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10 Apr 2017
6 proven steps to unfuck your life in just 2 weeks-great-gatsby

6 Proven Ways to Unfuck Your Life in Just 2 Weeks

It was a sunny day. Was about to grab a new pack of cigarettes from the stand nearby when I felt something icky underneath my shoe. I stepped into a freakin’ dinosaur shit. I looked down to assess the situation and do the damage control by wiping my shoe of some old crow’s coat, when all of the sudden it hit me!

Not the brilliant idea like you would think – fucking crow took a dump right on my head. Pretty funny for couple of broads coming my way. One almost fell of her feet from laughing.

Can it get worse? Yes it can. Imagine what would happen if cows could fly?=#$%!

So I went home and decided that I had enough of this shit (get the irony?). Something has to change very soon or that annoying Cocker Spaniel across the hall from my apartment will sky dive. Without parachute and along with that old witch who’s been feeding the damn beast.


6 proven way to fix your life in 2 weeks3 months later I was walking the same street, wearing my brand new 5 grand Armani, thinking about a killer deal I just pulled off, when suddenly same shit happened again. But this time to some poor schmuck walking the opposite side of the street from me. It was funny from this perspective. I looked up and there were like gazillion crows sitting on branches of that big ass maple tree.

I realized then that it has nothing to do with luck or shit. It has everything to do with the side of the street we choose to take.

Fortunately that decision can be the right one every time if you get your shit together by following these 6 steps in a presented sequence:


ways to fix your life quick

Grab that fucking Cocker Spaniel and beat the shit out of it. If that old crow gets out and start raging, kick her ass too. No…wait…That’s what you’d love to do. Ain’t gonna fly sport. Next time you go out buy some dog-candy and feed that Spaniel. He’ll start loving you that moment. Funny thing about Cocker Spaniels: they can smell shitbag from a mile away and act aggressive. Same, they are capable of detecting positive energy and become devoted friends on account of simple scratch on a belly.


how to fix life

Same thing is with that old witch across the hallway. Sure you can knock out couple of her artificial teeth and kick the hell outta her. But that would result in you spending some time in a county jail, probably being inseminated by a big ass black dude on regular basis. Why? Shit attracts shit. If you take a dump, it smells like shit, not like a spring flower in a Japanese garden.

It’s called Law of attraction, backed by the Law of intention. And that means that world revolves around two basic principles of physics: ACTION – REACTION. Add universe and its constant desire to give you exactly what you wish for and you have, what is known as the alternative. Be negative – you will get it; no worries. Help the old lady into an elevator and down the stairs, chances are that someone will help you when you least expecting it.


unfuck life

6 proven steps to unfuck your life in just 2 weeks-rich-prick-driving-bwmSo you made sure you get only the good stuff from Universe. Did you really? Let’s think about that while you’re walking to the pub to get some cold Bud and feel that ass. Whooops! What’s that? Aaaah, it’s that little prick who thinks he owns the fucking street just because he’s loaded with money. There he is again driving his black BMW, having two hot chicks with him. Brunette and blond. To make sure all bases are covered when he feels like having some.

Now stop and bang your stupid head against that “STOP” sign. I mean it. Do it now!

That pathetic way of perception of things and pure envy is the reason why you are walking alone to have a beer and probably a slap in your face after you spank that beautiful ass of your favorite waitress. That’s the closest you’ll ever get to that ass if you don’t pull your shit together and change the way you think of others and money in particular!



ways to improve life quick

Now apologize to that poor sign. It did no wrong to you. It’s just standing there, serving its purpose, not complaining about anything. Not even when a prick like you hit it with no obvious reason.

Turn 180° and find a gym. Good time to be a picky bastard. Search for one full of hot, wet, astonishingly-firm bodies. Why that kind of gym? Why the fuck not! You must and you will grow every aspect of your physical and spiritual life. Well, not quite every. Tough luck perhaps with certain things, but you will soon compensate with your bank account.

