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06 Apr 2017


Inside the monetary system with the maker of THE SEQUENCE PROJECT

In this mind-opening interview, we will bring the overseen advantages of the monetary system closer to our readers, but we will also be arguing the concept known as The Sequence. It is a groundbreaking program that makes possible for a person to reach, what its maker calls, the point of sync, or the complete synchronization with the monetary society. The entire project is additionally driven by the global vision of bringing the society one step further in evolution.

The starting point is the situation where a person, due to a series of bad calls, ends $50.000 in debt. This is the average global level of debt per capita. But as you’ll see, the amount of debt is irrelevant. The end effect is a realistic surplus of $1,000,000 in less than 3 years and a complete synchronization with the monetary system.

After reaching the point of sync, person is no longer obligated to work or think about his financial stability and future, which is the core purpose of the monetary system in the first place; something most people fail to understand.” Says the author and continues, “The backbone of the entire program is its global vision; the parallel goal. And it’s that goal that connects success of an individual with the progress of the entire human race.”

According to the author, people just don’t get the system. They never adopted it, and as the result, they resist it. In the same time, monetary system, through its fractional reserve banking, and investment opportunities is the only societal setup so far that allows equal chances to anyone.

Wrong perception towards the money; completely wrong belief systems and counterproductive habits, are all causing people to observe the current system as a threat when in reality it allows complete freedom and life in abundance.

Q: How can you claim that the system is perfect when the largest majority of population is on a verge of starvation, burdened with the enormous amounts of debt?

“And yet, 150,000,000 people own 86% of everything that this planet has to offer. That’s half of the population of USA. How do you explain that? Do they all own banks? No, far from that. Those people simply made an effort to learn and understand the system. They managed to perfectly adapt to the environment. In other words, they synced and now they thrive.

That’s not a handful of people. That’s hundred and fifty million people who reached, what I like to call, the Point of Sync. You have to be able to draw a conclusion by acknowledging that fact alone, don’t you? But you don’t, since you’ll always see, hear, or read how 2% owns 86% of everything.

Do you see the catch? You can take any kind of information and adjust it to fit your message.”

Q: OK, that might just be it, but how can you claim that it is a perfect system? How can you look me in the eyes and claim how monetary system is the best the humankind has ever created?

“And we will never invent something better than this regardless of what you or anyone else might think in this point. You never made an effort to look at the bigger picture because you were raised on fundamentally wrong assumption that money is a prize and that you have to work hard for the entire life just to be able to buy something.“

Q: I’m sorry. You’re claiming that my parents and everybody else in my life taught me wrong? And same has happened to the vast majority also?

“Recall everything you’ve learned throughout your education and name one single societal setup that allowed you to emerge from absolutely nothing and reach the point of having billions and the ability to buy everything you want and live the way you like?

In past, people were gathering around the supreme central figure whose ruling was largely relying on induced sense of fear. It was either an emperor or some sort of an autocratic party such as communist party. Neither of them allowed any kind of serious private investments. Everything was collected into a central treasury from where only the king or a small number of party’s members controlled the money.

Level of personal wealth solely depended on person’s origins. You had to be a member of royal family, aristocracy or clergy to live in abundance. The rest of population was doomed to hard work and life in misery. Every attempt to exit the matrix was brutally terminated.”

Q: But there were people who made good living, like merchants for example.

“That’s true. We had individuals who managed to partially ‘cheat’ the system and make additional income through sales. In many ways, that opportunity was entirely relying on personal (family) relationship with the aristocracy and inevitable corruption. But we are talking about the extremely small number of people and maybe few isolated cases of kingdoms that were relying on trading. In the same time, production depended solely on enslaved people.”

Q: So you think that we managed to change that?

“I don’t think. I know. Not so long ago, a group of men sat down and figured out the way to provide equal chances for anyone. It was clear to them that this novelty won’t pass in royal circles but also won’t be adopted by the people at some fast rate. Naturally, the transition had to be extremely slow. From the original concept, the system they designed saw its many upgrades. Latest update can be found in ‘Modern money mechanics’ and other corresponding notions.

You see, with the establishment of the very first central banks and global banking sector, humankind, in fact, achieved great progress in terms of freedoms. What makes that possible is so called ‘Fractional reserve banking’, regardless of the claims coming from the people who never made an effort to understand the principles of the system.

Q: But we are seeing all sorts of representations of Fractional reserve banking and none of them looks particularly positive. In many ways, the process itself is described as corrupted and deviant.

“Let’s just say that Peter Joseph and many others got it wrong. He presented the story right, but in the same time he drawn a completely wrong conclusion. Deliberately or not, that’s a subject for another discussion.

Money is made by the humans for the humans and as such it is controlled by the humans, and not by some unknown entity or aliens. According to the ‘Modern money mechanics’ and fractional reserve banking, we simply make up the value of the money as it best suits us. We make it out of the thin air to control the market without necessarily backing its value with some commodity. It is a uniquely effective instrument to keep the balance. Without it, there is no other way to control all those innate urges of every human being such as selfishness and intemperance.

For example, Jacque Fresco has a wonderful futuristic idea of the human society where money and power do not exist. In fantasy, everything works just perfect. We have robots that do all the work for us. People are fully free and left to think. It would definitely boost the creativity. But there is a problem. An obstacle Fresco never managed to remove.”

Q: What is it?

“When you rule out the money, his system appears to rely on ‘prescribed’ quantities. It turns out that we either have a higher entity, like some sort of a council that will create series of notions and prescribe the quantities of meat, milk, bread, flour, vegetables and everything else needed; or we have a global human consensus on the matter. What about the moment when I simply want to have another steak? And I can’t because I already collected my rations for the week. It is irrational to even think that we would be able to produce some extreme surplus of goods to satisfy every desire. Because even if we do, what is enough?

Or, what about the situation when I’m not entirely satisfied with the number of available rooms in my circular habitat? I want more! I could have had more in a previous system. Why can’t I have the same option now?

That would be only 2 out of million other requests derived from the very essence of the human being: competitiveness, intemperance, envy and occasional aggression.

Venus Project requires the elimination of many predominant innate instincts. It can only be done through legislature. And what happens when you start forbidding stuff? Humankind responds with rebellion and ultimately with the full-scale revolution. The entire idea would collapse over a small and seemingly insignificant matter such as the amount of meat you can have on Sunday!”

Q: So you are saying that the Venus Project is a utopia?

“Not necessarily. What Venus Project needs is exactly the thing they constantly dispute and mark as the worst thing that happened to humankind – the fractional reserve banking and central banks. Fresco’s idea is, as paradoxically as it might seem, only possible within the monetary system as the only way to balance the market.

By merging Venus Project and its advanced technologies and concepts with the monetary system, you have a perfect society. That’s exactly the end goal of the program we are discussing here.

The Sequence Project means a lot more than just synchronization with the system. The vision is to reach the moment where 100% of the global human population is not obligated to work, which is possible only through this system and with technological advances; many of which we achieved so far.

In the same time, nobody has to think about the finances. It would be a freedom society where you live under your free will, not being troubled with things such as bills. In the same time, you don’t have to sell your labor for the paycheck and even if you do, that paycheck would be astronomical because every process will be automated and the only thing that will have to be paid is some sort of a creative work. Say, someone to design the new line of auto-driven cars.”

Q: You have to admit that it does sounds like a science fiction.

“It won’t happen tomorrow but eventually it will. All we have to do is open the minds of the people and teach them what the monetary system really is and what they should do to use the built-in mechanisms in order to live free and in abundance.

People only need to start managing their money correctly. Take a look at the lower graphic and it will all make sense. You’ll see why some accumulate profit while others generate debt. ”





Q: If it’s so simple, how come people don’t see it?

“We have much to thank to all of those false prophets who never figured out the whole story but only a part of it and then started to spill apocalyptic theories. Add innate reluctance of the majority to learn more than they find necessary and you have your cause of problem. It’s basically 80/20 rule, or the applied Pareto principle.

In reality, we will never run out of money because we can always inject more of it. Today, we don’t even have to print it. All it takes is the keyboard and the optical cable. Bank ‘borrows’ $1B from the central bank. By the principle of fractional reserve banking, that same small bank now has $9B on its disposal to INVEST it. It’s basically the safety mechanism created to prevent Great Depression from happening again. With the robotics and automation of the processes, the system is completely self-sustainable.

Just recall the Great Depression. First, we had no money at all. Shortly after, we had billions and economy restarted. Same happened in 2008. First, there was this global collapse and then, all of the sudden, governments are injecting billions into the markets. Nobody seemed to wonder where all that money came from. It came from us, the people. We simply made the money out of nothing to restart everything using the global banking system and Fractional reserve banking.”

Q: But why collapse in the first place? Why not pumping money constantly?

“Collapses occur due to the ignorance of the people. If they would do what they are supposed to do with the money they make, we would never have crisis or collapses. And all we have to do to avoid it from happening is INVESTING our money. We buy only with what we make THROUGH the INVESTING. Bank loans were invented to boost businesses, not the purchase on retail. But since people just didn’t get it, banks had to find another way to INVEST the money they had. Ergo, consumer loans.”

Q: How come they didn’t explain that? Why nobody has taught us this?

“System became self-sustainable and everybody forgot the main point of it. We are talking about the times where hardly anyone was capable of reading. How do you explain such a complexity to someone who had never read the book? As time went by, people developed resistance towards the system, which made things even more difficult.

It takes time to perfect the system. And it takes time for the people to learn and eventually adopt it. This program is a serious project aimed to teach the global population of how our system truly functions and what they are all doing wrong. Once they understand, habits will change. It’s simply inevitable. As a result, humankind will make the new step in evolution.

Because, in order to achieve the Point of Sync, person has to learn not only how to manage both money and time in this starting phase, but also why and how money is made. It’s the only way to make enough of it to start investing smartly. And this is what The Sequence Project is teaching people. You will learn how to manage your money and how to properly and effectively make more of it. Then you’ll be taught what to do with it in order to reach the point where money works for you as it has been originally intended and conceived.

In the end, we all choose for ourselves. We can continue down the road of utopias, unrealistic wishes or apocalyptic prophesies and beliefs; or we can adjust our actions in the most optimal way, as taught with The Sequence Project.



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04 Apr 2017

Why You Do What You Do?

The answer might shock you and rock your entire belief system!

The majority, or some 80% of the entire human population, base their lives on these two principles:

  1. I’m doing just fine considering and I like things the way they are. It’s not like there’s some alternative in this world for me.
  2. Something will eventually come up. I just need to be patient and wait for it.


What you do for a living?


Why you do it?

After my first question, you were thinking about your job. And when I asked you the second question, your first thought was – money. Not your wife…not your kids…hell, not even you.

It was money.

And if I ask you right now, do you think that money is the single most important thing in life, what would you answer me?


What you do for a living?

Why you do it?


I’ll tell you why.

Because you don’t know any better. And you don’t know any better because those who taught you either didn’t know any better or didn’t want to know. All they knew was that they have to teach you this:

You have to finish the school and work hard for your money.


Well, they were wrong for the most part.

The fact is…you don’t have to work at all. You just don’t know it yet.


Your formal education prepared you for the job. That was and still is their main intention.

They set you up on a path where you have to know something to be able to sell your labor for money.

Of course, corporations have nothing against that system. It’s been popping out the workers like a freakin’ conveyor bay; each and every totally oblivious of the reality.

However, on the long run, nobody benefits from the worker who’s completely unaware of the reality. System the least. Because, what’s the use of the large swimming pool if nobody knows how to swim?


Now, ask yourself this: Why do you expect to swim fast if you don’t even know that swimming is an option?


Yes, there is something they didn’t teach you in school. And they didn’t teach you because it would simply be counterproductive from the perspective of the corporate world.

Corporations are spending good money on lobbying for a specific type of education.

That’s why school systems around the world are considered to be obsolete and useless. People instinctively know that. You know that. Only you don’t know why.

Understand this: you’re the sum of everything they’ve taught you or missed to teach you. That’s who you are right now.


You have a choice here.

Continue with whatever it is that you do to put the food on the table or join over 150,000,000 people who understand how our system works.

It’s up to you and nobody else.

What we can promise you is this: 2 weeks from now, you won’t be able to recognize yourself. Your mind will open for the alternative. It’s that same alternative everybody keeps telling you that it doesn’t exist. And yet, you’re seeing it all around you, don’t you?


Now, open your eyes.

Welcome to reality.

Famine, tragedy, bankruptcy, debt, unemployment rates, desperation, stress, poor people, rich people.

Your automatic response on these words is anger and despair. There’s this entire apocalyptic movie rolling in front of your eyes. It seems like the whole thing is about to collapse and you’re not sure what to think about it. Is it for the better or for the worse?

The very next thing that comes to your mind is the urge of finding the culprit. Who or what is responsible for this dreadful and desperate situation?

According to many, there can only be one.

The monetary-market system


But then again, we have over 150,000,000 people that own 86% of everything this planet has to offer. Furthermore, we have 75,000,000 people that hold almost half of all the money we have in the system.

How do you explain that?


If you’re a fan of the Zeitgeist Movie, you have to realize one critical thing: Peter Joseph got the facts right. Only, he drew completely wrong conclusions.

No matter how hard it may be for you to comprehend what I’m about to tell you in next 3 minutes, know this: mind is changed by the event. And this may easily be the event you’re looking for. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here.

You see, those 2% that own 86% are doing nothing more than exploiting the built-in mechanisms of the monetary-market system. That’s the only difference between them and the rest of the population. The majority simply doesn’t understand the system.

And when there’s something we don’t fully understand, we tend to resist it. Because, the unknown scares us. It’s one of two primary fears common for every human being. The unknown triggers our defense mechanism and then we have only two options: to fight or to take a flight.


No matter what you think, the truth is simple and obvious: monetary-market system is the best societal concept this species has ever built. It allows equal chances to anyone.

We are talking about the opportunity to rise and reach the point where human labor is no longer necessary for the survival.

No other system before enabled something like this. Throughout the past, you had to be of royal origins or deeply connected with them to live a safe and high-end life. But not anymore. New system, the monetary-market system is designed to remove the possibility of one-sided control.

