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20 Apr 2017

Working From Home Biggest Challenge

While working from home does seem as the most favorable option to make money, the whole concept hides one serious threat that might undermine your efforts if you fail to take it into the account.

The one thing that home-working environment is missing is the sense of professionalism, common for more traditional setups. And that’s the problem that’s unfolding itself in two distinct ways:

  • It soon starts impacting the overall efficacy and work output
  • It soon starts generating too many distractions


We are all basically indoctrinated to separate our professional from our private. You can feel that every time you go to work. The sense is simply different over there. The entire setup is pushing you forward.

Unfortunately, that energy cannot be replicated at home, no matter how cool office you set for yourself in an isolated room. Your profit will be less than expected and possible. Your state of mind will be far from optimal!

And here is why.

First of all, when you are at your home, you feel relaxed. It’s your safe heaven. Consequently, you are missing that edge, necessary to push yourself to the limits.

As you know, it wasn’t so hard for you to demonstrate the might at your work, regardless of how much energy the effort demanded. However, it’s pretty much impossible to achieve the same at home.

Back in your home office things are different, because not only that you are missing the “feeling” but also because you are missing the boss. Suddenly, there’s no one breathing in your neck and whipping your back every time you fall in that infamous procrastination period.

Then, there’s this other nerve-racking thing about home offices…

It’s the inevitable, frequent distraction caused by your partner, family members and friends.

You are always there and in their mind you are as good as available to do whatever the hell they feel like. The thing is that, due to that same indoctrination, they can’t take you seriously. In their minds, you are fooling around on your laptop “because, seriously, who in the world can make money that way?”

That’s how everyone around you thinks – without exceptions!

Luckily, there’s a way to tackle this problem and seriously boost your productivity. You might step on few toes here and there but that’s just simply unavoidable because, once again, you’ll disturb the routine and change habits. It’s just human nature, that’s all, but things will settle soon enough, don’t worry.

Be open-minded now and allow time for your logical (slow) thinking to suppress the instinctive (fast) one.

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Consider the following changes:

ways to unscrew your life fast


  • Lease the office space a bit further from your home address and set it up the way you like it.


It might seem irrational to spend money every month on a lease when you can do everything from your living room, but that’s an illusion.

In reality — and this is experience talking — that lease and that office will turn out to be the best moves you’ve made recently because:

A) People will immediately stop perceiving you as constantly available, and

B) You’ll get that vital sense of professional environment.

how to improve life fast


  • Set the working hours like it’s traditionally done in 9-5 jobs by placing the focus on STARTING HOUR.


It can be whatever makes you happy. If you feel like starting at 10 am, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t set it up like that.

Basically, the whole idea of setting the working hours just adds to the overall feeling of professionalism because “you are heading to your office” if someone asks!

The end time is pretty much irrelevant because, as you will find out if you make this transition, you’ll be spending much more time working than usual 4-6 hours, which is pretty much common for 99% of all work-from-home entrepreneurs.

That, of course, if you are pushing to make as much money as possible in a shortest time to then employ that money to work for you, as it has been originally designed when monetary system took over the world.


Just imagine how it would feel and you’ll see the perfect rationale behind this suggestion. Picture yourself walking to your office with the still warm, fresh newspaper in one hand and a coffee-to-go in another. See yourself taking a lunch break from which you don’t have to rush back because you are the tailor of your working schedule. Take the full advantage and eat something good while taking as much time as you like. After all, quality meal is an important part of the process!


While we are on the subject of being your own boss how about the blueprint for building full freedom?

Take a moment and introduce yourself to one of the most advanced personal development and business programs to date.

10 Apr 2017
6 proven steps to unfuck your life in just 2 weeks-great-gatsby

6 Proven Ways to Unfuck Your Life in Just 2 Weeks

It was a sunny day. Was about to grab a new pack of cigarettes from the stand nearby when I felt something icky underneath my shoe. I stepped into a freakin’ dinosaur shit. I looked down to assess the situation and do the damage control by wiping my shoe of some old crow’s coat, when all of the sudden it hit me!

Not the brilliant idea like you would think – fucking crow took a dump right on my head. Pretty funny for couple of broads coming my way. One almost fell of her feet from laughing.