You think those two coeds in a BMW give a shit about the size of dude’s dick? They only care how tall he is when he stands on his wallet. Nothing can turn the woman on like money.

Pump your biceps until it hurts and pay close attention on that ass you picked – soon it will be yours to spank.


how to improve life fast

All pumped with the chin up and pecks 5 inches in front of you, world suddenly seems like a good place. Maybe like a hunting ground full of game whenever you look. You are about to become a shark-in-charge in the sea full of great meals.

Speaking of meals, NO, you will not grab that burrito. You are hungry as a wolf but those pecks won’t last long on burritos. On your way home stop at your favorite store and buy 2 pounds of chicken breasts, 100 grams of rice, 1 big ass head of fresh lettuce and a beer. Go home, cook or grill the chicken with all of your preferred seasonings and spices, cook rice on a bit of a butter, add parsley leafs, make refreshing salad and knock yourself the fuck out.

Get that beer and watch the football game like a real man. Watching good sports will do miracles for you, because of one simple thing: you are watching champions.

Each and every of them gave 130% to play that game. Expose yourself to those images and that energy. You are looking at prime specimens of our species. Overwhelm your senses with that revelation.

From now on, each time you watch the game, don’t trash the guy who missed it. Because, he made sure to be in an opportunity to miss.


ways to unscrew your life fast

And he did that by looking up to successful people, not by envying them.

He did that by forcing himself out of his comfort zone every freakin’ day of his life.

He did that by constantly improving himself and working on his mind and body.

He did that because he, unlike you, gets up in the morning and does 10 push-ups immediately after rolling out of bed. He knows and understands how important it is for his body to be in a proper shape to keep up with him.

He also did that by feeding his engine with the proper food and not with shit you eat and then complain about stomach pain.

He does all of that just because he can. Something he realized long time ago.

He does all of that because he asks “Why the hell not!“, unlike most who just ask “Why?”

He does that because he’s a freakin’ Superman, just like you can be.


So now you know the big secret. Now you know why you eat shit while others eat candies. You know now what you have to do to unfuck your overly fucked up life. What happens next? What do you do?

On the other hand, if you are one fucking lazy ass that wouldn’t bust his balls in a gym even if Kim freakin’ Kardashian promised to blow your brains out (in a good way) if you spend 3 days a week pumping glutes, then go in politics, like I did.

By the way, next time you see me with two coeds, stop to say ‘Hi’; don’t be rude. After all, I am your local congressman. Peace!

6 proven steps to unfuck your life in less that 12 weeks piece


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19 Mar 2016

6 Differences Between Business Mind and the Mind of Ordinary Person

There are two types of people in business world. We’ll call them: Buyers and Sellers. Seller lives the life by solving problems on daily basis. Buyer on the other hand lives the life using the solutions provided and offered by the Seller.

Thus, the PREMISE:

Seller makes money, while Buyer spends money.

Being entrepreneur essentially means that you have to deal with the complex problems on daily basis. And only few of those problems are the real solutions you’re bringing to the market and make money. The rest fall into the organizational and operational aspects.

Now, as you already know, we have only a small number of Sellers. The number fit right into the 80/20 rule. And 80/20 rule states that from 100 people who will decide to take the first step in personal development (or any other segment of the life), 80 will drop out almost immediately, making up all sorts of excuses; 20 will push forward and make it happen, while 2 will reign supreme. You can see this rule whenever you look!

It’s Pareto principle.

That means this: From 100 people only 20 are Sellers, while 80 are Buyers. Naturally, you want to fit in the first group; the Sellers.


So how do you switch from Buyer to Seller?


LESSON 1 – Use the brain potentials like never before


When was the last time you’ve read some great motivational or efficient book, filled with practical advices, coming from proven source? When was the last time you Googled something of your close interest? And by that we mean conducting a thorough, unbiased and detailed research and analyses.

Don’t know how to analyze the market? Don’t know what gives an edge in the warfare called business?

Nobody is born with this knowledge. It’s something you have to learn. Your progress depends on your willingness to adopt the new knowledge. So, you have to start practicing a new doctrine:


Perpetual personal development through learning process that never ends.


