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11 Apr 2017

Stand-alone SEO expert vs AdSense/AdWords expert. Who wins?

If you’re thinking about offering freelancing services as the SEO expert, think twice about your position on the market. In other words, think about the  exact type of the services you’re about to offer to the market. Should you go with general SEO only or should you become the AdSense/AdWords expert?


While it’s mostly up to you, there are few things you should know about the current situation on the market before you decide. And if you’re already on the market, I’m willing to bet that you’ll initiate the re-branding protocol, expanding the scope of your services or, on the hand, focusing on a precise part of the market and that’s Adsense oriented websites and AdWords users.


General SEO is counting its final hours. And this is why.


Let’s say that I hire you to rank my sales page on top 3 positions for $25 bid keyword like this one: “how to build business credit.”




It will cost me anywhere between $150 and $250 and it will take anywhere from 1 to 3 months. That’s a long period and the hype for my product may be over by then.

Of course, this will only work if I:

A) keep adding few fresh pieces of content every day, and

B) have a steady and pretty much large number of visitors who are genuinely interested in my content (not that redirect stuff from snipe and similar bullshit sites).

Now, the problem with this approach is more or less obvious:


I wanna sell immediately and not being forced to wait for your results


So let’s say that I’m OK with spending exactly the same amount of $200 to push my product but I want it today. I wanna see immediate results (clicks). What I’m gonna do is this:

  1. I’ll find a good copywriter and spend $80 for a single line of text;
  2. Then I’ll track down the designer, provide the brief for my product, give the line made by the copywriter and pay $100 for a single Facebook ad.
  3. Ad will be added to my ad set at Facebook, along with the remaining $20 budget with max. daily amount of $5.

Precise targeting (which is not that hard if you know your product), with the $5 per day budget will get me anywhere from 750 to 1,800 impressions, and perhaps even more if I decide in a favor or “spreading the word” option.


facebook ad targeting


Given the average FB CTR of 2.3% for well-designed and well-targeted ads, I’m receiving the immediate clicks. Better the pitch, more clicks I’ll get. And if my sales page is professionally designed, I’m looking at the good conversion rate ranging from 7 to 12%.


So we used the same budget but accelerated the process. Can we save money?


Sure, because if you know how to look, you’ll find copywriter and designer for half of that money. That means much higher budget for what matters truly and that’s classic advertising.


But I know SEO. What do I do? How do I cash in on my expertise?


You merge your SEO expertise with AdSense and AdWords. This is where real money hides.

You see, AdSense is a technical thing. It relies solely on keyword positioning and pagerank. Can you force pagerank with SEO? Ordinary, yes, but in case of Adsense one has to wonder about the factors they’re using to determine that pagerank. Maybe they’re basing their decision on a number of clicks specific ad subgroup gets on a specific website? One simply cannot disregard that option, regardless of what might Google claim.

SEO in a classical meaning is useless in this case. What website owner needs are followers or the readers who stick on his content for way more than 5 seconds. That’s the only chance for some of them to click on the ad and send the signal back to Google. But that’s only a half of the problem.


And this is where SEO expert is needed


Average website owner knows shit about how it’s done. But if smart, he/she will hire an AdSense expert to do 3 things:

  1. to dig out the most promising (optimal) keywords
  2. to place the keywords in an optimal position relative to the ad placeholder
  3. to adjust the content accordingly.


The best chance to have a high ranking (more expensive) keywords ads is to place the ad as closer to that same keyword as possible! Naturally, you need to know what that keyword is.


And to do that, a website owner needs someone to tell him what keyword should he optimally use in what place.

That falls in a field of SEO expertize and that’s you. If my website is completely oriented toward Adsense (as some of them are), I’ll pay you good to help me out and optimize my content in a best possible way.


Same applies to AdWords


AdSense and AdWords go hand to hand. If you’re any good in SEO and you’re looking to go pro with it, I suggest you consider licensing yourself as both AdSense and AdWords expert with the particular focus on the latter. Those are high-in-demand fields because it is not that easy to set up an efficient Google AdWords campaign for example.

People are losing money and accomplishing mediocre results at best just because they are trying to be smart about it without spending some time learning it properly. For the amount of money less experienced advertiser spend on campaigns, a great expert could be hired to optimize the campaign and bring more money (higher ROI). But not everybody thinks this way.


It’s up to you to bring the problem to them


Which means that you’ll be on a constant lookout, scanning for websites that are AdSense oriented, keep analyzing them and when you find a flaw, you’ll contact the owner/admin directly and pitch your services.



You’ll point out the problem and convince the person in charge that you’ll fix it for them.

Same goes for AdWords. You’re seeing the ads every single day and you must’ve noticed dozens that are not entirely optimized. Click on the ad, contact the owner and pitch your services. When he/she sees that you’re licensed expert, it will be hard to say no to you. Just make sure to use some portfolio examples to make your case stronger.


So…what will it be?


Still thinking about going pro or part-time as general SEO expert who’s pitching pagerank services or do you see where the real money is? What’s it gonna be? Let’s hear you. Use the comment box. Others would like to hear from you.

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