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22 Feb 2016

Debt is our biggest advantage

Throughout our history, we were struggling to sustain on this harsh planet. During all that time, with the body count in billions, we managed to adjust our cognitive behavior to allow us not only to survive but to thrive like no other species this planet has ever created.

That small adjustment will give birth to our greatest survival hack. We’ll trick the nature itself, cancelling the principle notion known as: survival of the fittest. Whether you believe it or not, that trick is known as the DEBT!

The foundations of the hack


Our brains were developing with every new generation. Neocortical regions allowed us to successfully block our limbic parts and take full control over our behavior.

Place the buckets with fresh water and dishes filled with meat in front of a hungry lion and the hungry human. Lion will drink and eat. Human can — if wants — refrain from both eating and drinking.

If we can override these primary impulses, what else we can do to improve our odds?

The very next step in our evolution is considered to be critical: we started to collaborate, forming trusts of advanced brains.

I know something, you know something, she knows something. We merge our knowledge and our skills and form a closed group. That simple trust of brains increased our survival odds.


The kick-starter


And then, one day, one of our ancient ancestors stumbled upon a shiny, yellow piece of something he hasn’t been noticing so far. It looked attractive so he brought it to his shelter. As time went by, man became aware of one peculiar fact: everything around him was changing, but that shiny, yellow piece of something stood there, on that same shelf, unchanged. He lost his parents; his friends; he witnessed the changes in the nature around him; everything was dying and reviving again. Everything except that small piece of gold.

During the time, man managed to find more of it. And on one of his expeditions, he ran into something even more fascinating. While he was digging a hole to build the trap, he noticed a small fragment of stone that was not similar to anything he saw to that moment.

Driven by his instincts, man tried to crush the stone with his teeth and almost broke one. He then tried to crush it with the piece of rock. That didn’t work either. It appeared that this, almost transparent piece of shiny rock wouldn’t break no matter what.

Today, we know that diamonds have the strongest structure known to man. We use this mineral to cut through hard obstacles but also to wear it around our necks or on our fingers.

This was the turning point of our species.

Our eye for beautiful, attractive and astonishing developed beyond any expectation.

Every animal on this planet has the eye for beautiful, but that is reserved for mating purposes and food. We went further and started valuing the objects that have no real nutritive or direct propagation value.

Rarer the object of astonishing appearance, more value it carries.

Gold, platinum, diamonds, silver, bronze, rubies, emeralds, paintings, wardrobe, housing estate, weapon – everything is now distinguished on account of a certain virtual value only we understand.

That “virtual value” led to very first unusual trade. We began trading precious stones and metals for supplies on an unprecedented scale. No other species on this planet was behaving like this. Exchanging something dead and seemingly non-useful for something that you could eat, drink, sleep at, or have sex with, was not seen until then.


But, what if you haven’t gotten any goods to trade with and your wife demands the golden necklace?


You borrow something, exploiting the trust you’ve established with your group. They simply trust that you are “good for it.”

And it’s this simple ability, we as a species have, that provided us with the hack. You “were good for it” meant what it means today: you don’t have to own anything at that point of time to be able to trade, in order to provide and protect with increased efficiency – two predominant requests put in front of every human being on this planet from the dawn of our species.

But unlike you, a wolf or a lion can’t afford something like this. They can manage only what they physically own. Nobody is giving them anything.

The following diagram explains it best.


Debt - our greatest hack
click to enlarge


It may come as a shock to you, but the fact is that today, through institutes of fractional banking and debt, a human being gains the instant advantage. By trading physical labor and/or intellectual capabilities for monetary compensation, we are able to build shelters and provide for our families. And the most of us start from the point of DEBT.

As you already know, it is possible to live a lifetime without exiting the debt. That ability is unknown in the wildlife. No other species can start below zero line. We can.

If you take a look at the yellow line, you’ll notice more or less common situation. Loss of job, loss of money due to gambling, or sudden physical inability caused by injury, leading to over debt situation and bringing an individual close to starvation point.

Every other life form would cease to exist in similar situation. But not the human being. Again, using the fractional banking and debt, the group (society) will make sure that an individual, who found him/herself in such a situation, survive at least on bare minimum.


In many cases, a man or a woman will reach the so called “breaking point.” What will happen in the aftermath depends solely on that individual. But with a guidance, the outcome is always positive – for both an individual in a dire situation and, subsequently, for the global population.


The Choice is simple:


A) Either survive on provided minimum that comes in a form of a social welfare if you system collapses, or

B) Snap out of it and kick-start your life, once again.


The green line represents those 2% or 150,000,000 people that are perfectly synced with the system. While it takes centuries for the novelty, such as our current setup known as the monetary-market system, to become accepted, there are always those capable of recognizing the advantages quicker than the others.

The number of synced individual is increasing on daily bases. More and more people are finally moving away from false prophecies of those who are wandering, desperately trying to find the way out of their misery. In a desperate attempt to justify their fails, they start to blame. Corrupted government, conspiracy theories, system, neighbor’s dog, everything is a fair game when it comes to pointing the fingers and blaming game. They are all suffering from what is known as the victim mentality.

Not once do they take some time and really make an effort to understand how system works. It’s their way to hide from the reality.

And that reality is brutal. Either you thrive or you suffer. There’s nothing in between.


Which leads us to other green line. If you take a closer look, you’ll see a significant difference between wildlife and human society. We have one more extra level of comfort.

What that means?

It means that a lion for example, regardless of the abundance he enjoys, has to hunt for food and has to provide physical protection for the group.

We, on the other hand, can spend months and even years without moving from a room and still be able to eat, sleep, have sex and stay protected. If you have money, you can order everything. Lion can’t do such thing.

And that’s our ultimate advantage. All made possible by the institute of debt.
Now, the problem is more or less obvious.

How to establish such a micro-system that allows you to live on level 6? What has to be done to join the club of those 150,000,000 people?

The answers and necessary guidance are under your fingertips:


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