You don’t watch some stupid reality show unless you’re interested into human behavioral psychology (it’s the truth; you can learn something even from the complete and total idiot.) Instead, you buy the book that has the potential to provide you with the new perspective.

But critical thing is this: when facing a problem of any kind, don’t give up. Force yourself to solve it. Even if you are challenged to solve riddles, or quizzes, or everyday predicaments, don’t give up. It’s how you train your brain!

You see, problem solving demands energy, and it can (and will) consume up to 30% of your entire capacities. Just try to run and make complex mathematical calculations. You’ll either be forced to stop, or to give up from the mental task.


USEFUL HINT: This problem is further emphasized through biological problem known as blood-brain barrier. Only glucose can pass the barrier; remember that. So living on a low-carb diet will exhaust the only energy reserves that can be utilized by brain. You can guess the end result.

Since we’re programmed to live by spending the least of resources, brain automatically shuts down the will to push harder. Good example is “fight-or-flight” response state, where brain shuts down all secondary mechanisms that are nonessential for pure survival, such as growth of hair or nails, parts of our working memory and similar.

Make no mistake; it’s easy for your brain to block every attempt to move beyond pure survival. It will just shut the will down and shift your focus to something else. The funny thing is: you’ll give up not knowing why!

In case of wolves, lions and other predators this may actually work. They hunt down their prey, eat, and then sleep for hours.

But we the humans are evolved beyond that point. Our neocortical regions allow us to override the limbic system and push even harder. We have the power to control our brain and that is extraordinary. If we want.

The problem with majority of the human population is total and deliberate reluctance for anything that goes beyond the scope of pure survival or fun. Whenever Buyer is forced outside the comfort zone, he or she allows the block. They are not interested and they justify it with excuses such as:

  • bad luck,
  • wrong origins,
  • poor social environment,
  • lack of tutoring from behalf of their parents and school,
  • and many other different “excuses” to stay still and not move any further.


Some won’t even bother with making up excuses. They are simply lazy.


Seller, on the other hand, understands that brain is where the power hides. Brain will buy the muscles, but muscles will never buy the brain and they are perfectly aware of that.

Therefore, business mind seeks for constant challenges. Status quo is not an option. And even when everything seems OK and there is no need for energy consumption, business mind will find the way to employ as much of neurons as possible. Both amygdalae will keep firing if needed (if you don’t know what amygdalae are, Google it, nothing bad will happen, trust us.)


So why are they doing that extra effort when they could satisfy with less and live more relaxed? Why can’t they just live a “comfortable life”?


LESSON 2 – Business mind understands the risks associated with the single source of incomes


Couple of years ago we saw the live demonstration of what happens when people think extremely short-termed and decide to depend on one single source of income.

If you paid attention, you noticed one distinct occurrence during the last crisis outbreak: rich people actually increased their wealth. Crisis didn’t force them out of their homes. Many of them cashed in on abandoned properties by flipping them or starting the clean-the-shit-up types of businesses.

Only those who satisfied themselves with one salary while being overloaded with debts, lost everything and had to camp in tents all over the freakin’ place.

And that’s the principle difference.

You see, what truly separates Seller from Buyer is that Seller is on a constant lookout for additional, fresh source of money even if it means taking the risks.


Because, by avoiding risk and trying to play defensive all the time, sooner than later, you’ll find yourself out on the street.


Stocks, bonds, short-term investments, partnerships, new ventures, commodities…you name it, Seller has it. 3, 4, 5 and even more sources bring in the money like on a conveyor bay. That’s why some people played golf while some had to drag their families over the parking lots trying to find a small piece of concrete to setup the tent.

What happened then?

Those from parking lots blamed those who played golf for their tragic misfortune. Go figure…

It seemed that they all simply ran out of luck. At least that’s what many of them claimed in the aftermath.

But did “luck” played any kind of role in their tragedy?