In addition, the system presents the ultimate hack. We tricked the nature and completely removed the primary notion known as the survival of the fittest. Take a look at the following diagram and you’ll understand it.


Debt - our greatest hack

What you just saw is in fact a brilliant design made by only a handful of people, who used their power and influence to finally overthrow the ruthless individuals from their thrones, making possible for every human being to create the wealth and absolute freedom. It was something unseen until then.

Unfortunately, due to misperception, common for the majority of the population, these few brilliant minds have never received the recognition for their liberating and brilliant upgrade of our entire species.


And here lies the reason why so many people are struggling to make the most out of life.


System is relatively new. It’s just a baby. It will take centuries before every man and woman on this planet accepts and understands its brilliant advantages. It’s just the way we operate as the species.

But there are always those capable of seeing the bigger picture and understanding those small, seemingly hidden details. It’s what gives them an edge.

You can see it all around you.

For some seemingly strange reason, every here and there, special kind of person emerges from the crowd and manages to amaze the entire population.

There’s nothing mystical in that. Those are simply the people with the vision and knowledge. They know how to operate because they understand how system works.

They know what levers to pull and what buttons to push.

And same as they’ve learned, so can you.

It has nothing to do with the luck. There is no conspiracy. There is no “soon to come end of everything” as many claim. There’s only reality. And that reality is brutal. Either you live in abundance or you struggle to survive. There’s nothing in between.


You have a choice here


You can wait and see what happens or you can learn what you’re doing wrong and how to correct it in order to reach the Point of Sync.

Choose right.


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10 Jan 2017

Monetary System Conspiracy Theory Challenged

Money has been the part of our societies for a long time now. Copper, silver and gold coins were exchanged for the goods in the times of Egyptian Pharaohs and Roman Emperors. We grew habit of using the money to supply our needs. And that habit is derived from the times of our ancient ancestors and the very first exchange or natural resources.

Money is here now to control the process and to allow those that don’t grow or breed to be able to feed themselves and to establish their settlements. If you want to live in a city and not breed animals and vegetables in a nearby village, you have to pay for it.


How did we come up with the idea of virtual value?


It’s our advanced eye for beautiful and astonishing.

Every species has its own way to distinct nice from ugly, but our contemporary brain has pushed this ability beyond limits. We experience beautiful on a different level. And we want more of it. That’s what gave the virtual value to gold, platinum and diamonds.

Step by step and we’ve invented a neat new way to substitute the gold. Something more practical and far more effective. It was the money.

But what gives money its value in our current setup?



Money makes money. Money determines the value of the money. And money is controlled by the few people controlling the central banking systems of most of the World’s governments.

They say there are only 118 people at the top of the food chain (conspiracy theory). 118 people are exploiting the most out of our society and surrounding nature. According to the conspiracy theorists, those are most likely people at the Boards of the central banks.

From there, money flows into the global banking system to be INVESTED.

So, for the sake of our argument, let’s say that all of them are right and that there are only 118 people who run the show.


How that works?


Governments, companies and people are loaning (using) money (made out of nothing) to buy supplies, food, shelter, commodities and luxuries. It’s that simple and it is the fact. Money is made out of nothing. It is made by the signature on a bank loan contract.

And here’s the problem: that money is given with the interests.

The implications may sound mind-blowing when you hear conspiracy theorists, but essentially they are not. And here’s why:

If you have the Point Zero where no money exists and then you switch momentarily into the situation where the very first money is issued to the government X, from where will that same government X extract the extra money to cover the interests?

Well it won’t extract it per se. Instead we have the set of “security” instruments that allows government to “buy time” while in reality all they do is loan more money from the banks.

Now you might be wondering about the sanity of the system because it is obvious that sooner or later we’ll reach the point where government will not be able to pay the fiddler and the entire system will then collapse.

The reality


That will never happen because those 118 boys and girls can only make more money if they issue more money.

It’s a perpetual cycle that, in all fairness, doesn’t have to end. They simply MUST print and INVEST more money. It’s the principle of the monetary system and modern money mechanics. Even if they want to collapse the country to obtain its natural resources, what’s that got to do with you? That of course, if you’re synced.

It’s a joke. They are very cautious about this because last time they tried to pull something like this, World War II broke loose. They are smarter now and you’re about to adopt that wisdom.

What they do now is executing the smart revival mechanism when debt reaches the critical levels.

All you have to do to see this revival mechanism in practice is to compare the value of a currency, let’s say USD, in 1920 and now and you’ll see how the value of the USD decreases while country’s reserves are rising; along with the national debt (reserves and national debts lines show same trend; they follow each other). In one point of time, those two lines crossed each other and while reserves and debt are still rising, value of the USD is seemingly plunging.

That might lead you to conclusion that sooner or later debt and reserves will hit the ceiling and the whole system will self-destruct. At least that’s what conspiracy theorists and apocalyptic preachers are serving to the general population.

In reality, those are the folks that don’t see the forest from the single tree, because there is no ceiling! They never made an effort to learn how system works and in order to justify their laziness; they come up with all sorts of scary stories – to make money!

The truth is completely opposite of the demagogy.


Ask yourself this: if country’s debt increases, how come that same country can hold the money reserves since it is obvious that these two lines show same trends?

System won’t self-destruct because: what those 118 individuals have to do in one point of time is DENOMINATION on a global scale and that will return the game to the starting point, at least visually.

You see, you have the same reason here derived from the core principle of the monetary system: 118 people running the show can ONLY RUN THE SHOW WHILE THERE IS MONEY IN IT. Naturally, they will keep pumping in the money. That’s why we have pre-built instrument of debt. It forces governments, companies and people to keep the money in the system.

If there was no institute of debt in the system, we wouldn’t be having money in it, meaning that you wouldn’t be able to fund your startup or sign a lease, or get the mortgage. In other words, you wouldn’t have the leverage.

Institute of debt is providing you with the margin. Think about debt and interests as general motivators of population worldwide. It’s the main engine of the self-regulating and completely self-sustainable system which cannot be controlled by some king, emperor, or autocrat with the IQ of the cold room temperature.

It’s our version of the nature’s principle notion “survival of the fittest,” only in our case, nobody dies! That of course, if a person is willing to accept the social welfare.

Have you ever wondered about how governments around the World managed to pump in billions only 2 years after market crashed and world plunged into the shit known as Great Depression?


Have you ever wondered about how governments around the World managed to came up with billions of euros and dollars only few months after yet another crash in 2008? They came up with few trucks of gold? Who paid for that if there was no money? Ah, yes, they printed it…

Everything went down the drain. No money anywhere. And all of the sudden, out of nothing, EU and USA pump in billions of € and $ to revive the markets. They used the brilliant and totally misunderstood mechanism called: Fractional reserve banking!

When we are in serious need, we make money out of thin air and we can do it because we invented it and we are in control of it. Not some unknown entity or aliens. We the humans control the money! And while it took few years back in 30s, it took only months in 21st century to revive. We are learning, upgrading and perfecting.

But, regardless of the perfection of the system, it is clear that something just doesn’t work as it should, right?

The consequences


Same as we can see the lines of reserves, debt and currency’s value and their trends, same trends we can witness if we compare the net worth of those 1% that owns 46% of all money, with the net worth of the rest of population. One line goes up while other is going down.

That means that approx. 7.1 billion people are suffering direct consequences of the monetary system.

And by the commonly accepted dogma we have banks and corrupted governments to blame for the tragic situation.

We have poverty on every corner. We have homicide rates in increase. We have wars that simply won’t stop raging. When you think about it, human race, once erected, never stopped fighting wars and killing other members of the species. It is in our blood to act competitive and aggressive. Our brains learned how difficult it is to survive on this planet.

Because let’s not forget that while this is one large sphere, humans occupy only 2% of its surface. We don’t live on and under the sea and water in general. We cannot survive on high altitudes. We don’t live deep underground and only quantum of the entire human population is living on frozen land surrounded by the permanent ice. That’s not that big room when you think about it. Sooner or later we will squeeze out the natural resources because we’re multiplying like freakin’ rabbits and that is something to concentrate on.

But when did we start multiplying at this rate?


With the dawn of industrial revolution driven by the monetary society. From only 1 billion in 1800 to current 7.4 billion. It was also the time of the very first larger cities.

Predictions are that there will be 9 billion humans in 2040.

So when you think about it, if it wasn’t for monetary society and our constant desire to compete and to perfect, you and I might not even exist today. Because, without the onset of the industrial revolution and monetary society, our number would most likely revolve around 1 billion mark. And you bitch against the system…

But the fact is: more people are getting poor by day while 1% is accumulating ever more. 1% of us all are draining out the money we have in a system. Working force gets paid less and less, and burdened by the bank loans and overpriced goods and commodities, they eventually bankrupt.

What will happen when they drain all money from the system?


It does sound rather apocalyptic, doesn’t it? Logical thought would be that we have to change something and we need to do it A.S.A.P. as some suggest. This is even more emphasized when you take another fact under consideration: we do control the money, but we use that money to exploit Earth’s natural resources.

What will happen when we drain every last drop of it?

Well, our current advances already allow us to produce food at accelerated rate. With the birth of vertical farming and advancements in DNA manipulation research, we will cover our needs. We’ll make the supplies on our own.

The only real issue we are facing with is the fresh water but we will figure that out if we ever face the difficulties. 1% of usable, clean fresh water supply on this planet seems like a small number but in reality, that’s a lot of water.


Yet, there are those who simply refuse to recognize the reality of things. They are afraid how we are digging our own grave.

It wouldn’t be a problem if they would keep it for themselves. Panic and ignorance cause them to play a dangerous game – to spread panic and unwittingly endanger people’s lives.

Some of them are even suggesting specific alternatives to avoid sure to come doomsday of the human species. But none of those alternatives can be employed in a practical way, no matter how enthusiastic they seem. In all fairness, it’s just a waste of time.

What’s wrong with proposed alternatives


There are plenty futuristic societal designs with Venus Project as one of the most discussed. It is a theory of modern, futuristic society originally created by Jacque Fresco, self-described structural engineer. The proposed alternative is a resource-based economy as opposed to our current monetary and consumer society.

What Fresco proposes is use of advances in technology to free the people from hard labor and to provide the equal conditions to everybody where money and power do not exist.

In theory, this is all lovely and most of it should be (and is) adopted in current practice.

In reality, Venus Project can potentially only exist as a small community while still having to abide to the global rules of trading. Which implies that while the people who reside in Venus town do not use the money, they will still have to produce surplus and sell it to the “outside” world in order to stay connected. Hence, they will use money.

It will never go transcontinental and it will never exist as the society. Because, deliberately or not, Fresco seems to forget about the envy, intemperance, competitiveness, ambitions, occasional selfishness and aggression.

There will always be those who think that they deserve bigger house than others.

And when you think about it, maybe they are right. Why would someone, who’s been sitting for the entire days watching TV and doing absolutely nothing to increase his odds, have the same rights as you who spend 8-10 hours per day working on that agenda?


The only way for Fresco’s idea to work, even on that small local level, is to ENFORCE the certain set of behaviors which implies banning and penalizing some other behaviors or some sort of global behavioral therapy that’s been researched for some time now. We all know what that would bring. Whenever someone tries to enforce something, humans respond with resistance and rebellion.

And let’s not forget about something else.

No money (gold, diamonds or whatever the hell valuable item it may be in use in future society), means no automatic control of the market.

Who gets what and in what quantities?

It appears that all futuristic societies are relying on “collecting” and “rations”. The absence of “buying” action implies that somebody somewhere must “prescribe” the quantities per capita. How much bread, meat, milk, carrots, cars and all other goods are you allowed to “collect” per month is apparently the matter of the global consensus.

Now, do you really want someone to “prescribe” the “dose” of meat you can have per meal?

Do you honestly believe that humankind is capable of reaching the consensus of this kind?

Or do you believe that we can produce the surplus to cover intemperance of 10+ billion people in the future?

That would be one lazy and fat society…

Thus, Venus Project and similar utopias cannot be the final global solution.

So what we can do?

Deeper understanding of reality


1% is approx. 75 million people (give or take). And we allegedly have 118 (give or take couple of hundreds or thousands) who take most of it. If that is the fact, then who are those 75 million people? Do they all own banks? No.

These are the people who understand the system and live synchronized with it. They’ve reached the Point of Sync – something you MUST do in order to live free and in abundance. Every other approach is useless and counter-productive.

You see, in reality, we have a perfect, yet least understood system among all that we have created over the millenniums. It appears that only 1% of the entire human population or 75,000,000 people “dig” the system and operate according to its rules. And rules are simple once you look deep enough.

What did we say about how those 118 make their money?

By lending it to the governments, companies and individuals through banking system.

What is the primary function of all that money?

To produce stuff that can be sold to the people. In other words, money is INVESTED into the production of the goods that are then sold to the general population, companies and governments. People on the other hand are selling their labor and loaning extra money from the banks to purchase the goods. Do you see the pattern already?

There will always be more than enough people who will start to work, loan more money from the banks, spend everything and die poor. All they have to do is to print more money and inject it into the system. Add the interests from paid loans and you’ll always have money in circulation.

It may seem unfair but ask yourself this: If you are willing to spend 8+ hours of your EVERY day working, to make the progress and reach the point of sync, while Jim is sitting in front of his TV with a cold Bud in his hand, watching football and blaming the government for his poor lazyass destiny, why would Jim have equal or more than you?

System is fair. You’ll get proportionally to the value you’re bringing to the group. Jim brings least or no value at all thus, Jim is about to lose his TV. It’s a perk he doesn’t deserve because he’s acting more like a parasite than a normal human being.

And yet, state will cover people like Jim and prevent certain starvation; something nature would never do.

Have you ever wondered how they can come up with few billions to cover refugee crisis in Europe and only a month before that they were all swearing how there is no money for some domestic socially sensitive matters or increase of salaries?! But they can fund the refugees and they can fund the warfare on the Middle East. It’s the same mechanism that keeps people like Jim alive against all odds.