Can it get worse? Yes it can. Imagine what would happen if cows could fly?=#$%!

So I went home and decided that I had enough of this shit (get the irony?). Something has to change very soon or that annoying Cocker Spaniel across the hall from my apartment will sky dive. Without parachute and along with that old witch who’s been feeding the damn beast.


6 proven way to fix your life in 2 weeks3 months later I was walking the same street, wearing my brand new 5 grand Armani, thinking about a killer deal I just pulled off, when suddenly same shit happened again. But this time to some poor schmuck walking the opposite side of the street from me. It was funny from this perspective. I looked up and there were like gazillion crows sitting on branches of that big ass maple tree.

I realized then that it has nothing to do with luck or shit. It has everything to do with the side of the street we choose to take.

Fortunately that decision can be the right one every time if you get your shit together by following these 6 steps in a presented sequence:


ways to fix your life quick

Grab that fucking Cocker Spaniel and beat the shit out of it. If that old crow gets out and start raging, kick her ass too. No…wait…That’s what you’d love to do. Ain’t gonna fly sport. Next time you go out buy some dog-candy and feed that Spaniel. He’ll start loving you that moment. Funny thing about Cocker Spaniels: they can smell shitbag from a mile away and act aggressive. Same, they are capable of detecting positive energy and become devoted friends on account of simple scratch on a belly.


how to fix life

Same thing is with that old witch across the hallway. Sure you can knock out couple of her artificial teeth and kick the hell outta her. But that would result in you spending some time in a county jail, probably being inseminated by a big ass black dude on regular basis. Why? Shit attracts shit. If you take a dump, it smells like shit, not like a spring flower in a Japanese garden.

It’s called Law of attraction, backed by the Law of intention. And that means that world revolves around two basic principles of physics: ACTION – REACTION. Add universe and its constant desire to give you exactly what you wish for and you have, what is known as the alternative. Be negative – you will get it; no worries. Help the old lady into an elevator and down the stairs, chances are that someone will help you when you least expecting it.


unfuck life

6 proven steps to unfuck your life in just 2 weeks-rich-prick-driving-bwmSo you made sure you get only the good stuff from Universe. Did you really? Let’s think about that while you’re walking to the pub to get some cold Bud and feel that ass. Whooops! What’s that? Aaaah, it’s that little prick who thinks he owns the fucking street just because he’s loaded with money. There he is again driving his black BMW, having two hot chicks with him. Brunette and blond. To make sure all bases are covered when he feels like having some.

Now stop and bang your stupid head against that “STOP” sign. I mean it. Do it now!

That pathetic way of perception of things and pure envy is the reason why you are walking alone to have a beer and probably a slap in your face after you spank that beautiful ass of your favorite waitress. That’s the closest you’ll ever get to that ass if you don’t pull your shit together and change the way you think of others and money in particular!


ways to improve life quick

Now apologize to that poor sign. It did no wrong to you. It’s just standing there, serving its purpose, not complaining about anything. Not even when a prick like you hit it with no obvious reason.

Turn 180° and find a gym. Good time to be a picky bastard. Search for one full of hot, wet, astonishingly-firm bodies. Why that kind of gym? Why the fuck not! You must and you will grow every aspect of your physical and spiritual life. Well, not quite every. Tough luck perhaps with certain things, but you will soon compensate with your bank account.

You think those two coeds in a BMW give a shit about the size of dude’s dick? They only care how tall he is when he stands on his wallet. Nothing can turn the woman on like money.

Pump your biceps until it hurts and pay close attention on that ass you picked – soon it will be yours to spank.


how to improve life fast

All pumped with the chin up and pecks 5 inches in front of you, world suddenly seems like a good place. Maybe like a hunting ground full of game whenever you look. You are about to become a shark-in-charge in the sea full of great meals.

Speaking of meals, NO, you will not grab that burrito. You are hungry as a wolf but those pecks won’t last long on burritos. On your way home stop at your favorite store and buy 2 pounds of chicken breasts, 100 grams of rice, 1 big ass head of fresh lettuce and a beer. Go home, cook or grill the chicken with all of your preferred seasonings and spices, cook rice on a bit of a butter, add parsley leafs, make refreshing salad and knock yourself the fuck out.