LESSON 3 – Business mind understands that luck has nothing to do with anything


While Seller does play lottery, he doesn’t perceive it as potential investment. Seller considers it as a simple game to play from time to time just for fun. Does he win? Of course. It seems that there is something universal about being opened to wealth. You’ll get it; no question about it.

Buyer on the other hand, sees gambling as the “way out.” He doesn’t know how to manage money and he thinks how one “lucky” round will change his life entirely.


Relying on one source of incomes is exactly the same. It’s that same gambling mentality.


The reality is: no matter how much money Buyer wins, it’s lost in less than 5 years because the person who won, never made an effort to learn what to do with it. Instead, he spends, and spends, and spends until he ends up in debt – again. He is simply relying on “luck.”

Luck has nothing to do with the success or being rich. It’s about using every advantage and exploiting every opportunity while employing brain 120% into the problem solving. That’s why you’ll never hear rich man to blame or to justify. He is aware that blaming and justification or rationalization of stupid and reckless move won’t get him anywhere. On top of everything, he doesn’t have time to blame.

Buyer, in the same time, blames everything and everyone.


Is it the right approach? Is someone or something always “guilty” for your low output and bad financial situation?


LESSON 4 – Business mind doesn’t recognize blaming and justification as viable options


When you make reckless move and endanger your sole survival, what do you do?

Business mind learns from that mistake, makes sure that it never happens again, and then pushes forward even harder. The majority of Buyers on the other hand, fall in the state of acute depression and after a while, their own brains start to reason and rationalize the decision, response or action. More times that delusional thought is repeated, faster it becomes the true, because brain has to fill in the gap; otherwise, there is a potential risk for well-being and even for survival.

It’s called backward rationalization and it’s the part of our defense mechanism. It is a set of chemical exchanges that protects your central belief system and makes sure that it does not disintegrate. When that happens, your survival is endangered; at least according to your brain.


But that doesn’t have to be a rule or even the truth. You’ll learn details about your central belief system during advanced steps of your progress. Again, our neat evolutionary advance is providing us with the deadly effective tool. The Sequence master course is teaching you, among everything else, how to bypass that dangerous mechanism we all have tendency for.


Have you ever heard Donald Trump to blame on someone or something even though he had lost everything some time ago? Shit, man even ended over $100M in debt. Did you see him crying over his poor and tragic destiny? Did you see him joining some cult or religious movement? Did you hear him blaming on the government?

No. Man got his shit together and moved in with even more power, decisive to reign supreme this time. And he did it. Now he’s running for the President of the United States of America. Donald Trump and people like him should serve as the examples to you and not someone you envy or resent; remember that.

Majority of Buyers will blame on someone or something and keep caving in indefinitely. They blame just to cover their fear from trying again, and again, and again. They blame to cover their lack of willpower. They blame so hard, that they are prepared to talk loudly and persuade others into their deviant point of view, just to hide the fact that they screw it up good and now have no desire to try again.

They’d rather sit and cry and blame and justify and dig through the garbage than to try again. Why? Because they are scared. Risk is the word that frightens them more than anything else. It transforms them into little crying girls.

Business minds or Sellers think differently…


LESSON 5 – Risk is just another segment of the opportunity to be calculated and analyzed


Nothing more, nothing less. You could get dressed right now and walk to the grocery store to pick up the six-pack and end up dead in less than 5 minutes. How? There are probably 1,548 different ways for that to happen in that fragment of time.

And how many people end up like that on their way to the store? Hundreds, every day. Is awareness of that fact stopping you from going to the store? No way! You want your six-pack, period!

So why the hell is Buyer so freakin’ afraid to do anything beyond his dull 9-5, Monday to Friday, for some ridiculous FIXED hourly wage, while Seller — the business mind — eats caviar and goat cheese pizza, shooting golf balls from the deck of some hot shit yacht?

It’s because Buyers don’t truly understand the difference between opportunity and risk. They think it’s the same thing. Hell, they even think that risk maybe, just maybe, hides the opportunity and not the other way around!

