to become recognized as a respected leader of your local community and beyond.


6 modules or six stairs

Each module upgrades your matrix in a gradual and effective manner.
You will go through series of cutting edge mind hacks to learn why and how you were made the way you are. The main focus is placed on the biological and societal mechanisms that create a central belief system at the person or the set of principles upon which we are living our lives. What you think you know about yourself, society and the monetary system in general is about to change. You'll finally understand what has to be done.
GOALS (The Why)
In this module, you will finally learn why people are failing in achieving their goals. In the same time, you'll learn how goals are set and how they are reached. To make things even easier for you, we provided you with the actual goal. As it will become clear to you, The Sequence is not yet another business program. The Sequence is, in fact, the groundbreaking vision. It uses the collective knowledge of over 150,000,000 people, enveloping everything into the new dimension. Something largely overseen so far.
It is believed that procrastination is a common feature of every human being. And yet there are those of us who seem to be immune on it. Module 3 - The Power of Will, explains what the willpower really is from the perspective of neuroscience. Once you learn everything about this phenomenon, you'll be taught how to train your will. Yes, the will can be trained, easier than muscles.
Module 4 is arguably the most important part of the entire course. Everything you do, right or wrong, is caused by the set of habits your brain created over the course of time. You'll learn the mechanism responsible for building habits but you'll also learn HOW TO CHANGE HABITS. This is critical because there are 3 essential habits you must adopt. Without them, you'll continue to struggle. Now, you'll understand what is blocking people in one hand and what is making them perfectly capable of accomplishing almost everything. The best thing is: we'll teach you how to implement all related habits and put your life on a certain growth trajectory path.
As you could learn by now, all those "get-rich-quick" schemes are nothing more than waste of time and money. The core of the Sequence is in fact a 3-stage proven business model that enables you to train your entrepreneur skills by setting the low risk business for a starter. Because, the only way to truly learn how to drive the car is to sweat behind the wheel for a while. That initial, TRAINING stage is designed to teach you how to plan, execute and run the business but it also generates money. Stage 2 is where things become serious. It's the core of your future business where you are making SEEDING money for the Stage 3 - the CAPITALIZATION. And it's that 3rd stage that brings you to the point of sync, or the moment when money makes money, with little to none of your direct influence. Remember: there's only one way to do this right.
You won't be able to find something like this in any type of tutorial of some business school. They simply never discuss the "cold feet" phenomenon and how to prevent it, or even better - how to override it. The reality is: the largest number of wannabe entrepreneurs never move from the planning stage. They just don't know how and when to start with everything. That won't happen in your case. You'll be perfectly capable of executing every detail of your plan with added decisiveness.

You have a uniquely efficient solution in front of you. It’s now just the question of whether you are trying to figure out the potential excuse or are you determined to make it happen? Are you an astronomer or the astronaut? Prey or wolf? Decide!

Content overview

What Will Happen Now

80/20/2 Rule


Point of Sync

Theory of the Systems

Causal Relationship of Systems’ Dynamics

Problem with Status Quo

The Question

Conspiracy theory

The reality

The consequences

What’s wrong with proposed alternatives

Deeper understanding of reality

We are the guilty ones

Global solution

The Exposure of the Monetary-Market System


This is ‘Why’ and ‘How’ you were what you were

The Origins of Your Belief System

How it Works from Biological Perspective

Who are you right now?

Module 2 – GOALS

Goal has to comply with ‘Why’

Building the trust


Why do you need to strengthen your Will

You Can “Train” Your Will

Module 4 – HABITING

The power of the right habits

What habits have to do with success?

What is money?


Damage control exercise

Money management plan

When to start managing your money?

Think business when organizing budget

Annual Home Expenses Book

The SECOND Habit

Time control issues

Time management protocol overview


This is how to do it

Mastering advanced situational awareness

Learning this mastery

Time management exercise

The “FORBIDDEN” habits


In-depth analyses of your matrix

What is GREED exactly?



The only way to play the MONEY GAME


Introduction: Where it all fits

3 Stages of The Sequence

Blueprint of an effective executive Business plan

Stage 1 – Building your first passive income source

STEP I – The planning phase

STEP II – Building primary monetization model

STEP III – Time and money management

STEP IV – Effective marketing and advertising

Email magnets

Money magnets

Dedicated Facebook page and social networks marketing


Case-study – Building the core of Stage 1 with only 4 hours per day of available time

Stage 2 – Building the core of your business

The starting point or how to flush out the profitable idea

How to calculate profitability of your idea

Calculating the startup costs

Developing a blueprint for business plan

Refining the executive business plan

Setting up the METRICS

Planning and organizing proper CRM

Funding your startup

Stage 3 – Short and Long Term Investments

This is the main purpose of monetary-market system and money in general!