Get that beer and watch the football game like a real man. Watching good sports will do miracles for you, because of one simple thing: you are watching champions.

Each and every of them gave 130% to play that game. Expose yourself to those images and that energy. You are looking at prime specimens of our species. Overwhelm your senses with that revelation.

From now on, each time you watch the game, don’t trash the guy who missed it. Because, he made sure to be in an opportunity to miss.


ways to unscrew your life fast

And he did that by looking up to successful people, not by envying them.

He did that by forcing himself out of his comfort zone every freakin’ day of his life.

He did that by constantly improving himself and working on his mind and body.

He did that because he, unlike you, gets up in the morning and does 10 push-ups immediately after rolling out of bed. He knows and understands how important it is for his body to be in a proper shape to keep up with him.

He also did that by feeding his engine with the proper food and not with shit you eat and then complain about stomach pain.

He does all of that just because he can. Something he realized long time ago.

He does all of that because he asks “Why the hell not!“, unlike most who just ask “Why?”

He does that because he’s a freakin’ Superman, just like you can be.


So now you know the big secret. Now you know why you eat shit while others eat candies. You know now what you have to do to unfuck your overly fucked up life. What happens next? What do you do?

On the other hand, if you are one fucking lazy ass that wouldn’t bust his balls in a gym even if Kim freakin’ Kardashian promised to blow your brains out (in a good way) if you spend 3 days a week pumping glutes, then go in politics, like I did.

By the way, next time you see me with two coeds, stop to say ‘Hi’; don’t be rude. After all, I am your local congressman. Peace!

6 proven steps to unfuck your life in less that 12 weeks piece


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04 Jan 2017

What prevents people from executing their plans

Planning and mapping things is one thing. Commencing fire is something entirely different. In many life examples, people have developed amazing plans, protocols and strategies. They invested high quantities of time and money to create just the perfect blueprint. But when time came to move the troops in attack, everything went blank.

And then you have another type of people. These developed great business plans by doing everything by the book. Every single detail was researched and investigated. But once they started with the execution of their business plans, slowly but surely they started to deviate from them. In no time their operations got terminated.

As it turned out, once the operations have started and gained on the momentum, they became overwhelmed by the intensity. They’ve lost the sense of not only what are they doing but also why are they doing it.

Not even once did any of them take a single look at the bulletproof plans they’ve made. Once they pressed the start button, business plans ended up in a drawer to collect the dust.

And now they all agree in one thing:

If I was just disciplined enough to follow what I planned, I would be a millionaire by now.”


It is simple enough to sit behind the laptop and keep thinking shit up. When it comes to taking the action, however, people freeze. They freeze from the fear. It’s that primary fear of the unknown, common to all of us.


It all comes down to this: are you an astronomer or the astronaut?


It is the interest of every man to live as much at his ease as he can; and if his emoluments are to be precisely the same, whether he does, or does not perform some very laborious duty, it is certainly his interest…either to neglect it altogether, or…to perform it in as careless and slovenly manner as the authority will permit” – Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations, 1776.


In other words, as a human being, you always strive to use minimal efforts.

You need motivation to push higher. You need to remove limits and take that leap. You need a healthy amount of stress and anxiety.

It’s the “fight-or-flight” response all over again


It is the moment where you are expected to show the balls. This is the leap point and 80% of men and women are scared to jump. It is relatively unknown territory so it’s connected with one of two primary fears: fear of the unknown.

But this is what separates boys from men; girls from women.

The good analogy is this: when you are facing an imminent danger, coming from the approaching group of three men in some dark alley, what do you do? Do you take a hike or do you fight?

Starting the business is initially accompanied with basically the same mechanism controlling the fight-or-flight response. When time comes, your body is overwhelmed with the cortisol; a stress hormone that transforms your body into a fighting machine. People who know how to control this mechanism and how to use it in their best interest don’t think twice: flight is not an option. Instead, they slam into the group targeting the leader as their best chance to survive and emerge from the battle victoriously.