How do you reason that? How do you reason the fact that someone is willing to run across the freakin’ street in the middle of the rush hour, risking his life, but in the same time hides like a goddamn mouse when somebody offers him an opportunity? Will it kill him? No goddammit! Of course it won’t.

So why then?

Because of seriously disturbed comprehension and perception of money! Buyer simply doesn’t understand what money truly is.


LESSON 6 – Business mind understands the money


Seller gets it. Buyer sucks at it. And the only reason why Buyers don’t have a second clue about the money is because they are not willing to learn!

Seller knows that money is the weapon and the tool. Same as it was the bow and arrow or the spear in the ancient times. Same as it was the knife or the axe. It’s what provides food, shelter and safety. It’s what provides you with more than you need if it’s sharp and you know how to use it!

Thus, Sellers don’t do critical mistake Buyers are doing: they don’t think of money as of prize.

Because money is not the prize. It is the mean to get the prize.

And that prize is life in abundance and ability to eat in top restaurants without looking at the price tags! Prize is freedom to wander around the World, because it’s beautiful and it deserves to be seen from every angle during this ridiculously limited time we have on this planet! Prize is life without financial worries; something our current system enables for every soul on this planet. Remember that.

We’ve invented an advanced and effective weapon to hunt, protect and thrive.

What do you do with the weapon? You take a good care of it to make sure it fires every single time.

If you don’t know how to clean your rifle, reload it, aim it, and shoot the target from the large distance, what do you do?

You sign up for training course, don’t you?

So why the hell you don’t do the same with money?

Why do you expect that you’ll hit the small moving target from mile away if you don’t know jack about how wind velocity, Coriolis Effect, air humidity, rifle’s abilities and ammo’s ballistic features would influence the precision of that shot?

Business mind gets it. Money is nothing more than a high precision sniper rifle with powerful ammo. Knock out the target and only then you’ll get your prize.

Seller is perfectly aware of the fact that you can have the best rifle and the best ammo but if you don’t know how to shoot and kill, it won’t do you any good. Apply the same on money and you’ll know why your financial situation sucks, to say the least.

Now ask yourself this: how many truly rich and successful people were teaching you about the money and the system since you were just a little boy?

Do you see the problem now? Exactly!

You’ve been taught wrong because those who supposed to teach you knew nothing about it. So why do you expect to shoot well if you were trained by the people who don’t know how to shoot at all?


Money is a powerful weapon in hands of the person who knows how to manage it. It provides you with the unique opportunity to free yourself from any kind of labor, or any kind of effort required to ensure your complete financial freedom.

You just need to learn how it’s done. In other words, you need guidance from someone who understands the game and plays it well. Because, what you’ve read so far is just the quantum. You know now how you need to think. But, you need to learn how to implement that knowledge and how to act upon it.

And that advanced and powerful development program consists of, but not limited to, the following:




And you have all of this, with the precise and detail explanations and blueprints, in an advanced business program designed to answer your every question. The Sequence master course is enabling you to sync with the system to make your money work for you. In other words, it enables you to reach the moment when money makes money – with or without your direct influence.

26 Feb 2016

3 key features of every success

Google the term “success” and if you want, you can spend next three years, reading tens of millions of versions of one and the same doctrine: set the goal, plan your route to that goal, manage your time, eat healthy, move a lot, don’t do drugs or alcohol, keep learning new stuff and dozens of similar wisdoms.

OK, we all know that. Nothing new. The question is:

How to achieve anything? How to set the goal for example? 

Most of the “wisdoms” we are using in our adult stage of life are part of our early education and parental influence. Your father didn’t forget to sell you that oldest, “You have to work hard for your money,” demagogy. But who can blame him. After all, his father told him the very same thing. Only in his father’s case, there was still some truth in all of that.

Today, same as it was when your grandpa was in his peak, the paradigm of that demagogy is changed. It contains the second part nobody told you.

The second part of that sentence is: “to be able to make your money work for you.

And that’s the missing piece of the puzzle. Hardly any of us have ever heard our folks saying that crucial second part of the philosophy. If they did, you wouldn’t be reading this in the first place.