System is fully self-sustainable as long as there is someone pumping money in it. And that’s the reality of the things.

We are the guilty ones


Because we didn’t make the least of the efforts to learn and understand the system. Our passivity and ignorance have led the system to the breaking point on several occasions so far and it will inevitably occur few more times until we finally reach the perfect balance.

In the same time, from whatever angle you look, with the objective and unbiased eyes, this is the only societal setup that provides equal chances for almost everyone. No other system so far managed to do so because wealth and life in abundance were conditioned by person’s origins throughout the history.

Today, that is completely irrelevant. Anybody can detach from the obsolete and dangerous thinking and make his way up, making more money that he could spend. 75.000.000 examples prove that!

Instead, most people are working on their 9-5’s, keeping whatever extra money they have in a drawer and loaning more money from the banks, buying stuff and living way above their true standard and buying power. And regardless of what you might think, devaluation of currency, increase of prices, inflation rate and expensive interests you have to pay back to the bank have nothing to do with the low levels of buying power.

The true reason behind poor buying power in middle-class is their false perception of the money and total oblivion toward the rules of the system.

And those rules imply that you MUST INVEST your money in order for it to reach its true purpose. Money makes money thus; money has to be part of the cycle and not part of your drawer, sock or some lame savings account. You must think problems and solutions and not drawers and savings accounts. Bank loans are invented to fund the businesses! Current strategy of issuing consumer loans is simply the act of necessary adaptation because no one wants to start the business!

In other words, nobody is willing to move from the illusion of the comfort zone and solve some problem. Nobody wants to make money. Most people just want to earn money. Or to put in in more precise way: to sell their labor for the pre-agreed, fixed monetary compensation. There’s a big difference between making money and earning money!

Now recall the 80/20 rule.

Here is your reason behind current global financial situation and most likely your personal one! System is optimal, only you don’t know how to use it. That’s the fact and you can believe whatever the hell you want, that won’t change the reality of the things.

And the reality is harsh: you’ll either sync or struggle. There’s nothing in between.

The global solution


Money is an abstract value made by the humans for the humans. Which means that we the humans are in total control of it. We control the money and not the other way around.

And while it may not seem like that from your current perspective, remember this: mind is changed by the event.

You’ve already experienced the event that ultimately started the process of alteration. That’s why you’re reading this. You are flat broke, close to that point or sensing the possibility for that to happen. Or you’re well aware (as you should be) that there’s something bigger here. Something you just don’t see.

You’re right.

Once you upgrade your matrix and start using the program we’ve developed for you, you’ll reach the Point of Sync inevitably. That means that you’ll start INVESTING your money in a smart way. And you’ll invest the money you’ve generated through multiple sources. We’ll explain in details how to set up businesses and how to invest; no worries.

As you progress and establish the network of investments using your own efforts and services of proven brokers(!), you will reach the moment where you don’t have to even think about the money, the work, or the future. Money will continue to make more money for you. Because it is the core of the system. All you have to do is live in the moment and enjoy the benefits of the perfect system most are not even aware of.

But now you might be wondering what will happen if we disturb the 80/20 rule. What if more people adopt what you will soon? Wouldn’t that be counterproductive? Nobody will work and who will produce then? What will make money?


It was never about the car, bread, condo, gold or diamond. It was always and it will always be about MONEY itself. And that’s the brilliance of the system once you understand it.

If we disturb the rule and move the ratio to, let’s say, 40/60, what will happen as a direct consequence?

Number of the available workforce will be seriously reduced due to the fact that most of them are now enjoying the benefits of the system. They are fighting bankers and elite 118 with their own weapon, if it sounds more appealing to you that way.

The beauty of it is that those 118 can do shit about it if they want to make more money. The only option they have is to pump up more money to supply the market. The process will never stop and at the end we will live in some sort of virtual reality where we all pretend that money has some sort of value. That illusion is our salvation!

With the drop in available workforce, companies worldwide are now facing serious problem: they cannot pay shitty hourly wage anymore because of the serious disturbance of the market. Now companies have to fight for the workers and not the other way around!

That translates in much, much larger compensation for the labor worker is providing or to put it simple, salaries will start to rise at the speed of the light. The market will crystalize itself because only those who know how to operate in this new and evolving environment will own the companies and as far as we are all concern, those 118 may own every single company in the world. Even better, because why should we sweat about it, right? Let’s have fun instead. If nothing else, it will be easy to pick the right stock – you wouldn’t be able to miss.

And as the ratio of those who are doing nothing but investing is increasing, global corporations will be forced to invest ever more resources into the automation of the process, bringing society a step closer to corrected Venus Project.

So theoretically, if 100% of people are using the same system those 118 are using, robots will do the labor for us while we are sun tanning on Tahiti. Because, those 118 will never stop pumping the money. They don’t know what else to do! Nobody does. And when you think about it, this is the perfect system because invention of money and its mechanics paved the way for every advance we enjoy today. This trend will only continue with money used as the primary instrument of balance.

This theoretical event will mark the point where the entire society has reached the Point of Sync.

Because let’s not forget one additional reality: more money you make, more ideas you get to make even more money. So, how about you start making money? Yes, it’s easier than you think right now because money is not earned, as you are led to believe. Money is made. And this is how it’s done!

20 Jun 2016
This one decision we all make is the reason behind our misery

One Decision You Made That Screwed Your Life

Did you know that just one decision, you made most recently or even years ago, made the decisive impact on the quality of your life and subsequent level of satisfaction with it? It’s most likely the cause of your struggle.

The tragedy is: that decision was extremely biased. You made it under the influence of two factors:

  1. Dogma;
  2. Formal education.


As a result, you’re now most likely wandering around, feeling completely lost, not knowing what to do next. Life seems like a perpetual race with no obvious end line, except for one – the absolute.

You have your share of happy days, sure, but there are times when you feel like something is choking you.

The irony is that the answers you are seeking for and the unique solution are not just in front of your eyes for this entire time, but it’s most likely that you willingly chose to detach yourself from those same answers and subsequently, the solution itself.

That choice, as we already said, was made under the influence of the ultimate collective stupidity; the one that only human species is capable of.

Now, the question is: How do you want to spend your life between right now and that absolute end line?

The answer is obvious but it does raise yet another question: How do you achieve that?

Without trying to run your life or persuading you into anything, we’ll explain that decision you made. At the end, everything will start making sense. We urge you to take a minute out of life and listen closely.

I know that you’re now struggling between continuing with this, which doesn’t make much sense right now, and hitting the ‘BACK’ button. However, “this,” right here, right now, has the potential — again, if you choose — to reset everything and bring you back to the most optimal way – the way of the ultimate freedom and happiness! 

Here we go.

What are the 5 essentials of our survival and existence on this harsh planet?




Just a glimpse on this list and you can understand the main business fields and predominant money generators. Each of these essentials are generating money one way or another. We can only add health thus; medicine and pharmacy respectively, yet it’s not the essential mean of existence.

In which field do you work?


Most likely in some secondary, that has nothing to do with these 5 or 6, depending on how you observe it. Your job, career or tendency, something you’ve been preparing for during your formal education, may or may not be connected with these 5 essentials.

As the result, you are struggling. And you’re struggling because, even if you do work in one of these fields, you’re selling your labor. Others are making money while you’re looking forward to that misery we like to call – paycheck.

This only raised more questions, didn’t it?



Finish your school. Get a job. Become someone. Don’t struggle like I did. It’s better to learn some skill and go work somewhere, because that’s the security!” My dad said to me when I was a little boy. I can bet that you received the dose of this preaching as well.

My grandpa, who was sitting at the table with us in that very moment, was just listening, not commenting anything. He was looking at the glass filled with cold, white wine he made last year.

Two days later, grandpa woke me up early in the morning and said that he wants to show me something.

“You see this?” He said after we arrived at the endless fields, full of different crops. “I don’t have anything against you pursuing some career. School is good. But do consider this: while your father is busting his chops 8-9 hours every single day, being forced to spend 1/3 of his adult life at the specific place, in the specific time; obeying to the rules of someone he never met, I do this and, as you know, I don’t use the alarm clock to wake up.”

I was 13 years old back then, on the threshold of my first big decision – what high school to choose and subsequently the career. That was everything he said to me. We left for home, spending those couple of minutes of trip back home in complete silence.

I couldn’t sleep that night at all. It was like having two opposing voices in my head. One, coming from my father, a strong central figure in my life and someone who was a role model, and the other, the voice of my 62-year-old grandfather, who used to spend the bigger portion of autumn and the entire winter inside, not spending more than 2 hours per day to feed the animals.

Something just didn’t add up in my father’s concept. He was working overtime for the most of the time and we were still struggling, as the family of 5, to survive through the month. Even though both of my parents were working and receiving regular paychecks, that still wasn’t enough to move a step beyond life essentials. To make things even more confusing, I knew, for a fact, that we heavily depended on my grandpa’s produces. The biggest part of the food we were consuming was coming from the grandparents.

The funny part? We all contributed with our labor from time to time in production of all that food. Even my parents, who had jobs!

Yet, against my best judgment, I had to go through formal education. In a decision making process, law enforcement clicked in my mind and I’ve spent next 14 years as a cop, receiving paychecks.

Don’t get me wrong. That was more of a call than a job because, to be a cop, a soldier, a firefighter, a doctor or a priest, something has to drag you into it. It becomes much more than just a job because monetary compensation you receive for 14 hours straight in one day, is just irrelevant.

Here’s the problem


Even though I enjoyed what I did for a living and everybody else kept telling me how “lucky” I am to have a government job (which had nothing to do with luck but with 4 years of tears, blood and sweat to finish the semi-military high school), I was still forced to make money on a side! 

It turned out that my grandfather was right, all this time!

In a process, I became an excellent seller, making money as the re-seller (try to sell $2,000 vacuum cleaner to a middle-class family and try to sell 10 pieces in 7 days, and you’ll see what I mean) and even an animal breeder (had one of the biggest fur farms in region for years). So, aside from being a detective, I’ve managed to set up several business and went online long time ago. Internet seemed like a biggest next thing with the immense potential (was right about that by the way).

But dogma was powerful. I just couldn’t detach from the “salary mentality” even though I had a clear cues that I should focus on a profit and not the fixed hourly wage.

With age comes the wisdom


Older I got, one thing became clearer by the day – if you want to be free, and I mean truly free, you have to go back to essentials. Because those were the things people need. Subsequently, those were the fields where most money can be generated with the smallest efforts possible. Yeah, just like you, I spent years seeking for the way to establish financial stability while having quite a lot of free time. After all, we do live only once and we do live for ridiculously short period of time.

What you focus on expands!


Bit by bit and I finally realize the immense magnitude of my grandfather’s words, spoken years ago, yet stuck in my mind forever. In that time, I already left the force and was set to establish the reputation on the global market as a freelance copywriter. Was probably one of the first who utilized, what is now known as, content marketing, to help sell my client’s ideas online and offline. Back in those days, we didn’t even coined the term yet 🙂

Years went by, and step by step I became a pro freelancer with the wide network of clients and had several online business up, running and bringing money on a conveyor bay. I even started playing on Forex market because it became clear that something was fundamentally wrong with the common dogma and the way I was raised. It turned out that one does not have to “work” per se, to get money. Money makes money, if you know what you’re doing and have some seed money to begin with.

Had a seed money, all right, and in time became quite of an expert in a field of margin trading, with main focus in intraday, news type of Forex trading. Just to bring this closer to you, when trend is good and you made your homework, you make couple of grands in two hours just by watching charts and news on the display of your laptop. When time comes, you execute the order and that’s it. What took 2 months for my father to “earn,” I made in 2 freakin’ hours. Funny, isn’t it?

But there was still something missing. To be honest, I was afraid of some unexpected situation that could prevent me from doing all of that. Just a simple problem with the electric grid, or my ISP, or the internet in general – and I’m screwed!

It still didn’t provide with the adequate level of security.

Then, one night, wife called me to check something. She is a smart and sexy lady, full of great ideas. Quite a generator, if you know what I mean. And this one was simply amazing. It was due to happen, sooner or later, I guess.

It took a simple, 3-minute video to finally find that missing piece of the puzzle. The irony was: It was something my grandpa was claiming all along – you have everything you need right here, you don’t have to work for someone else!

He was goddamn right! Listen to this:

1 acre of cultivated land, with brain instead of heavy machinery, generates $100,000 annually net(!), consuming just a month of dedicated work!


That means 11 months to do whatever the hell you want!

That’s right, my friend. My old grandpa, who had only 4 years of elementary school, and only knew how to write a simple sentence and execute the basic mathematical operations, made a hell of a lot more money that I could ever imagine. He was just silent about it. It wasn’t some bigger deal. It was something normal and you don’t talk about normal stuff, right?

You see, that one single, common decision you made, that fucked up your life and raised your blood pressure more than once, was to move to the city and pursue some career.

You did what more than 50% of human population did – deliberately deprived yourself from the vital, healthy and abundant source of:


life on the countryside vs life in the city


And you did it just because you were raised to believe how you’re better than to farm some land like your ancestors did. Because farmers rank low on our assumed social class separation scale. Hell, even the blacksmith, who busts his back to make the knife, breathing deadly fuses day after day, is more “respected” than yours or mine grandfather who farmed the land and bred the animals.

As the result, you are now forced — under your own free will — to BUY everything. Whatever you need, you must first make money, most likely by selling your labor for fixed hourly wage, and then BUY it.

Can you see the insanity in that lifestyle? People are slamming their heads against the walls, trying to figure out how to survive in the urban center, where they depend on their ability to purchase some good, item or a service, while their equivalents on the countryside, are still waking up, making their coffees.

Maybe this was the nature of the things 50 years ago. But now, when World is nothing but a small, local market place, where you can ship whatever you want to every place on this planet in less than 24 hours, now is a different story. All you need is your brain and a small piece of land. No heavy machinery, no tremendous workforce, no working for 16 hours per day. Just some thinking, researching and a piece of land that can be cultivated!

To paint that picture better, I’ll now compare our two lifestyles, where you are living in a city, selling your labor, just to be able to buy whatever the hell I and the others like me are producing.