But unfortunately less and less people are willing to jump. All too often we are witnessing the ultimate “cowardness” resulting in total failure and disaster at later times. Because the lack of courage to confront the danger and the unknown now, will take its toll later on. Once you develop a habit of caving in frequently, you will start missing on obvious opportunities. Your days will go by following other people’s successes while you will start to feel trapped and betrayed. Soon you will start to blame the God, the world, the government and even a fish in a nearby lake for your misfortune and bad luck.

The fact will be – and you will be well aware of it: it’s you who should be blamed and nobody else.

Your reluctance to make the jump will backfire in every segment of your life because your brain will suddenly realize one thing: whenever you are faced with the choice, it causes serious disturbance inside the system, which forces the brain to use more resources to keep you alive and on the move. And since the only role of your brain is to keep your alive and happy by using minimum resources, it will simply shut down the portion responsible for recognizing opportunities. That will even lead you to stand in a wrong line at the supermarket. You will miss the moment when new line opens.

The bottom line is this: if you are so gutless that you won’t even risk a punch in your face, how the hell do you think to swim with sharks?

You have to be ready to occasional bite. And the world of business is a sea overwhelmed with sharks.

People are well aware of this fact and therefore they are reluctant to even try to jump in.


What they are not aware of is that a shark will never attack the other shark. Instead, they will quite often hunt together because there is enough of prey to go around. Why risking injuries.


Even during the planning, you will start learning how to behave like a shark to avoid bites and serious injuries that could potentially shut down your operations.

It is where most people miss, because planning the endeavor from the vicinity of your safe harbor and then trying to jump in the water without even feeling the temperature first spells disaster. It’s exactly that type of wannabe entrepreneurs that causes others to pull the brakes and not even try. Those are the people with the best intentions of personal and global progress but with the lack of knowledge and discipline to do what has to be done in order to succeed. And as they keep failing, others become scared.

The great analogy is a gymnastics championship and pommel horse competition. As soon as one of the competitors falls from the horse during the presentation, several others next in line will fail the same way.

In the same way, business failures that managed to echo through the community will freeze those less competitive and gutless. Regardless of the quality of their business plans and tremendous time invested into logistics and necessary preparations, they back down in the last moment. They become completely overtaken by the fear of failure. They freeze on the spot.

God only knows how many great ideas never saw the light of the day due to this.

At the end, they just weren’t determined enough because they failed to set the stage right.



People tend to burnout fast. It seems that nothing they can find on the internet helps dealing with it. It happens to all of us, almost without exception – inevitable weakening of necessary determination to endure throughout the entire process. 

However, there is a solution and it’s hidden in our nature or the way we are perceiving and sensing things.

As you know, we are visual and tactile creatures. That’s why only physical manifestation (a physical object) has the essential power to trigger the right switches in our minds.

That’s the reason why we the humans have something no other species on this planet has.

It’s the symbolism; something we are all depending on.

For instance, did you know that the single most efficient way to overcome low self-confidence and even low self-esteem issues, is to build the self-bow and shoot some arrows from time to time?

Sounds funny, doesn’t it?

Well, you can spend thousands on shrinks or you can build an efficient weapon, from natural materials, with your own hands. The former guarantees success, while the foremost does not.

Wondering why is that?

It’s because of what that self-bow represents every time you look at it; something shrink can’t give you! It’s a symbol — a physical manifestation — of your devotion, determination and success. A constant reminder, powerful enough to keep you on fire.

People are known to take just a swift look on the self-bows they made and automatically exit the acute procrastination period. That’s why we love tokens, emblems, talismans and all other symbols. Because they trigger the switch in our brain every time we lay our eyes on them!


They are the physical shape of our abstract achievement.


And that’s exactly why we made The Sequence Master Course available as a book. Sure, we answered to overwhelming number of requests, but we also understood the underlying reason of that same request. It was easy to identify with that sentiment.

But there’s another reason for that decision.

On your journey, there will be times when you’ll have to remind yourself on a specific segment. It is a complex matter after all, executed in the sequence of steps. Time will go by, causing permanent loss of specific memory blocks. The only way to deal with this, is to have the information in your vicinity, at all times.

Now, regardless of how you feel about your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, your automatic action, when in search for some info, is to grab the book!

It’s in our blood. We feel comfortable and safer when we have those information written somewhere.