OK, now you know it and you are sure you would like that to happen.

How that works? What kind of goal is that?

By now you have mastered the first part of this obsolete monetary philosophy. You are busting your balls for an extended number of months or even years and still not moving from the square one. It’s because you never tried to work on a second part – the closing part of it.

Why you’ve never tried? Because of the lack of knowledge, willingness to learn how system works and subsequent poor money management.

Why you suck in money management for instance?

Because the very first thing your young brain picked up was the moment when you dad comes home with the paycheck, pick you and mommy and off you go to spend some of his hard earned cash. Next thing your — still pretty much young — brain picked up was the quarrel mommy and daddy had about how difficult it is for him to pay for everything with his salary.

Those damn capitalists are taking everything, leaving is with the pocket change. State and government are only making them easier to rob us,” was your dad’s punch line every time he would talk with some friend. And you heard it. Correction. Your brain heard it and created the memory block to add to your central belief system or the set of principles upon which you are living your life.

Bam! Your central belief system has suffered a direct hit and got changed. From that point on, you were growing up believing in 3 things:

  1. You work, you get paid and than you go and spend it all
  2. It’s hard to pay for everything. Money is something difficult and strange. It’s like you are dealing with the live entity, not some imaginary man-made value
  3. System is not allowing you to live free and in unlimited wealth.

Why do you even expect to achieve anything when you were actually raised to despise money?

As you can see, it’s not your fault. The ones who were supposed to teach you this essential skill failed to do so due to their own ignorance, corruptive agendas or lack of any of the 3 D’s we’ll discuss later.

So how it works in your case? What do you do with money you’ve earned?

You pick up your salary, or in our modern times do nothing at all but wait for the SMS or email from the bank; pay your bills, and leave whatever remains for spending, right? And if things go from bad to worse, you just use your credit card to fill in the blanks.

How much do you have on your savings account? Any commodities? Equities? Bonds? Nothing? Why?

Yeah, yeah, small paychecks, expensive life and crap like that are most likely your answers. Well…in all honesty my friend, that answer is just an excuse. That answer proves your inability to properly manage your: A) time, B) money, and C) life in general. You are unable to do it efficiently because you’ve never learned it!

Now if you don’t know how to manage money, how the hell would you be able to make it work for you?

You are managing a drilling machine and it works for you, doesn’t it? You are handling some machine at your job post with ease because you’ve mastered it by now, and it does work for you. But money is somehow always slipping away.

Another fact from your life: when you got your first job, the very first thing you did was to master the machinery or some other kind of technology in order to be effective worker. But when you’ve received your first paycheck, you went to the bar and got so freakin’ drunk that somebody had to drag your ass home. Are you realizing the problem?

Money is nothing more than just another asset you have to learn how to properly use!

That’s your imminent goal right now! That’s the very next thing you want to learn and master – the proper MONEY MANAGEMENT. We got you covered, don’t worry. The Sequence master course, among everything else is teaching you how to properly perceive money and how to manage it by providing you with the proven money management program/plan.

And to do that with highest efficiency, you will need to introduce high levels of 3 most important features of every success in life – The 3 D’s.


Everything on this planet revolves around these 3. You need to decide to do something. When you’ve decided, you need to be determined to finish it properly. And to do that, you need discipline. It doesn’t really matter what it might be; these three are always in equation.

It is the fundamental law of existence. Remove one and nothing can be achieved.

Where that leaves you in terms of long term success, money management and reaching your goals and dreams?

Considering the level of your current knowledge, right at the beginning point.

Whatever you’ll do from this moment on, you need to think about these 3 principles. Especially when it comes to proper money management. We both know how hard it is to suppress yourself from the urge to spend it or to keep it in your drawer. First is essentially OK  under the assumption that you’re not just buying crap but also doing what you’re supposed to do with the money. Second is mistake because static money loses his value on account of annual inflation rate at minimum.

If you would somehow make your money mobile, you would be able to compensate and make profit.