The main principle of monetary society

How to think about bank loans or why are people reluctant to invest their money

Capitalization on short-term, high-risk investments

Capitalization on medium- to long-term investing opportunities

Additional long term investments


Why are people having a hard time executing

How do you know that you are ready to take the jump

Will you succeed?

Will there be setbacks and occasional fails?

Where do you start

The crucial 3D’s of every success

Making a global impact

The Problem

Origins of the problem

Practical impacts of the problem

Essential level of personal engagement (SELF-BRANDING)

Appendix A

Personal development bonus

Enhanced Ivy Lee Method to peak your efficiency

How to develop a problem solving mind

Learn to control your recklessness

Your turn to give back to community


6 modules of The Sequence project work together, enabling you to achieve success on a global level by starting in your local community for the benefit of the entire humankind.



And start living under your own terms while pushing our species one stair up on a staircase of evolution!

Learn how to live perfectly synchronized with the best societal setup this species has ever created to build your FREEDOM and upgrade humankind in the process.

Remember: if you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.

More than 20 years of experience is incorporated into designing The Sequence. It's a global solution, answering many questions people are not even aware of. Setting and achieving extreme goals have never been made easier.
Chris Collins

A letter from the author

Can one person make a decisive impact and leave the permanent mark?

Yes. Without any doubt.

But to leave that mark, one has to provide the others with something uniquely great. Something from which they can benefit. The solution to their major problems. Because, as you will soon learn, success of any kind hangs on a sensitive balance between what you are taking or receiving and what you are giving away.

As for us humans, we all share this same, annoying, and seemingly unsolvable problem, don't we?

Well, as you are about to realize, it's anything but "unsolvable."

The Sequence, my small, personal contribution to the global effort of making the world a better place, is that solution you are desperately searching for - the solution for your capital problem: money!

You see, once, not so long ago, I was right where you are now. Searching for the quickest and easiest way out of the financial misery. Knowing how something is fundamentally wrong with the way we are living. Realizing how everything they taught us was either wrong or inadequate. Sensing the opportunity to set my life on a certain growth trajectory path.

It's that reality that everybody keeps saying how it doesn't exist.

With all due respect, they are all wrong!

I'm a living proof of that. I, along with 150,000,000 of others, who realized what I did.

And it all started the moment I saw the legendary Zeitgeist Movie.

Unlike most, I saw the real matrix of the monetary-market system and all of its advantages. I realized back then that the sole purpose of money is not just the purchase of goods; or cars, or homes. I understood what most of us are doing wrong.

The real purpose of money is generation of additional money. In other words, every dollar you make is designed to make additional 10, 100 or even thousands of new dollars - with or without your direct participation and/or influence.

To get to that point, there are 3 steps - The Sequence!

First, you have to generate enough money to put your core business, or the second step, on stable legs. In my case, we are talking about a big chunk of a fertile land with the abundant natural source of water, both large enough to sustain two main crops, a bio-dynamical garden and the residence in a form of a comfortable log cabin. There was a perfectly logical reason why I chose that particular industry for my core business.

That main business then paves the way for the third and most important step. And it's that Step 3 you are after, all this time!

Now, years later, when everything is behind me, I'm living exactly as I always wanted - FREE. What's most important, I don't have to worry about the money anymore. It just keeps duplicating itself. Which allows me to keep improving and upgrading my local community - one person at the time. And that creates wrinkles on a global scale.

Only, I was more interested in creating the waves.

To do that, I had to expand beyond my immediate environment and help as many people as possible, across the Globe. Help them to build their own freedoms!

It took me over a year to transform the collective knowledge and my own experience into this uniquely efficient personal development and business program, aimed to make a global impact through each individual success. A project that not only ensures your personal well-being but the well-being of everybody around you and me. It's the global vision I always had that starts with the little steps.

Believe me, life is great, once you detach from the obsolete dogmas, false prophesies, unrealistic expectations and utopias, and after you embrace the one true leverage we the people designed for ourselves.

The Sequence Project will help you to understand that leverage and thus, to set your life on a certain growth trajectory path. All you have to do is to put it in motion.

It's going to be a fun and exciting journey!

Now go and start building.

Because you are the tailor of your own future.