That’s why, even though you have tons of simple apps to “write down the note,” you are still using the good old notebook, sticker or a sheet of paper and the pen to do it! You simply can’t resist it and you shouldn’t because screens will never replace paper just like keyboards will never — and they shouldn’t — replace pen.

A book, that you keep on your shelf, has the power to deal with both procrastination and oblivion. Something to consider and have in mind if you feel like losing it.

How do you know that you are ready to take the jump?


The moment you are satisfied with your business plan and have closed your financial structure, you are good to go. Waiting is not an option.

And there are few reasons why waiting is not an option:

  • more you wait, more money you lose
  • your will is getting weaker by the hour
  • level of determination you have when you are working on the plan must not weaken in any sense.

That why You have to make your move while everything is still warm and in your head.

Will you succeed?


We have no doubt in our mind and neither should you. The rule here is simple: whoever becomes determined to invest 8, 10, 12 or 16 hours per day on his idea will inevitably succeed big time. Because what you focus on expands.

It’s same as learning how to drive a car and eventually to master the speed races or stunts. If you are devoted and practice a lot, you will progress from someone who is not capable of parking the car to someone who can do it with his eyes shut and a cup of coffee on top of the roof – without spilling a single drop.

It’s all about devotion.

Will there be setbacks and occasional fails?


Name one system that is fully immune to this.

The way to think about this is simple and straightforward:


What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!


That means that even if you miss somewhere, you will learn on that mistake and avoid repeating it.

You see, up until now, much of mistakes you did, caused you to cave in even more. But, once you start the show on solid foundations such are those presented to you in the part discussing the money making plan, mistakes or setbacks will become normal rhythm of your life.

It’s basic statistics after all. Being successful entrepreneur means expanding your portfolio and working hard to solve ever larger problems. Sooner or later you will make the wrong move but that will bear small significance in your overall efforts.

Where do you start?


You will execute the first part of the program – Stage 1. It is your base of operations. In short period of time, this source will start to yield revenues.

As soon as you can cover the initial part of the Stage 2 of the program, you dig right in. Do as described and try not to deviate a lot. Improvisations are fine, but that doesn’t mean that you should change the backbone or the structure. It means that you can change the thing or two as you go without messing with the core concept.

Since this part relies heavily on the things you’re passionate about, it is in your best interest to stay persistent because in no time money will start flowing from this source also, opening the way for the execution of the Stage 3 of The Sequence.

This is the moment you were waiting for, because from that point on you will have 3 and preferably even more different and steady sources of incomes. Since you are focusing on all three they can only expand.

02 Jan 2017

This is Who You Are, Right Now

You are a man or a woman on a crossing point. A human being with the choice. And that alternative is what’s causing you to lose your grip from time to time. It’s a chemical thing.

You see, your belief system is strong and your actions are predictable when you only have one idea in your head. But when person holds two ideas of same strength, there is a chaos going on inside that person’s mind. And this is how it works:

The bio-mechanism of “CHOICE”


Your neurons communicate on a specific frequency for each specific task. When life runs according to your beliefs, the communication is synchronized – your neurons are resonating. But when person holds two equally strong contradictory information, it causes a dissonance.

That’s why you are feeling nervous, anxious and agitated now. Your entire belief system is collapsing. You are starting to question your sole existence. You feel like you’re losing your identity.

It’s OK. There is nothing wrong with it. You should welcome this breakthrough.

You are opening your mind to the alternative and becoming self-aware.

Your brain stopped the norepinephrine secretion since it became clear that something was wrong with the structure. It cannot survive in this environment. Something has to change.

The trouble is: you can only know what you’ve experienced. In other words, your brain needs some assistance. You have to provide your brain with the elements for the new structure.

Those who fail to do this are those who put the bullet in their head or embrace some spiritual dogma, even the extreme forms of religious beliefs.

That’s why it is important for you to adopt one new habit: from now on, you won’t distinguish information of right or wrong.

Instead, you’ll absorb everything and use the parts that bests suits you. Because, in essence, you can learn something even from a complete moron.






Who says that it was the right thing?

Your current situation clearly demonstrates that there was something fundamentally wrong with it.

Your parents, peers, friends and school failed to prepare you for a success, that’s all.