First of all, I made that same decision and have spent years in urban centres, doing everything in my power to bring food on the table and enable at least some luxuries. In a process I gained priceless experience and the entire set of skills, that, once combined and utilized in the optimal way, enabled me to sync with the system and live free and in relative abundance. So, it’s only reasonable to believe, that you gained the same skillset – the one we need to survive in our urban society!

This is you, tomorrow, today, yesterday, day after tomorrow, and for as long as you want, at this exact date, on the northern hemisphere:


You get up early in the morning, have a coffee, take a crap, have something to eat and off you go to a fun road trip. You are going to work, most likely on the other side of the city.


life in the city
It does look great but it’s been costing you dearly, only you failed to realize it!


An hour or so later, there you are. Everything is ready for you. There’s enough work for the team of people and not just you.


It feels like your head will explode sometimes. And for what? For a paycheck? Trust us: your labor and mental efforts are worth far more than what you get on your bank account!


But you’re happy as long as that miserable paycheck arrives at your bank account. You’re happy with anything you get because that same miserable paycheck is covering the debt!

You signed the mortgage or a lease. You bought the car or a monthly ticket for public transportation. You bought a smartphone and probably the laptop. You bought all sorts of clothes. You paid for maintenance and different city taxes and fees.

Then, you had to buy some food.

To be able to live, you have to pay utilities also, that are much, much higher in urban centers than on the countryside by the way.

The overwhelming problem with making far less than you need to cover your lifestyle is “solved” with different loans and credit cards – the sum of which is simply mind blowing.


Have you ever tried to calculate how much money you lost on interests and different fees paid BEFORE you’re issued with the borrowed money? You better don’t. No need for yet another pill.


But that’s OK. After all, you’re living in the city, busting your balls 9-5, Monday-Friday (if lucky), having to put up with caprices of every superior officer in your company. No problem. That’s just life, right?


When you look at it, it’s like running the rat race. No end. No goal. Only pure survival just to be able to relax every once in awhile on your sofa or at the bar (if you have some money to spare).


Because it is that. It is a rat race, where everybody is running somewhere for something until their last breath. And it doesn’t have to be that way!


Now, add wife and children to the equation. In other words, multiply everything by factor 10! And do add the stress in the equation please – the one thing that’s been killing you, slowly but surely.

This is your countryside counterpart, in the same time


When brain is used in an optimal way, at least more than muscles and spine, just 1 acre of free land to cultivate may generate over $100,000 net! That’s around 5,000 m2 or $20/m2. Have this in mind during the following overview.

Let’s see the life of the one who thinks business while living on 2 acres, from which only 1 acre is used in agriculture that generate $100,000 net annually. The remaining 1 acre goes on housing, a small playground for children (soon grandchildren), workshop, large fireplace, small vineyard for personal use, and the orchard with 50 different fruit trees.

  • First of all, he isn’t commuting anywhere!
  • Second of all, he gets up whenever the hell he wants!
  • Sirens and usual morning commotion of the urban areas are the unknown terms since he’s drinking the morning coffee on a large front porch, overseeing the land, surrounded with the sounds of nature; most likely the birds.
  • Then, he takes a crap, throws couple of eggs and some bacon on a grill pan and have a nice breakfast in total peace – out at the open!
  • Now comes the moment when he must decide: should I take a walk and see what’s going on, or maybe I should check the newspaper first? Quite a predicament, when you think about it, right? A real issue!
  • Naturally, same as every other man — who is in liberty to choose — he reads the papers first. After all, it’s around 09:45, so what’s the rush anyway…
  • It’s around 11 AM and still nobody is busting his chops because he’s been sitting in the same place for 3 hours already, not working. In fact, he’s not doing anything besides reading and smoking cigarettes. OK, maybe some margin trading is there’s a good trend to ride. Otherwise, what’s the use of that smartphone, right?
  • 11:25 strikes on the clock and off he goes. It’s time to start the fire. After all, it’s a beautiful early summer Wednesday, just perfect for BBQ.
  • Wife gets out, bringing the meat and two glasses of ice-cold white wine. It’s that great Chardonnay they made last autumn.
  • Around 2 PM, he sits down at the large table, together with his wife and two sons, to have a nice, peaceful lunch, out at the open.
  • They can do all of this, whenever the hell they want just because they worked from the mid-April to mid-May. The harvest of the simplest, everyday thing, you’re buying from time to time (if not you, then your wife most definitely), brought $150,000 gross!
  • What they’ll all do for the rest of this year and until that same period of early spring next year, it’s entirely up to them!
  • Oh, yes, they gonna spend a month on a coast. They bought a small property last year down by the sea – with cash!

One more thing: that “countryside” is just 4 miles from the urban area; the city. Oh, yes, in case you are questioning the above stated, come see me. We’ll have a nice meal and a glass or two of cold, homemade white wine. See it for yourself.

Now, I know what’s been bothering you. You just can’t think of anything that could bring such money, for such minimal efforts, on such small piece of land. Am I right?

Listen closely now…


It can be ANYTHING AT ALL. And I mean it. You see, on one side, there’s me and less than a half of population that are producing something – anything. On the other side, there’s you and more than half of population who MUST BUY EVERYTHING we produce!

Does that ring any bell?

I make, whatever the hell I want, and I’m sure that I can sell it, with ease, anywhere on this planet in less than 24 hours (but in all fairness, I don’t have to look far) because more than 3,5 billion people reside in urban centers, where they can’t make or produce anything but are forced — under their own free will — to BUY everything!

My environment = stress-free (less cortisol-caused tissue damage)

Your environment = overstressed (extensive cortisol overexposure, causing massive tissue degeneration)

My blood work test = 100% great; no need to pop pills

Your blood work test = not so great; have to take pills to reduce anxiety, control sugar, control blood pressure, control heartbeat rate and God only knows how many more are we talking about here and we are just in our 40s.


Just because you want to live in the city and pursue the illusion known as career.


I come to the urban area every single day to have a drink with my pals and family or to have a lunch, where I’m not looking at the right side of the menu and none of us likes chicken to tell you the truth. Sounds bit arrogant, I know, but you have to realize what cardinal mistake you’re doing, day after day. Will you live to see the retirement days? We have yet to see. Will I live to smell and taste my 65th birthday? We have yet to see. But what I do know now is that you need to beg for 3 weeks of summer vacation, after you busted your balls for 6 months straight.

I can leave whenever the hell I want, wherever the hell I want, and I can stay there for as long as I want.


Because I found the way!


All I did was detaching from dogma and disregarding my assumed “rank” on a social class separation scale! Did that and as a result, I live free and healthy, which is even more important.

That’s the point of this ridiculously short life. To be free and live it under your own terms. All you need for that is open-mindedness and some brainpower.


This right here, the common sight all across the northern hemisphere, is where money and freedom are. Each small piece of this land is feeding at least two families and bringing money to at least one. Money, that is made under the own terms. Money, made without a boss that is breathing behind your back and scheduling the 1/3 of your life. That’s what freedom truly is, in our current societal setup and monetary-market system. All you have to do to see it, is looking beyond the dogma and societal class rank delusion. Live free, that’s all we’re saying.   


It may be hard to digest everything I said in such a short time, so I’m strongly suggesting that you take an hour or two of each day for the following week and go through our advanced and totally free Master Course, which is, in fact, The Sequence, constituted of 6 personal development modules and 3-stage proven business program.

You just gotta ask yourself: if over 150,000,000 people worldwide live free (which is 1/2 of US or 1/5 of Europe), how come you’re not among them? It’s clear that there’s something fundamentally wrong with the way you’re perceiving the system you’re living in. After all, you are the sum of what they’ve taught you or missed to teach you. Who says they were right?

At least take a minute out of your life and check what I’m talking about here, OK? Trust me, it will do wonders for you, and if you adopt what you’ll learn, it will put your life on a certain growth trajectory path.

REMEMBER: It was never about earning money. It was, and it always will be, about making money. In reality, you never had to work for someone else because system we all live in, enables you exactly that. Take a look.

Make Money Online and Build Wealth with The Sequence Master Course
Over 150,000,000 people figured it out. That’s those 2% who own 86% of everything this planet has to offer, you’ve been hearing about a lot lately. See how they are doing it. Learn from them and join the club! Don’t worry, it’s a free course built on collective experience.


Understand that here, at Point of Sync academy, we are teaching people how to sync their actions with the monetary-market system and stop working for their money. Instead, they are setting the stage for the moment where money starts making fresh money on a conveyor ball – with or without their direct influence.

Think it’s crazy? Explain those 150 million successful examples please. Explain how 75,000,000 people hold 46% of all the money we have in the system. Conspiracy? Corruption? Zeitgeist Movie theory? Think again! It’s Pareto principle all over again, where, out of those 20% who are willing to make the effort, only 2% will push to the extremes! 80% are just finding excuses to avoid some imaginable exposure in a world where only one thing is absolute. The Sequence is built on a collective knowledge of those 150 million successful examples!

Have something to add to this? Have a counter argument? Please. By all means. Every opinion counts and just adds to our success as a species.

11 Jun 2016

When and How to Use Bank Loans or How To Utilize Debt In Your Advantage

Back in 80s and the first half on 90s, people were loaded with money. Younger generations might not recall this, but money was everywhere. Nobody, at least on the northwestern hemisphere, had difficulties surviving through the month, even though many were paying back mortgages for their new 2-story homes in suburban areas.

But then something happened, which will trigger the downtrend in net worth of almost every person in that same area of the world and wider.

The dawn of personal electronic devices and improved communications


Even before the revolutionary 80s of the last millennium, ever more people decided to leave the countryside and go seek for their luck elsewhere, by selling their labor and not the produces. Already in 2006, 51% of the entire human population have permanent residences in urban areas, all seeking for the job, nobody producing anything edible!

It sounds irrelevant, but you have to think about basic human needs. Those are:




Everything else, including shelters, is secondary, tertiary and even a problem as we’ll soon learn.

With the emergence of the new technologies, banks were the first entities who adopted to the situation since they had difficulties spreading all that money they had, to keep the system alive and well fed. They started to increasingly issue “consumer loans”, where you’ll borrow the rather expensive money, just to possess some cool gadget like an advanced smartphone these days. Unlike the old days, where you actually had to go to the bank and ask for the loan, nowadays, there’s a credit card. A fully automated system of plunging into the debt – if you are not careful!

More and more devices got connected to a home electrical grid, which, slowly but surely, kept rising the monthly energy consumption and subsequently – the bills. But all those devices required (and still do) additional monthly investments to be operative. Only a decade ago, the only “communication” bill was a standard landline for the home phone. Nowadays, the average western household has 1 landline and 4 mobile accesses – each costing money!

Add car industry who tagged along and, in alliance with banks, made possible to change personal vehicles every 2-3 years, and you have successfully accumulated an immense pressure on your home budget.

That same home budget mostly depended (unfortunately it still depends) on 1-2 paychecks, received 1-2 times per month.

Even combined, those paychecks were insufficient to answer the challenge – fast growing expenses!

To make things even more worse, young generation fully detached from the past and start thinking CEO rather than being a member of a low level workforce. That meant — and still means — expensive high education, where people, again, borrow money to pay for the kid’s tuition. As kid acquires diploma, parents simply transfer all those loans, they were picking each year, and our young future CEO starts with anywhere between $25K and $100+ key of a direct debt!


But it wasn’t always like that…


Only a few decades or perhaps a century ago, we had a society with extremely low monthly expenses. In some parts of the world, there weren’t even any form of electrification! Sadly, this is still the case.

Those were the people who produced their own food and were selling the surplus to ever growing urban population, who used the bigger part of their monthly income to purchase the same food their ancestors once produced on their own, with minimal costs.


Even today, the best possible way to make money is to settle on the countryside and produce food!


Of course, only a small portion of the entire population is using this ancient business model to make money. The rest are living in the cities, trying to cope with increasing monthly expenses – the expenses they brought to themselves, under their own free will!

By itself, it isn’t the problem. Only…it’s not that simple, right?


The problem is: the bulk of everything we purchase today, is acquired with the BORROWED MONEY!

Credit cards with revolving credits, expensive consumers loans, mortgages – everything is here for you to acquire everything you lay your eyes on, fast!

Of course, this is something you know all too well. It went so far that you’re thinking about the banks as the most corrupted form of institution known to man. Only, you’re deliberately forgetting one thing: nobody forced you to even step into the bank, let alone to borrow money!

So now, you’re despising banks, loans and everything connected, trying to make your way out of that mess with only your paycheck and some bonus money you make by additionally selling your labor for yet another paycheck.

Contrary to yours, or general belief for that matter, bank loans are here for the precise purpose and yes, you are supposed to use them.

Only, you need to know under what circumstances and in what purposes!


Banks were forced to adopt and it’s the people who forced them


Sounds ridiculous, right? But when you understand the nature and the purpose of monetary-market system, you come to realize that the only way for you to possess some high-end electronic device or some hot rod, is that same monetary-market system. Rewind only 150 years back, in times of kings and other autocrats, and you’ll see how technological progress, that allows you to read these lines on your device, is nowhere to be seen.




And it’s the monetary-market system that made that happen. It allows people like you and me to fund our, more or less, brilliant ideas – something that didn’t exist only a hundred years ago. You were either the part of royal family or you were sentenced to life in misery from the moment you were born!

New system, changed all that!

Yet, people were reluctant to use that money for that purpose. Apparently, only a small number of people had (have) capacities and essential determination to live synced with the system. In other words, only a handful of people were able to think innovative and dare to start the business. The rest were seeking for the employment at those same entrepreneurs.

In no time, one thing became clear – system will dry out. There will be no money left in it. And money is the bloodline of that same system. Lose the money, chaos will spread and autocrats will reign again!


But who supplied folks with that money?

BANKS! As the lower, executive instances of Central Banks.

So, they were forced to adjust their strategy. If you don’t want to use the money for the business, you’ll use it to buy something way above your true buying power. Ergo, the dawn of consumer loans! They knew that people, under the constant pressure of time and distinct self-awareness of mortality, will try to get as much as they can, as fastest as they can.