But first you need to learn your dollar, euro, yen, rouble and every other currency of your interest. You need to learn what to do with it once you get a hold of it. Because it is clear that you are not doing something right. Otherwise you would be sitting under some palm tree on a distant Pacific island, knowing how your money is sweating its ass to multiply.

To learn it, you need to start from the beginning. And that beginning states that you have to spread your money in a precise order for it to reach its original purpose – to multiply!

This requires immense amounts of raw perseverance because sooner than later your eyes will catch something lucrative and your instinct will be to even borrow the money if needed just to have that single product. When we say “borrow,” we mean use of credit card.

Discipline is the name of the game here since it is clear how you already decided and become determined. Proper levels of discipline will prevent your irrational and hasty decision.

The optimal course of action

Your course of action is simple:

  • first you learn how to properly manage your hard earned money
  • then you start learning how to move your money in order to start picking fruits of your hard labor.

It does take time to learn it, no question about it. Some people even spend years on universities in order to master the theory which is still inadequate because they are still missing few critical pieces of the puzzle they don’t teach in schools or universities.

The process of adjustments starts with


Decision in this particular aspect of your life seems rather simple, doesn’t it? OK, you want to make your money work for you. Simple as that, right?

Wrong on so many freakin’ levels.

If you are not used to money management, how the hell you’ll know what to decide in the first place? Decision is not a dream. Decision is a soon to happen precise action. And if you don’t know where to turn, how do you decide? Lucky guess? It may work when you are driving. It’s easy to turn around and return. But with money, story is different.

You have dozens of different money management plans and protocols. While they are revolving around the same axis, you need to pick or create the one that best suits your needs. In The Sequence master course, you are provided with the most optimal money management program. It’s designed according to the rules of monetary-market system and not someone’s caprice.

So let’s say you’ve decided in favor of this presented money management plan. What next?

Your new way of handling the money will wreak havoc in your closest social environment. No more impulsive spending, no more beers with your drunken pals, no nothing for some longer period of time.

How do you think your spouse or friends will react on this? Your wife — if any — will be pissed when you close the valve and cut her off from the supplies. She’ll be all over you. First yelling, then denial of sex as the ultimate weapon and all will culminate in a form of an ultimatum and long term silence. It takes some hardcore nerves to live through this period.

This is where second feature comes in play.


You need to stay persistent no matter what. You know what you are trying to achieve so do your best to stay in the track!

There is entirely new world for you out there. Things you are watching in movies or on TV actually do happen. They do exist and there are those who are living that high-end lifestyle for a longer period of time.

Another thing to remember here is: focus on opportunities.

So far you were acting as a frightened chicken in front of the wolf. Everything seemed too goddamn risky. It’s just because you were focusing on risks rather than on opportunities. So change your perspective. Learn from others.

How long will it take before you see the fruits of these cumulative efforts? It depends on a level of your determination but on average 2 years will mark the point when you should expect first revenues from passive incomes; those that didn’t force your spine or muscles, but still more than sufficient amount to cover all of your expenses and even generate surplus. Yes, it won’t happen over the night. Get-rich-quick schemes are illusion, remember that. It takes time, patience and hardcore planning to build wealth. If it would be easy, than everybody would be billionaires, right?

It cannot be achieved over the night just because learning everything that matters takes time and that timeframe depends on your own free time, learning capacities and power of will.

The former is the result of the third feature.


Your willpower is in direct proportion with the level of introduced discipline because money management is only the part of a complex equation. Luckily for you, willpower can in fact be trained in a similar way as muscles. The only difference is that training the will is much easier and simpler than pumping up the volume of your muscles.

If you take a moment and go through the overview of The Sequence master course, you’ll realize how one entire module is dedicated to the power of will. It’s arguably one of the most critical aspects of every success and it’s in direct causal relationship with these 3 key features.

But don’t think about the discipline in some hardcore military way. It’s a different kind of discipline, less intensive than military one. Take a look.

We suggest that you take one additional step before any kind of decision

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