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14 Jul 2016
handling all types of payments and processing invoices with ease

How Are You Getting Paid for Online Work

Is your payment solution effective? How much did you lose on conversions and processing fees so far? Can you issue an invoice? Does is take forever to execute even the simplest money transfer? Taking ages to fill out the processing forms?

Whether you’re selling products, offering services as a freelance contractor, doing affiliate marketing or trading Forex, there’s one thing in the entire deal that proved itself as a serious problem – how to handle payments or even better – how to collect and use the money you’ve made, using the simplest channel to save money and time?

Is it PayPal? Skrill? Google Wallet?

None of the above!

The solution is under your fingertips all this time. One to fit ’em all!

The problem with payments for online-generated revenues


We all have our own private bank accounts in our countries of residence. But in this type of business, they are not quite effective. Awkward procedures, currency conversions, high fees, excruciatingly long time it usually takes to finalize the transfer, and complete inability to issue a simple invoice for delivered work – these are just a few problems you have.

Traditional bank account are quickly becoming obsolete. None provides with the efficacy and in our line of work, being fast and efficient are primary requests. And that’s only regarding the time. Just calculate your annual losses on account of currency conversion. Banks are fishing in that area, literary stealing away some of your money by cutting on median exchange rates.

In the same time, 80% of all monetary exchanges in our line of work is occurring in US Dollars ($).

So, how about you simplify in and out payment processing, improve your output, cut on unnecessary losses, and appear more professional in dealing with international clients?

One proven solution for all of our payment needs


As a freelancer or any other type of online entrepreneur, dealing with clients or affiliate services all over the world, you need the fast and effective solution for channelizing all of your payments, invoicing clients and using that money, which is most important.

And Bank of America, the single most powerful bank in the world, has provided us, the freelancers and other work-from-home entrepreneurs, with that solution. It’s been used by freelancers and affiliate marketers all over the world for years now, having over 3 million users from over 150 countries, and it lately got seriously improved, allowing you to, for example, issue invoices and even connect more advanced business apps to your bank account for customised invoices and bookkeeping.

Payoneer, the payment solution for freelancers and work-from-home entrepreneurs, we are referring to, quickly became the service of choice for over 3 million of us, throughout the world.

Why work-from-home entrepreneurs are choosing Payoneer as the primary payment solution


PayPal is great, of course. Skrill is not bad also. But there are only a handful of stores where you can pay using PayPal for example. You need debit or credit card for paying the goods and withdrawing your money from ATMs. That’s why those who are not familiar with the online payment processing are combining their private bank accounts and common online e-wallets such as PayPal.

The problem is: PayPal is charging too high fees and you can’t use it in your local grocery store.

When receiving payments, you are, in fact, losing approx. 4% on your every transaction. It’s even worse for freelancers because using PayPal for invoicing doesn’t make you look professional. It appears to your client that he or she is dealing with some inexperienced and frivolous kid, rather than a serious service provider. Decision to continue doing business with you can be seriously impacted by that fact.

As an entrepreneur you want 3 things:

  1. To save time
  2. To increase profit
  3. To appear professional

Payoneer bank account is providing with all 3 simultaneously.


Advantages that made us all to use Payoneer rather than some other service are simply staggering:


  • Extremely low fees,
  • Ease of usage,
  • Executing transfers via ACH for US payments, SEPA for EU payments and even for UK payments received in pounds. These transactions are quick (1-3 days in general) and cost you less than 1% in fees,
  • Simple-to-use invoicing system for charging your clients directly,
  • Connecting your Payoneer bank account with Upwork and all other freelancing platforms to receive fast automatic transfers with lowest fees (go to ‘Billings’ and add new bank account),
  • Connecting received MasterCard with PayPal, Skrill, Google Wallet and all other e-wallet payment services,
  • Connect your Payoneer US- or Euro-based bank account with Amazon and other high-end retailers to automate your affiliate and direct sales payments,
  • Connecting your Payoneer bank account with some of the top affiliate programs in the world, automating the cash flow,
  • Effective customer support,
  • Multilanguage support,
  • And many other advantages that make life easier by improving your image, increasing profit and saving time.


Let’s not forget that the entire system is smooth, secured and quite effective, making it easy for your global clients to make the payments using their company’s’ bank accounts.

How to charge individual client (non-company entity) for provided services


Let’s say that you signed the contract with the individual in US directly. He or she doesn’t have a company. What do you do in that case?

It’s simple. And we mean it.

A simple interface on your dashboard is allowing you to compose and send invoice that your client can pay with the regular credit card. All you need is client’s email address, first and last name and country of residence. Some fees do apply but in most cases and given that your client is satisfied with your work, you can include those fees (increase the total amount of your invoice) in your bill. Compared to all other online payment services, Payoneer has the lowest fees.

How do you use balance on your Payoneer bank account?


Payoneer will send you a standard, prepaid debit MasterCard that you can use in every country in the World for payments (fees-free payment) and ATM withdrawals. Again, that simple.

You can even connect the received Payoneer MasterCard with PayPal and other e-wallets and further expand your payment options!


At the end, it’s your choice, but have in mind that this recommendation is based on positive experience after years of using the Payoneer’s specialized service in freelancing, issuing invoices to network of international clients and receiving fast and low fee payments. And yes, we are all still using it.

In addition, you can download/request bank statements that are recognized in local banks for business loan for example!


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When you’re ready, let’s move on and teach you how to keep loading money on your new Payoneer account, OK 🙂

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