We want everything and we want it now! So we go to the bank, get the loan, and burden our home budgets beyond acceptable. Only, we don’t like to see it that way!


What if they can’t pay it back? We’ll make some more of it (money)! After all, it’s our invention. We are just exploiting natural resources, that’s all. In the process, we even learned how to recreate those resources, through farming for example. There will always be money in the system because we simply got hooked on that virtual value, invented and managed by us humans!

What made that possible?

As we explained in more details in this blog, our advanced eye for beautiful and astonishing. It triggered something unseen in nature until then. One species managed to remove the primary notion of the Mother Nature – the survival of the fittest!

Yes, we have medicine and wealthcare now. That means, that in difference from, let’s say lions in savannah, we can survive even if there’s no available resources that we can acquire with our own hands, legs and teeth.

All thanks to the brilliant invention of two interconnected things: monetary-market system and debt!

The question is: how can you utilize debt in your advantage?


Two peers, same story, two opposite results


Two guys are walking into the bank. Both in their early 30s. Both with the same intention – to loan money from the bank!

One got his eyes on this beautiful piece of property, not far from the center of the town. The other is funding his startup.

Both are loaning exactly the same amount of money, $100,000, and ending up with same rates and same repayment program.




An hour later, they found themselves sitting at the bar, waiting for the bank staff to finalize the paperwork and release the money.

“Buying house?” Asks the guy who is loaning the money to move his family from a tight condo in the center, to more cosy place, at the quiet suburban area.

“No, funding a business idea that I have for a quite some time now.” Answers the future entrepreneur.

“Dude…that’s risky. Economy sucks these days.”


Now, let’s stop right here.

Can you identify with that response? Do you think, deep inside, that our future entrepreneur is taking too much risk?


Back to the beginning of our story. Two guys, same amount of money, identical repayment program. What exactly guarantees that the guy, who’s buying a real estate, will be able to fulfill his obligation and repay all the money he borrowed, with interests?

The purpose of the borrowed money, in case of our Guy #2, the future entrepreneur, is direct investment into the product or a service with at least some potential (possibility) to generate money. Our house-loving guy, on the other hand, will need to invest more money BEFORE his repayment program comes to an end because stuff will start breaking apart. In his scenario, absolutely NOTHING generates money. On contrary, it spends and demands even more.

Let’s not forget that the entire idea hangs on a highly relative thing we all know as the paycheck! It takes only a small disturbance on the global market for his company to cease to exist!

Yet, for some unknown reason, people are more fond to borrow money and purchase some item that demands more money while not generating any money, than INVESTING that money into something that at least has a chance to generate money. How do you reason that?

The most likely outcome is that the Guy #1 will struggle to repay that mortgage and even be forced to take the additional one to fix the obsolete stuff, while the Guy #2 will not only repay his debt but also acquire property – mortgage free!


Let’s move to a smaller scale, more common these days


Recently, I myself, has purchased the brand new smartphone. To be more exact, I got it from my GSM provider on account of extended 2-year contract I signed with them. At the end, it cost me $20 (retail price is around $520).

I friend of mine bought even more expensive piece, blasting his credit card for a total of — and watch this — $1,200! The phone is cool, no question about it. And, both of us, have around the same monthly expense on our mobile phones.

It’s clear that we both borrowed money. He ironed his card, borrowing money from the bank. I signed the contract that is very clear about what will happen if I don’t honor the agreement and fail to pay my bill every month – it will cost me 3x more!

But here’s the difference…


My phone is making money. His phone is spending money.


How’s that possible? Why can’t your smartphone make money?


According to whom? Who says that it cannot make money? Smartphones are brilliant devices. Other than just enabling you to communicate both vocally and visually, they provide you with yet another perk, depending on how you’re using the device.

My friend is using it to communicate over the GSM network, play games and buzz around on social networks. Guy’s phone is filled with gazillion apps; some of which cost money.

Unlike him, I have only 4: FXCM, Bloomberg, Investing, DailyFX Pro – all free! That’s it. Not even an FB app. Oh yes, I have Skype also, so that’s 5. No Viber, no Whatsapp, no games.

This is the type of app you want on your smartphone, if you want to make money with it!


Now, you can call me boring, or a weirdo, or whatever you like, but while you’re checking your FB notifications, I’m making money. The time it takes you to scroll down and scan several dozens of different statuses, it’s quite enough for me to catch the trend and ride on it until I make couple of grands.

It’s just the matter of choice.

But that’s not the point here. The point is to demonstrate two very different mindsets.

One, who borrows the money in order to live way above his true buying power, not even trying to increase his buying power. On contrary, he is deliberately undermining every possibility for that to happen.

And the other, who borrows the money to increase his buying power – indefinitely!

Which one thinks more clearly?


If you want to learn what’s stopping you from investing your money – and there is, in fact, something that’s been blocking youfind out how to fix it HERE. It’s a concise explanation of something that’s been happening in your own brain, wreaking havoc on your financial plans.


10 Mar 2016
Why and How to Invest or What's Been Blocking You to Create Wealth

There’s Only 1 Obstacle Standing between You and Wealth and It’s in Your Head

One specific fragment of your working memorymade of couple of things you’ve picked up as a young childis now defining the amount of your bank account(s). Everything we do, our every action, every response, is based on how our central belief system — the set of principles upon which we are living our lives — is built. Something that’s been designed before you reached the age of 12, is now controlling your life.

It does seem rather impossible, but as you will learn, one particular perception in your mind, developed through the impressions you picked up from your parents, school and media, is blocking you. It prevents you to join over 150,000,000 people who successfully changed that piece of memory and now own 86% of everything this planet has to offer.

We are talking about the principle use of money as the only tool and weapon on your disposal in our contemporary society.

What the most people, including you, feel when think, see or hear the word “MONEY”?


Instant feeling of anxiety and unexplainable, irrational need to protect something!


Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you think money is vital for your life?
  2. Do you have money?
  3. What do you do with your money?


Hopefully, you answered that money is important/vital and that you have money. But on the third question, you initial response was: buying things or paying for things.

Now ask yourself few additional questions:

Why do you use your money in that way? What do you buy, what do you pay for and how do you do it?

The answer: You do it the way you were taught to do all of that.


You were raised under the simple, yet deadly wrong dogma that says: you must finish your school, find a “decent” job and work hard for your money.

IN REALITY, THERE WAS NEVER ANY NEED FOR YOU TO WORK FOR SOMEONE ELSE AND EARN MONEY because money is being made and not earned. Only, nobody in your closest social environment understood that basic mechanism of how money is finding its way to your bank accounts.

Let’s clarify this a bit.

How do you make your money?


You’re basically selling your labor (physical or intellectual) for monetary compensation, based on the agreed fixed hourly wage. And it takes 160 out of 720 hours to receive total monthly amount of your “sales” efforts!

Thus, the premise: money is made through sales on an open market.

In your case, the “goods” you’re exchanging for money on the market are your brain, muscles, sweat and bones. In other words, you’re selling yourself to the best buyer you were capable of finding.

How much do you worth in recurring payment process until market renders you obsolete?


Anywhere between $1,280 and $6,400 per month on average. In some point of time, you — the product — will become obsolete and forced to settle for far less until the last breath you’ll take.

In 40 years of this irrational trading model, you’ll generate anywhere between $614,000 to $3,072,000. It depends of how good you are in selling yourself to the market.

The consequences of this irrational and completely inefficient business model are mind blowing


Since your brain has already calculated that there’s no chance in hell that you’ll even live long enough to buy yourself a car or a house from what you’ll earn; you are doing something you were taught to do; once you start receiving revenues from selling your labor:

LOANING MONEY FROM THE BANK to quickly “equip” yourself with couple of things essential for your life: car, house, furniture, appliances and hundreds of other products you’ll buy on the open market, using borrowed money!


And then you’ll spend the rest of your working career paying back that money with the high interest rate. All those items you’ve purchased will render themselves unusable or obsolete in less than 3-year time. Your house will require adaptations each year with 2 major renovations in next 10 and 20 years. Thus, everything you bought so far is not an asset as you prefer to think, but liability. Because asset makes money and liability spends money.

None of the things you bought makes you any money, right?

To make things even worse, this entire process is natural for you. You’re experiencing it in a positive way. Not even once did it occur to you that something is terribly wrong with the way you’re perceiving money and the world you’re living in. And you got one crucial fact entirely wrong:

The purpose of bank loans is not consumerism!


Money and bank loans are originally designed to serve the purpose of INVESTMENTS in order to enable every individual on this planet equal chances to live a happy, fulfilled and wealthy life in an absolute abundance, no other species can afford. The system that cannot be controlled by a single party. System controlled by the automated global process (rules of the market) where certain “product” is being exchanged for monetary compensation.

It’s a brilliant design made by just a handful of people who never received the credit for pulling the human kind from the claws of corrupted individuals who were using instruments of fear to dominate over large population and land. We are talking about different kings, tsars, dukes, lords, churches and other members of aristocracy. Only 200 years ago, the only way for a man or a woman to even move beyond the point of pure basic survival was the royal origin or deep connections with the royals based on corruption.

Today, thanks to few brilliant minds, situation is different. But the problem still prevails: old habits die extremely slowly.

People still don’t recognize the simplicity and brilliance of the system so they are rushing to factories immediately after finishing schools to start earning money.

What will happen when the global production process becomes fully automated, using advanced robotics? Already now, 40% of all processes are done using robots, eliminating any need for human labor.

And since nobody was investing, banks were forced to re-think their business model. They had to find the way to get all of that money out at the market to keep the system alive.

It was the dawn of CONSUMER LOANS!


Money simply had to find its way back to the system. It must circle, otherwise we are in danger of total system collapse and potential re-installment of rulings of one.

If they (people) don’t want to use money to make money through investments, we’ll (the banks) “sell” them money to buy goods. It’s that simple.

The reason why it’s so hard for more than 80% of people to use their money as the investing tool to generate far more than those max. $3M they’ll make in 40 years by selling their labor


Hides in a fact that investment does not produce the same rewarding reaction (feeling/sense) as the purchase of the smartphone, food, car, house, and similar. There’s nothing taking the physical shape in a purchase process! And since we are visual creatures, it triggers the defense mechanism, caused by our primordial fear from the unknown, common for every soul on this planet.

What we don’t see, scares us.

It’s more rewarding to spend $50 on dinner that will just go through your stomach than to invest that money in buying a single option. You can see, smell and taste the dinner. You can feel the effect when that food is going through your digestion system. But when you buy a stock, nothing happens. Nothing gets visualized.

Same applies to everything else you are purchasing, including utility bills because you can see the light and you can feel the warmth coming from the central air-condition system. Even the bill you are paying for the internet gets connected with the physical thing because you know how some strange particles (photons and electrons) are rushing through the cables, delivering you information that you can actually SEE with your own eyes.

That’s why you’re perceiving investments as something awkward and uncomfortable. There’s no physical representation of your purchase. Because, that’s what it is. It’s a purchase. You’re buying equities or bonds. But you don’t see it, hear it, taste it or feel it!

And it’s happening because nobody taught you anything about it.


In that critical period of your life, when your central belief system was being made, nobody explained it to you. You were left to deal with it on your own because those who were teaching you felt the same thing you’re feeling now. Anxiety. Fear. Unexplainable need to protect something.

To protect what exactly? What is there to protect? Do try to answer it. What are you protecting? Money? For what reason? You’re gonna spend it anyway. Why didn’t you protect that money when it counted the most like that time when you bought the car using someone else’s money?

You had no problem at all walking into the bank and BORROWING someone else’s money to spend it on some 4-wheel moving object that will become obsolete in a matter of 3 years, and yet you’re afraid to invest your own money in something that can potentially generate more of it!

Can you find the logic in that type of behavior?

You are willing to spend someone else’s money on something that will go to hell in no time but you won’t spend it on something that will increase your bank account balance and ensure prosperity. How do you reason that?

Ah yes, there are no guarantees that money you’ll invest will in fact make more money! They’ve been telling you how careful you must be with your money when it comes to potential investment but they had no problem buying stuff with that same money. You were watching this and your brain considers it as the normal behavior in your environment.

So, let me ask you this: How much did that car you bought on loan made you thus far? And yet, you bought it. How much did the garage full of tools made you? And yet, you bought all that tools, used only occasionally, for your private needs.

Can we say that you’ve spent at least $20,000 so far on different items and essential maintenance of your house, car and other equipment you’re using in your everyday life? OK.

Mr. Camillo, a self-directed investor flipped $20K in $2M in just 3 years, during the worst financial crisis of modern times. Spend 5 quality minutes and start opening your eyes to see the reality:

How this guy turned $20,000 into $2,000,000


How much money do you have on different investments?

What are the odds that your car, electric drilling machine and hammer make money? Right now, not even a positive zero because most of the stuff you bought over the course of time needs money to be of any use so you’re going in minus. Car needs gas, regular maintenance, and insurance. Electric driller needs electricity. Hammer demands more of your body energy, which translates in more food you need to digest.

But what if you rent your car? What if you provide the service with your driller? What if you see some collectible item at your neighbor’s counter and strike a great deal just to sell that item on eBay that same evening?

What if you do what Mr. Camillo suggests and start monitoring sites like Crowdfunder to spot the next great innovative idea?

A single $1,000 investment may easily generate lifetime revenues because what has started as a simple crowdfunding campaign with the goal to collect $20K of initial fund for building the prototype, often turns into multimillion dollar business. And you own 5% of that same business since you’ve purchased 5% of equities with your $1,000. You just saw it before the others and locked the deal.

But how do you spot something like that? How do you know where to invest?


Why did you buy that car or house? You could easily go with bike or public transportation and live in far cheaper place but for some strange reason; you decided to buy all of that.

What was the dealmaker in those decisions? Think about it for a while.

DOGMA! That’s all to it. You were raised to think and operate in a way that will sooner or later fuck up your financial situation and subsequently your life.

You deliberately and without any second thoughts spent money on stuff that will drain even more money from you without any chance or ROI ever, and now you’re searching for the BULLETPROOF WAY TO INVEST WITHOUT ANY FUCKING RISK. What the fuck is wrong with you? Can’t you see the irony?

When it comes to throwing your money into nothing, knowing that there’s no way in hell that you’ll ever see any return of investment, then it’s OK to do it. But when it comes to injecting some of your money into something that has at least some chance to double your investment, you start thinking and having second thoughts about the entire deal, because it does sound risky and you could lose your money…


Buy something, you lose 120% – for sure! Invest in something, you have 50/50 odds to double your money. Which sounds better?

What else can be done with money besides common purchases of money-draining items?

Getting a picture now? Do you see how wrong they raised you?


It’s time you change your perception and accept the fact that the only way for you to live in abundance is to STOP earning money and START making money!

What you do is simple. You focus on it!


So far, your focus was on the lawn, sex, food, job (up to 25% of your mental or physical capacities), new tires for your vehicle, beer in your fridge and bills.

Switch your focus on INVESTMENTS and investing related subjects. Do the following:

  • Read the business section of your favorite newspaper.
  • Sign in for dozens of analytical websites such as Bloomberg, Business Insider, Motley Fool, Investopedia, and gazillion of others.
  • Create the free account on equity crowdfunding platform such as Crowdfunder and click the “LEARN” link at the upper right side to start bombarding your brain with the new and useful memory blocks.
  • Take a break from ESPN and similar sports channels and switch to business channels.
  • Listen to the crowd; they will tell you everything!


This last demands further clarification. As Mr. Camillo said, couple of years ago, his co-worker told him how “He read the great book (Hunger Games) that’s apparently a certain hype these days among the young population and how it will be great if they make a movie out of it.” Now, Mr. Camillo has never heard about the Hunger Games but that didn’t stop him to start paying attention, expecting some sort of the signal that someone will start making the movie. It wasn’t long before he read the PR (press release) from Lionsgate (found on sites like PR Newswire, PR Web and similar.)

What he did was simple. He searched for the Lionsgate’s ticker and purchased x amount of Lionsgate’s stocks. But he did it before Wall Street guys so his entrance was low (low stock price.) Once Wall Street picked up the signal, money started pouring in, increasing the Lionsgate’s stock price at fast rate. In one point of time, Mr. Camillo decided it’s time for the exit so he sold the stocks, multiplying his investment.

It’s always the same rule: do what others are not doing!

Will you hit the jackpot every time? No. Did you hit it with your house or car?

But that doesn’t mean that you should go in with everything you have.

You spread your risk by allocating 20-50% of everything you have into several different investments, and never use money you don’t have.

Detailed tutorial of how to set up your own business, using only 4 hours of your day, to start making money through sales of your own solutions and/or investments is HERE.


There are no rules here. Some people are favoring mixed portfolio with short, medium and long-term investments. Some, like Mr. Camillo, are waiting for months before investing 20-40% in one single investment. This approach is known for creating the environment of higher odds because these people are patient so even though it seems as a high risk in the moment you’re purchasing your options, in reality those are pretty much sure deals.

But you have to turn your focus on this matter. Forget about everything else if you want to reach the moment where money you’ve earned in the past starts generating more money, making your labor no longer needed.

And that’s the point and the primary purpose of money as it has been originally designed:

Monetary-market system allows you to rather quickly reach the moment when money makes money and you are perfectly capable of retiring in the age of 30!


You only need to re-invest the portion of your money. Money must find its way back to the system, otherwise it’s lost forever.

So far, you’re keeping the system by paying your loans with interests. That’s you current role in the system. Those smarter, who figured out how system is designed, are making millions without worrying about bills, interests, inflation and everything else that scares the living bejeezus out of you.

Do the same thing they do. Exploit the built-in features of the system designed to allow every person on this planet to become millionaire in no time. You have over 150,000,000 bright examples of people who are doing nothing more than reading newspapers and listening to the crowd. That’s how they make their money.

You, on the other hand, are earning your money. There’s a big difference between earning and making money. Start making it.

Just think of it this way. How much money did that smartphone you bought make for you? How much did it make for the company that is producing and selling it? Do the same thing they are doing because if they can do it so can you!

The best part is: you don’t even have to think of and build the product. You simply buy their equities (stocks) and that’s it. Let them do the hard work. It’s how system is designed.

There’s lot to learn and the best way is THIS ADVANCED TUTORIAL.

Make Money Online and Build Wealth with The Sequence Master Course
Change you life from the ground up!


01 Mar 2016

How To Become Self Employed Using Only 4 Hours a Day

Welcome to “How To Become Self-Employed Crash Course”. This was actually a test run of the Stage 1 of The Sequence master course’s 3-stage business model. And it was repeated several times, through 6 different niches. The main intention of these tests was to prove the efficacy of the Stage 1. You have an opportunity to see the real results from one of those niches.

About The Sequence


The Sequence is the 6-module advanced personal development and business master course with 3-stage proven business model added as the bonus.

How to Become Self Employed - Learn more about The Sequence
Learn more about The Sequence, a 6-module advanced personal development and business master course


Stage 1 of the 3-stage business model is teaching you how to setup and run a money-making low risk online business through which you’re not only generating money from several sources but also training for the Stage 2 or the core of your future business.

Both stages are designed to generate seed money for the Stage 3, or the point where you are becoming synced with the system and money you’ve made in a past — and are still making — is multiplying by the strategic investment procedures explained in The Sequence master course.

What you have here is in-vivo presentation of how to become self-employed without any need of leaving your home.

This is in fact the business model for setting up the online business where you can generate anywhere between $35,000 and $100,000 per year in the startup phase.


Build a website that makes money!


However, if you decide to exploit the full potential of the model, your revenues are increasing exponentially. Because The Sequence master course is teaching you how to think, plan and run complex businesses after readjusting your core matrix to make it optimal and highly efficient, which a prerequisite for making money in monetary-market system.

Thus, while the following “How to Become Self Employed crash course” is in fact a complete tutorial for setting up the online business that you can run from any place on this planet with just your laptop and internet connection, it won’t do you any good if you fail to learn how to develop a perfectly synced-with-the-system business mind. Clearly, that’s something you still don’t have.

So after you go over this short and concise tutorial, you’re suggested to download another,


Entirely FREE course: HOW TO DEVELOP BUSINESS MIND, and start the change in the only appropriate and technically efficient way.


Inside the Business mind FREE course
Download our FREE personal development course and take the first step into your stable financial future


On the other hand, if you feel confident enough and ready to make a 180° turn in your life by becoming perfectly synced with the monetary-market system, we suggest that you jump on The Sequence master course immediately. What awaits you is the cutting edge psychological rewiring of your core matrix based on the thinking model used by 150,000,000 already synced people. You got that right. It’s those 2% that own 86% of everything this planet has to offer.

And as you’ll learn, the only difference between them and you is the fact that they understand the neat and brutally efficient built-in mechanisms that make the core of our monetary-market system. They are synced with it. You are not. At least not yet. So,


Take The Sequence master course and follow in the footsteps of those who know how money game is played. Waste no time because time waits for nobody!


How to Become Self Employed - Learn more about The Sequence


Now, let’s see what we can do with only 4 hours, Monday-Saturday, shall we?

How to Become Self Employed crash course


The prime request in designing the Stage 1 of the 3-stage business model provided for you in The Sequence master course, was to limit the time spent on the project to correlate with the average available time every man on this planet has. If you think you don’t have time, you’re reading the wrong material. You should be reading some fiction novel instead because, as you’ll see now, this is the minimum time you are able to devote in order to change your future. It’s up to you and you alone. Just think about 80/20 rule and decide.

This is the average amount of available time every man has


Let’s see…you spend 9 hours on your professional occupation (it does take time to get dressed and go to damn place, right?). Then, you spend approximately 1 hour eating. Another 1 hour goes to different bathroom rituals. Let’s say that you sleep about 7 hours.

Where that puts us? 24 – 18 = 6 hours.

Another 2 hours go on some private fun, family time and possible afternoon rest and you’re left with 4 hours. Those 4 hours can worth far more than 8 hours on your current job. And let’s not forget about Saturdays, Sundays and different holidays. Once you get addicted, you’ll start using those also and increase your odds drastically. Wife might not be so happy about it, but once she smells the cash (meaning new purse or drapes), she’ll calm down.

What we can do with those 4 hours?

How much more money do we need in this startup phase?


Around $16.5 billion, right? Well, why not. People are making that kind of money, so why wouldn’t we, right?

Still, let’s start with something more achievable in this startup phase.

Let’s say that we are currently making around $65,000 per year and we would like to make extra $35K to make the round number. It will come handy to cover many expenses so we wouldn’t be forced to use our credit cards frequently, which wastes lots of money on fees and interests.

The basic math



We rounded the numbers a bit to make the math simpler. In the outcome of our basic calculations, we came to a round number of $30 per 1 hour, Monday to Saturday. That means that now we only need to figure out the product that we can sell to make $30 per hour, which will subsequently yield $120 through our available 4 hours.

Sounds much more achievable when you dissect the problem, doesn’t it?


Now we need to decide our strategy and business model

Model #1


If we manage to build the product with the realistic price tag of $30, we would need 1 customer per hour to reach our defined daily goal and that’s $120. Thus, we need only 4 customers per day, Monday to Saturday.

As you can see, we deliberately avoided Sundays and holidays in the equation to make your life easier but we did include 4 hours during Saturdays, just to get you used on extended working week, once you decide to go ballistic with the whole thing.

So we designed a neat portable dog cage, since our chosen niche is pets, dogs indoors subniche. Our analyses showed that there is a room in this overcrowded niche. In addition, we deliberately focused on overloaded niches to really push the concept to the limits and test the operational aspects in difficult conditions.

Our startup funding for Model #1 comes from our own resources, because will make limited number of units just to test the pulse of the market first.




Model #1 is optional, meaning that you can skip it entirely in this startup phase if you don’t have your own resources to fund it. You may also find it difficult to negotiate a good deal with some local manufacturer or Chinese company. But, you are strongly advised to at least give it a shot just to get some feeling of what is like to make deals. Look at it as yet another way to learn because, once you set to break limits, you’ll have to start negotiating all kinds of deals. Thus, start practicing immediately.

How do you know what the good deal is for portable dog cage for instance? You find medium priced offer and deduct 70% from that price. It’s the margin. Focus on Chinese companies if you are aiming to build something cheap for the starter because they are most flexible.

Remember: you have to be pragmatic in this startup phase. Local patriotism will come later when you pump some money on your accounts.


Since it will take time for our product to come out from the production lines in initial quantity of 500 units, we have time to deploy Model #2.

Model #2


We still don’t have a product around desired price of $30, which means that we need to adjust to the circumstances. So we’ll decrease the price but then we are forced to increase the number of sales (customers) per hour.

So we’ll build the product with the price tag of $8.99 which is the common price for virtual things today but also for any physical items also. You can find plenty of gadgets and all sorts of accessories under the $9 just by browsing through Amazon or eBay. If nothing else, it may give you a clue where to focus your development efforts.

In this scenario, we will need to make 14 sales per working day of 4 hours. That’s 3.5 sales per hour. Does that sound like something achievable? Damn right it does.

Building the $8.99 product


Remember, we didn’t raise the bar that high. Even a child could sell 4, $8.99 products per hour. If you take a walk, you’ll most likely see kids, sitting on the walkways, selling all sorts of crap and probably making more money than you do during 4-hour period. Something to think about, right?

We’ll use a neat hack to reach the targeted daily volume of sales. And we don’t even have to build products. We’ll build something else.

Keep in mind that the following concept can be applied to virtually any niche.

Browsing for products that are already in sales


We went to, created the free account and enrolled in affiliate program. It will allow us to link our sales efforts to any — any — product available over the Amazon. When sale is made, we earn the cut in a profit. For the products related to our targeted niche, that commission is 8%.


We decided to use these 7 products:



When we sum our cumulative, we’re at $9.64. Now it’s unrealistic to even think that you can sell the entire set at once. You’ll use a different kind of strategy.

We deliberately decided to choose competitor’s “Portable cage for dogs” for two reasons:

  1. We can test the market
  2. Psychological preparation because once we get our own portable cages, we’ll make simple adjustment as you’ll soon see.

This may appear as a risky tactic but it’s not. It’s a unique way to see how market responds to your product.

Now when we have our picks, we move forward.

Building the roof product at $6.99


We’ll build a comprehensive, yet funny how-to guide for people who are thinking about getting the dog and keeping it indoors. We are not concerned with the competition. There’s plenty of meat to go around.

But one thing should be mentioned here:




You see, this is our edge. People would like to turn a million in less than a month by investing $20. It doesn’t work like that and we all know it. And yet, all of the sudden, everybody with the Photoshop consider themselves as the top creative designers. In 90% of cases, they end up with crap and then wonder how come nobody wants to buy their quality product.




What we did as a part of a preparations was this:

  • Noted EVERY potential issue future dog owner might have and made the list (we know them all so it wasn’t a problem but we could easily browse the net for topics);
  • Thought about the past and recalled everything we went through with our dogs. Funny moments, sad moments, moments of extreme dissatisfaction and anger because the damn dog chewed right through the sofa, and similar experiences;
  • Noted that past, line by line, in a meaningful timeframe, starting with the choice of the breed;
  • Merged those two lists;
  • Created meaningful sections by merging logical parts of the joint life between man and his dog. (think timeline and you’ll know what to do);
  • Went online and browsed for books similar to what we’re going to make (and those were comprehensive guides of having the dog indoors from the Day 0);
  • Read few bestsellers in the niche but went over the feedback of every title and noted the negative feedback;
  • Redesigned our book’s basic concept by answering the negative feedback (used their weaknesses in our advantage);
  • Wrote the book, using the tone that we found attractive and optimal but built the content in a way that allows us a subtle implementation of those 7 products we picked on (don’t sweat about the fact that you don’t know how to write a how-to guide);
  • Even though we are perfectly capable of writing the book, as yet another request of the test, we hired a professional writer with the proven track of records and provided him with the crappy text we made.
  • Provided that writer with the detailed concept, tone and the fact that he must incorporate affiliate links in least obvious way. They must appear as a genuine and welcomed help. (Remember: best types of sales are when you’re not selling at all but only offering a hand of help!)
  • As a MUST, we incorporated images (had some already) and illustrations to make the book more attractive.


And now we have our roof product that we’re aiming to sell at $6.99. It’s a sweat spot for simple books (it is simple since we didn’t build an encyclopedia.)

Deciding the monetization model or the sales strategy


What we have now is a combo product with cumulative of $16.63. Of course, it’s irrational to even think that every person who buys the book will also buy all 7 affiliate products. It may happen but let’s not rely on that chance. Instead let’s be real and consider maybe 1 – 2 extra sales on account of those disguised affiliate links that will make an average of $2.

Remember: those sales will only occur if you do provide people with effective solution and a bit of humor.

And here we are at $8.99 price tag. Now we need 14 people per day who will buy the product. To be sure, let’s go with 20 sales per day.

How do we reach that new goal?

We used two main strategies.

Strategy #1 – Direct sales


Meaning that we’ll advertise our product via:

  1. Social networks
  2. Email marketing
  3. Paid ads


We used our own network to get the show on the road. Those are our friends who know how devoted we are to our dogs and how passionate we are when we talk about it (that’s why we picked the dogs niche in the first place and several others we are known to have interest in.)

Now average person holds 200 people on friend’s list. If we apply the global conversion rate of 3.8%, we’ll end up with at least 7 people who will not buy our book per se, but share our post, exposing our smartly crafted pitch to new batch of 1400 people, and so on. That’s only shares. Likes count also but on a smaller scale.

For email marketing, we purchased the highly targeted list with 20,000 names for a starter. These lists goes anywhere between $600 and $1,200. But the problem with these lists is that you really can’t say how many people are interested in your product. You’re going blind and wide, same as you’re doing with the Facebook. Thus, you need ever more email addresses and you need to learn how it’s done because ISP will mark you as a spammer in nanosecond and you’re screwed.


Same thing was in our case. We knew that no matter how quality list it was (we targeted young couples in US), not everybody will:

  1. Open the email;
  2. Be interested in our offer even if they do.

But, it’s just one of the channels so with the cumulative efforts, we’ll surpass the average global rate of 3,8% with no problem.


We also hired a professional to build us a Facebook ad sets and Google ones and fired it up, linking them to targeted landing pages. Budget was $20 per day ($5 on Facebook and $15 on Google). Again, we decided in favor of the minimal costs just to see the overall performance with limited budgets.


During the development phase of the Strategy #1, we already started with extensive work on Strategy #2.

Strategy #2 – Extended content marketing


While Strategy #1 presents direct sales techniques, it still relies on basic content marketing since our book is nothing but a cleverly designed content marketing method to pitch those affiliate products we picked on Amazon and to act as a psychological preparation for our own product.

And now you know what content marketing really is.

So, we used one of our servers to fire up new domain, used 1-click-install option to install WordPress, picked the right (free) template and started building the content. We basically just pumped short and concise articles about everyday life of the household that have a dog or two. The tone was adjusted to the one we used in the book.

Once we reached 100 (you can go with 50 but more the merrier) different articles in 4 categories, we were ready to market our web.

We used combo setup: Facebook statuses, Facebook page, Google ads, Facebook ads + at least one fresh piece of content per day. Remember, we have 4 hours on our disposal and that time is more than enough to craft a single 500-700 words piece of text or to hire someone to do it for us.

Our content had only one goal:

  • To sell whatever we offer to the market.


In six months, our daily average of unique visitors was 350 with the conversion rate of 7,2%, which means that we made 25 book sales per day on average, including Sundays. Since every person who signed for our newsletter or purchased the e-book, left the email address, we used it to pitch our portable cages once all 500 was delivered. Total cost of those cages was $2,625. That’s $5,25 per unit and with the $30 price tag, we had a good margin of little less than $25. Deduct taxes and connected fees (reduce that number by 50%) and you’re left with $12 of pure net revenue per unit. Add $4 net revenue per sold book and you’re at $16 per set.

Let’s just say that the initial batch of 500 cages was sold out in less than a week but we also had 3,000 pre-orders. So we ordered additional batch of 5,000 units and sold the whole thing to the best bidder. It was just for testing purposes anyway.

Thus, using only 4 hours of our day and investing $6,560 during the startup phase, we ended up with good steady side income. Now just imagine the potential if you’d invest 50 hours per week into it and keep on pushing.

All this time you’re allocating at least an hour per day to master the Stage 2 – your true passion. Something you always wanted to do professionally.  It can be anything at all. From flowers to restaurant. From selling seeding materials (both online and offline) to manufacturing of enhanced solar panels.

Stage 2 uses your passion and there is nothing more powerful than that. But you’re expected to work hard and invest time and efforts. Otherwise, don’t expect anything from it. There is no magic here. Only a constant stream of learning, upgrading, progressing and efforts.

The important thing to remember is this: do not neglect the efforts you invested into the Stage 1. Keep it running and highly operative. Why depriving yourself from the steady and fertile source of income. Who knows, maybe you’ll blast out the product that will ultimately click to people and make fast million in no time. You’re seeing it all the time so why not becoming the part of it, right?

Again, Stage 1 business can transform into Stage 2. Think about it this way: if one website generates just $100 per month, why not building 50 of them?


But why limit yourself in any way?


The truth is: on whatever you set your mind on, it will generate money and enable you to build wealth and life in absolute abundance.


Start smart. Learn how it’s done the proper way. Take a look.


How to Become Self Employed - Learn more about The Sequence

28 Feb 2016

How Pareto principle affects your success

Man is what they made him. In 99% of cases, man’s matrix is malfunctioning because they taught him wrong. Add the innate lack of will to push beyond the pure life necessities and you have the current image of the World we are living in.

In reality, that means this:

From 100 people who will read this, only 20 will engage with needed decisiveness and determination. 80 of them will find an excuse and get back to their routines and financial insecurity.

Those 20 who decide in favor of the change will soon start generating wealth under their own terms. From those 20, only 2 will push to the extremes in order to extract their full potentials.


It’s 80/20 rule or Pareto principle, and you can see it all around you.


These numbers will never change because there will always be more prey than true predators. It’s the way nature works and our species is not an exception.

There’s nothing anybody can do for those 80. They will continue to struggle, to blame, to justify and to live on a verge of poverty. But there’s everything we can do for the 20 decisive ones!

Keep in mind that the development programs we are providing for you operate on the principles of reality and not hypotheses, theories, utopias and wishes. And in that reality, only those determined enough win. The rest are suffering from the consequences of their entirely wrong responses. Whether they don’t know any better or they don’t want to know, they’re going to lose or at least struggle either way.

That’s the reality of our society.


You can continue down the road of hypothetical prophecies and unrealistic wishes, or you can adjust your responses in optimal way to reach the moment of financial freedom, using 6-module advanced personal and business master course – The Sequence.

Remember, it all comes down to 80/20 rule.

Now, forget about everything else, and decide in which group you belong.

Again, keep in mind that The Sequence master course is not some “get-rich-quick” scheme. This is a groundbreaking advanced program for long term financial stability, designed to operate in a perfect sync with the monetary society we all live in. You will be taught how to think, start, and run complex businesses in an optimal way.

The progress is broken into 6 Modules, where each module upgrades your matrix in a gradual and effective manner. Core business program is further broken into 3 stages, where Stage 1 presents a detailed blueprint for setting up the low risk business in order to learn, train, but also to start generating money. Stage 2 is the core of your future. It is where you’re generating the real seeding money for the Stage 3.

Stage 3 is the final destination. It is the moment where money makes money, which is the core principle of the monetary society. It’s the moment where your muscles are no longer needed. Money you’ve made in the past will start multiplying.

And this is only a glimpse of what follows.

So, are you brainstorming for excuses or do you want to learn how to live perfectly synchronized with the best societal setup this species has ever created?

Are you the wolf?

Decide. Are you going up, down or need to think this through?


You might be thinking that you don’t have what it takes or that things are just fine the way they are right now. Understand this: your true potentials are buried under the deposits of wrong tutoring, wrong practice and obsolete matrix. You were taught wrong.

We’re going to make it right this time.

But in order for this to work, you have to understand what exactly is wrong with your central belief system and what has to change in order to rise with style, removing all the boundaries and limits.

Therefore, you’ll learn yourself and surrounding environment from the ground zero in a following sequence:

1) Complete understanding of the monetary society in order to fine tune your strategies and actions. You’ve been taught wrong or not at all. Make no mistakes; you have to further optimize your responses and actions.

2) Understanding the importance of time as the most valuable asset; the one thing you cannot get back or earn again. Once you understand, you’ll go through exercises in order to further forge your skills and master it.

3) Understanding the principle purpose of money which will be followed by learning exercises in order to master the proper money management; something you know nothing about because of your wrong perception of money. You’ll be presented with the most effective money management program.

4) In this point, after learning the system, time and money, you’ll be suggested with the optimal business program. The main reason why this particular business program is designed is its proven track of records and relative simplicity. This exact approach is repeatedly used to reach what is known as the Point of Sync. If you decide to follow the program, be ready to execute one stage after another, using provided blueprints.

5) And finally, you’ll reach the point of sync!


All you have to do is this: adopt and practice what you’ll learn and follow the program to the letter. Stay persistent (you’ll be taught of how to pull that off) and money will start pouring like water from the Niagara Falls.

Don’t skip modules. Don’t miss even one of 6 that follow. Fail to comply with this simple principle, and everything is in vain.


Understand this:


Your current situation is sum of everything they have taught you or missed to teach you.


In the same time, you failed to learn it on your own, once you reached your adult age.

We are here to correct those errors and to put your life on a growth trajectory path.

But not only yours. Through you and your actions, our entire civilization will benefit and gain additional value.

Why thinking that big? Because…

Your incomes are proportional to the value you are bringing to the market.

Thus, you need to solve the problem for millions of people out there. Bigger the solution, more money you make. In the same time you need to expand the market.

Don’t worry. You’ll learn why, how and what to do through The Sequence master course. Take the moment and familiarize yourself with the course and its structure. See what you’ll learn and how great the change will be.

Learn more about The Sequence


23 Feb 2016
Patent wars and innovations economics basics

What you have to know before you acquire patent

Innovations economics of the modern times is somewhat different from its origins. These changes are initiated during Carter’s and Reagan’s administrations in US but managed to affect the entire world. During those two decades, we’ve seen emergence of two new technological fields: software and biotech. Both have made and are still making a deep influence on our society.

What’s new in the entire game of patents is:

  1. US patent legislation First-to-file system installed in 2013,
  2. and lifespan of exclusivity rights of 20 years.

It was just a corrective measure to adjust legislature with the ones present outside the US. Those changes forced the companies to speed up the processes of innovation to gain a competitive edge. Today patents are ever more important for the companies and their advancement strategies.

Patent is the single most important asset in every company’s repository.

It enables company to establish optimal tactical dispositions within the sector of interest. In turn, these tactical dispositions are providing with a fast and efficient way to take over the next important strategic field.

Due to their underlying importance for both industry and society in whole, patents are extremely sensitive field in today’s economy.

And from the business perspective, patent wars are one of the hardest to wage and to win. The reason behind that is a patent litigation process. During the time, the role of litigation has dramatically changed. The process is now used for strategic lawsuits and it is in fact a main strategy for one of the three entities present on the scene.

If you are not careful, you are risking the strategic lawsuit which can drain several millions of dollars from you.

So, before you even consider the acquisition of the patent to use for the end product, you need to familiarize yourself with the environment. You need to know the types of players and different aspects of this modern warfare. You are entering the real war arena, don’t think otherwise.

Key entities

You have 3 basic entities in the patent arena: big incumbents, entrants (that’s you) and NDEs or non-practicing entities. Each has its advantages but also downsides.

Big incumbents

These are corporations such as Google, Apple, Pfizer and hundreds of others. They are using patents for practical purposes, meaning that they use them in a production of new product or service. In the same time they are building their patent portfolios by acquiring many, potentially profitable patents. They use them as a weapon of deterrence when facing patent litigation.

How to use patent portfolio as the weapon of deterrence?

There are millions of patents. Some of them are invalid regardless of the reason and some of them are overlapping with some other in a patent landscape. This goes particularly in fields of software and biotech. There is a great chance that your end product will infringe on one or more patents. And that’s what they’ll use if you find them infringing on yours. You threat to file a lawsuit and they will simply say,”OK, here are our 10.000 patents, you probably infringed on one of ours too.”

So now you are facing an alternative. You are either enforcing or practicing. No way that you can do both since litigation requires immense resources in terms of finances, time and experience. This scenario is not rare and it usually ends in settlement or cross-licensing. It’s how big incumbents are bullying the entrants.


Entrants are companies, which business analyses suggest that they should involve in innovation either by developing one or by acquiring the patent. You are an entrant. The only way to avoid all the traps is a complex and expensive Due Diligence prior to acquisition. It is expensive but at the end it saves money since it will make sure you are not infringing on anything and that the patent you are about to buy is indeed valid. We’ll go in more details about Due Diligence a bit later.

There is something else you need to know in this point of time. You need to be aware of those who are building up their portfolios with potentially profitable patents that will not be used in practice. The only purpose of these patents is a strategic lawsuit. And while big incumbent is able to somehow cope with this menace, you are not.

To better demonstrate the importance of patent litigation and its potentials thus; potential risks, here are few stats. You’ll get an idea what you’re facing:

  1. Median damages award is around $5.8 million;
  2. In last couple of years we are witnessing growth of patent litigations (24% increase from long-term average). In the same time annual growth rate of granted patents is only 11% higher than a long-term average;
  3. Top 10 plaintiffs generated over $8 billion in damages over the last 20 years;
  4. Median awards are declining for practicing entities while median damages award for non-practicing entities (NDEs) are increasing.

It can be lethal for your business if you infringe on the patent.

It may pass unnoticed by big incumbents, but it will never fail to trigger the trap set by NPEs because this is what they do.

Non-practicing entities (NPEs)

NPEs, otherwise known as Patent Trolls are those entities who are using patents only for litigation. They conduct detailed analyses of patent landscape (clusters of patterns within one segment of industry), choose the most promising and then wait.

They are waiting for the product that overlaps with one of their patents.

Uniloc vs. Austin Meyer litigation process

The best example of this war strategy is one involving the creator of X-Plane, today’s most popular flight simulator. Austin Meyer, software engineer and passionate aviator decided to build his own simulator because the Microsoft’s Flight Simulator, the number one choice of that time, was known as software that doesn’t correspond to the real flying of the plane.

Austin launched his product which became famous over the night. Couple of years later, with an increased popularity of smartphones and applications, Meyer decided to expand his reach and offer an application for both IPhones and Androids.

In the same time, Texas based company Uniloc was swiping the patent landscapes in software field, trying to locate next profitable patent. It wasn’t long before they found one. Uniloc acquired “System and method for preventing unauthorized access to electronic data” patent, originally invented by Martin S. Edelman, granted on February 15, 2005, under number US6,857,067.

When you purchase the application, the only way for the vendor to know that the one who is using it is really the one who paid for is through license identification process which is basically an algorithm that transforms your personal data into variables and then uses a set of mathematical formulas to derive a unique ID. This is exactly what Uniloc’s patent was – license check software.

And that’s exactly the same algorithm that Meyer used for license check in his application. Did Meyer infringe on purpose or did his engineers develop the same one — which is plausible — we’ll never know. What we do know is that Meyer is now facing a multi-million lawsuit and additional cost of damages award if he loses. That can mean that Uniloc will own a part of Meyer’s business forever. Given the value of X-Plane, we are talking about hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for Uniloc or loss for Meyer.

This is the prime example of innovations economics of modern times. And this is exactly what can happen to you if you don’t do your homework – a proper Due Diligence.

Due Diligence in patent acquisition

You can’t do it alone or with the help from your friends or colleagues. Patent landscapes are complex environment and only experienced professionals should be hired to do the job. These professionals are in fact intelligence agents; specialists in this type of business analyses. Thus, you have to hire an intelligence agency which specializes in innovations economics, patent landscape analyses in particular.

Their job is to make sure you:

  • buy a valid patent, and to
  • point you to potential overlaps where you can unintentionally infringe on the patent when you launch your product or service.

What they will do is to first conduct primary analyses of patent landscape in required field of industry. They will search, find and predict the marketing potential of a specific patent.

That patent will undergo additional check where they will:

  1. investigate forward and backward citations (relationships between patents and their owners),
  2. future market potentials, and
  3. prior litigations.

When this is over and everything seems in order, intelligence service will undertake the final investigation:

  • owner verification,
  • conducting a Prior Art check (if this is violated patent is not valid),
  • checking for liens and encumbrances and possible enforceability issues.

They will also review a prosecution history.

Only now, if everything is in order, you can initiate negotiations. Failing to do so can cost you.


Patents are without any doubt the most effective weapon in an arsenal of every serious company. They are used for effective tactical disposition on the market. Good stratagem will use the optimal disposition to advance and dominate certain sector. Indeed, it can be done only through innovations because it is the only way to offer a brand new product or service that will last long and yield extensive revenue.

Understanding the patent litigation process

Patent litigation process is the only type of legal proceedings that is used as a business strategy. They are expensive, can last long and there are no guarantees that plaintiff will be in fact awarded with monetary damages. But even under these circumstances, some companies are generating immense revenues on account of won lawsuits.

This is due to the two distinct factors:

  1. Poor intelligence analyses or total voidance of them;
  2. Nature of the Anglo-Saxon law practices.

This first can be directly influenced by hiring proven specialists. These companies are doing whatever is possible to either prove validity of the patent or to disqualify it. In most cases they search for Prior Art if their job is to dispute the legality of the patent. Prior Art is a situation where innovator had published or even discussed the patent’s feature(s) before acquiring the legal license. In that case, patent, even already granted (licensed), can be disqualified.

The second instance, regarding the nature of legal practice, implies the use of experienced litigation attorney. These lawyers are specialized in international patent laws since most of the patents are filed in more than one country or the infringer may be outside the country of patent’s origin. The fact is: side with more experience, decisiveness and resources will eventually win the case.

Having a valid patent and strong claim is not always enough.

It doesn’t have to end with monetary revenue as it had already been mentioned. Court may rule the injunctive relief or exclusion order. Both rulings are implying the seizure of all activities involving the infringed patent.

These rulings don’t imply monetary compensation.

Conclusion is simple.

Patents and innovations respectively are the primary tool to gain a competitive edge regardless of the industry. This is mostly connected with their exclusivity feature; something that might seem as a paradox in a contemporary free market. In fact, that exclusivity is what motivates disclosure which then acts beneficiary for the entire society. Without it, no inventor would ever disclose his innovation to public.

But in the same time, patents are floating over a dangerous ground. You are advised not to engage in acquiring before you undertake the proper analyses. And when everything is in order, and you negotiate a deal, you will have a great weapon in your arsenal.

22 Feb 2016

Debt is our biggest advantage

Throughout our history, we were struggling to sustain on this harsh planet. During all that time, with the body count in billions, we managed to adjust our cognitive behavior to allow us not only to survive but to thrive like no other species this planet has ever created.

That small adjustment will give birth to our greatest survival hack. We’ll trick the nature itself, cancelling the principle notion known as: survival of the fittest. Whether you believe it or not, that trick is known as the DEBT!

The foundations of the hack


Our brains were developing with every new generation. Neocortical regions allowed us to successfully block our limbic parts and take full control over our behavior.

Place the buckets with fresh water and dishes filled with meat in front of a hungry lion and the hungry human. Lion will drink and eat. Human can — if wants — refrain from both eating and drinking.

If we can override these primary impulses, what else we can do to improve our odds?

The very next step in our evolution is considered to be critical: we started to collaborate, forming trusts of advanced brains.

I know something, you know something, she knows something. We merge our knowledge and our skills and form a closed group. That simple trust of brains increased our survival odds.


The kick-starter


And then, one day, one of our ancient ancestors stumbled upon a shiny, yellow piece of something he hasn’t been noticing so far. It looked attractive so he brought it to his shelter. As time went by, man became aware of one peculiar fact: everything around him was changing, but that shiny, yellow piece of something stood there, on that same shelf, unchanged. He lost his parents; his friends; he witnessed the changes in the nature around him; everything was dying and reviving again. Everything except that small piece of gold.

During the time, man managed to find more of it. And on one of his expeditions, he ran into something even more fascinating. While he was digging a hole to build the trap, he noticed a small fragment of stone that was not similar to anything he saw to that moment.

Driven by his instincts, man tried to crush the stone with his teeth and almost broke one. He then tried to crush it with the piece of rock. That didn’t work either. It appeared that this, almost transparent piece of shiny rock wouldn’t break no matter what.

Today, we know that diamonds have the strongest structure known to man. We use this mineral to cut through hard obstacles but also to wear it around our necks or on our fingers.

This was the turning point of our species.

Our eye for beautiful, attractive and astonishing developed beyond any expectation.

Every animal on this planet has the eye for beautiful, but that is reserved for mating purposes and food. We went further and started valuing the objects that have no real nutritive or direct propagation value.

Rarer the object of astonishing appearance, more value it carries.

Gold, platinum, diamonds, silver, bronze, rubies, emeralds, paintings, wardrobe, housing estate, weapon – everything is now distinguished on account of a certain virtual value only we understand.

That “virtual value” led to very first unusual trade. We began trading precious stones and metals for supplies on an unprecedented scale. No other species on this planet was behaving like this. Exchanging something dead and seemingly non-useful for something that you could eat, drink, sleep at, or have sex with, was not seen until then.


But, what if you haven’t gotten any goods to trade with and your wife demands the golden necklace?


You borrow something, exploiting the trust you’ve established with your group. They simply trust that you are “good for it.”

And it’s this simple ability, we as a species have, that provided us with the hack. You “were good for it” meant what it means today: you don’t have to own anything at that point of time to be able to trade, in order to provide and protect with increased efficiency – two predominant requests put in front of every human being on this planet from the dawn of our species.

But unlike you, a wolf or a lion can’t afford something like this. They can manage only what they physically own. Nobody is giving them anything.

The following diagram explains it best.


Debt - our greatest hack
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It may come as a shock to you, but the fact is that today, through institutes of fractional banking and debt, a human being gains the instant advantage. By trading physical labor and/or intellectual capabilities for monetary compensation, we are able to build shelters and provide for our families. And the most of us start from the point of DEBT.

As you already know, it is possible to live a lifetime without exiting the debt. That ability is unknown in the wildlife. No other species can start below zero line. We can.

If you take a look at the yellow line, you’ll notice more or less common situation. Loss of job, loss of money due to gambling, or sudden physical inability caused by injury, leading to over debt situation and bringing an individual close to starvation point.

Every other life form would cease to exist in similar situation. But not the human being. Again, using the fractional banking and debt, the group (society) will make sure that an individual, who found him/herself in such a situation, survive at least on bare minimum.

In many cases, a man or a woman will reach the so called “breaking point.” What will happen in the aftermath depends solely on that individual. But with a guidance, the outcome is always positive – for both an individual in a dire situation and, subsequently, for the global population.


The Choice is simple:


A) Either survive on provided minimum that comes in a form of a social welfare if you system collapses, or

B) Snap out of it and kick-start your life, once again.


The green line represents those 2% or 150,000,000 people that are perfectly synced with the system. While it takes centuries for the novelty, such as our current setup known as the monetary-market system, to become accepted, there are always those capable of recognizing the advantages quicker than the others.

The number of synced individual is increasing on daily bases. More and more people are finally moving away from false prophecies of those who are wandering, desperately trying to find the way out of their misery. In a desperate attempt to justify their fails, they start to blame. Corrupted government, conspiracy theories, system, neighbor’s dog, everything is a fair game when it comes to pointing the fingers and blaming game. They are all suffering from what is known as the victim mentality.

Not once do they take some time and really make an effort to understand how system works. It’s their way to hide from the reality.

And that reality is brutal. Either you thrive or you suffer. There’s nothing in between.


Which leads us to other green line. If you take a closer look, you’ll see a significant difference between wildlife and human society. We have one more extra level of comfort.

What that means?

It means that a lion for example, regardless of the abundance he enjoys, has to hunt for food and has to provide physical protection for the group.

We, on the other hand, can spend months and even years without moving from a room and still be able to eat, sleep, have sex and stay protected. If you have money, you can order everything. Lion can’t do such thing.

And that’s our ultimate advantage. All made possible by the institute of debt.
Now, the problem is more or less obvious.

How to establish such a micro-system that allows you to live on level 6? What has to be done to join the club of those 150,000,000 people?

The answers and necessary guidance are under your fingertips:


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22 Feb 2016
status quo and monetary system

Why Status Quo can’t work in monetary system

“When everything is still, you have a problem”

Earth is a volatile system that cannot be predicted in any way. Even if we predict some sort of natural disaster, the warning often comes too late. It’s because we cannot influence the global system which is by its nature completely random and uncontrolled system. You could witness that extreme unpredictability and randomness not so long ago, when one single shift of the Earth’s crust killed 300,000 people. It’s the risk connected with the living close to coastal line.

But, extremely slow dynamic of that global system (according to our perception) allows us to implement our own semi-controlled system that we know as monetary-market society.

And that’s the principle rule of the systems:

  • Inferior system must be faster than superior one.


Thus, as you move down the list of mutually connected and dependable systems, you’ll see faster and faster micro-environments or micro-systems. Take a look at the life forms under the microscope and you’ll see this rule with your own eyes.

Why is our societal system only semi-controlled?

Nothing is absolute and everything is relative. It comes down to odds starting with the very odd of your conception. What were the odds of your sole existence, for example, in solar system?

What are the odds that you’ll live 85 years? You may or may not. Can you control your maximum lifespan? To some extent yes, but definitely not absolutely.

Same is with our current societal setup. We can only relatively control it but even that relative control allows us to survive and thrive on this volatile planet. The only thing that makes that possible is slower dynamics of the global system which creates the illusion of at least some control.

That’s why any kind of “100% bulletproof” claim simply won’t fly. Nothing is certain.

Your micro-system must be designed in a scalable way

As it has been said, smaller (inferior) system must be faster than the superior one. For example, our monetary-market system is semi-controlled and placed within the global random uncontrolled one. That relative control increases our odds since our system is much faster than the superior one inside which it is placed.

So where that puts you?

You have two options here:

1) You can continue with the Status Quo practice which will cause unexpected twists and turns since your “status quo strategy” is in fact loosen system that moves with the same dynamics as the superior one and that’s monetary-market system. What you basically do when you practice “status quo strategy” is seriously reducing your odds because you rely solely on a current of the superior system. And when that current slams your micro-system against the rocky banks, you tend to refer to that tragic incidence as “being unlucky or unfortunate.”

Thus, status quo strategy or “I like the things just as they are” is nothing but another random, uncontrolled system.

So maybe you could reconsider your design and go with option #2.

2) You can create dynamical micro-system that moves faster than your superior one which will increase your odds drastically. Once your micro-system starts moving faster in optimal dynamics, you’ll be able to expand the development perspectives and reach the point of sync. It’s what being scalable essentially means.

Increase your odds

Option #2 allows you at least some steering possibilities which means control; something you didn’t have so far. You will not get randomly slammed against the rocky banks and that fact alone increases your odds.

Once you understand how monetary-market system truly operates and how its best exploited, everything you’ve read so far will make more sense to you if you feel confused in any way.

Just remember: as long as you think that “the things are just fine the way they are”, you are relying on pure luck which essentially means that you’re relaying on a random, uncontrolled system like gamblers do.


Now you have a simple choice to make:

  1. A) You can go deeper into the subject of monetary-market system and change your perspective toward monetary-market system forever.
  2. B) You can introduce yourself to an effective example of one of those semi-controlled micro-systems that allows people to sync with the superior system and reach the point of absolute freedom.

Which one is it? A) or B)