In the same time, you were so devoted to those principles, that you failed to learn and to develop.

It’s the power of belief system.


Nobody taught you how to properly manage the money, how to learn, how to grow in terms of success, and finally how to thrive in this new environment.

Don’t blame them for they didn’t know any better.

But what they didn’t miss was this: YOU HAVE TO WORK HARD FOR YOUR MONEY TO MAKE THE MONEY WORK FOR YOU. They only left out this second part of the “wisdom.” That’s it.

And now, you will learn how to do it from ground zero.


ACCEPT that. What’s done is done and there is nothing you can do about it. What you will do is to learn from it. You will embrace your every mistake as a tool for personal development.




ACCEPT the fact that you’re starting even stronger and smarter than you were just few days ago.

And here is an interesting stat to further boost your confidence.


Do you know that 80% of self-made millionaires are men and women who made tragic decision in younger days and ended up in debt of $50,000 and more? It’s one thing that is similar to all of them. It was that debt that acted as a wake up call, stimulus and brutal motivation.

So, wanna be a part of these elite 150 million men and women or you wanna continue with the struggle?

The choice is yours.

21 Nov 2016

How to Make Money with TIME alone

What do they mean when they say “time is money”? Can time really make money or is it just some myth and the line we are using to get someone of our backs? If it’s reality and time can, in fact, make money, how do we do it? How do we utilize nothing but our time to make money?

In this short and concise tutorial, you will learn how, in reality, you only need your available time to start generating money. It’s been done by converting the time from being just a relative counter of Earth’s turns around own axis and around the Sun, into a real asset.

Why relativity of TIME cannot be applied in your case


While being mind blowing and interesting, Einstein Theory of Relativity is simply inapplicable on our lives. That’s because we are living in linear timelineIt’s a line that connects two specific points of your life:

  1. The moment of your conception (A).
  2. The moment of your death (B).

What’s relative, if we don’t pay attention, is everything between point A and point B.

And, in all fairness, we don’t exactly pay attention on what we are spending our time. It’s just slipping away until we reach the moment where we are leaving the surface of this planet one way or another.

Same negligence can be seen in a way we are handling our money. Perceived as something illusive and relative, money, much as the time, is slipping away completely unnoticed.

But, when we convert both time and money into assets, situation is changing in a radical manner. And it all starts with perceiving the TIME for what it truly is: our only real asset!


STEP 1 – Converting TIME into an asset.


You have minimum of 4 hours of available time each day. Don’t waste time doing calculation. We did that already and you can check it HERE.

What you do is simple:


Once you define your available pocket of time, take the countdown timer, set it to 04:00:00:000 and start it. Make sure it’s in your sight at all times.

This single method will trigger the anxiety and stress – your brain will start pumping additional energy into your system for you to MAKE IT ON TIME!

It’s a neat hack because, if you are set to do something in x amount of time, you need both anxiety and stress as the only true motivators. Without these two, we would be just sitting around, eating, drinking water and having sex from time to time. We are lazy by nature, that’s just the way it is.

But once our brain starts putting pressure on us, we are moving. That’s when TIME turns into an asset. You are “rushing” to finish something.


STEP 2 – Converting MONEY into an asset.


As we said, the only reason why you are struggling with money, is because you don’t pay attention. Money is perceived as yet another of those “relative” things we have in our lives.

To better understand the meaning of this, answer a simple question: How did you spend your first month in some new professional environment?

You’ve spent it learning how to use all the the tools and other assets in order to become better in what you’re doing.

However, when you’ve received your first paycheck, what did you do with it?

You picked up your buddies and went celebrating. In a process, you’ve wasted 50% of everything you’ve made. The rest was gone before the next paycheck arrived. And practically the same process has been repeating itself ever since.

That’s been happening because you didn’t allocate a single minute to learn how to properly manage your money! 

You did it with tools but it never occurred to you that same must be done with money. Money, same as the tools you are using in your professional environment, is an asset. A serious one!

However, it’s never too late to start managing your money in the most optimal way.

You start with the simple exercise:


Take the notebook and the pen and meticulously note EVERY SINGLE EXPENSE in next 45 days.

Time of the expense, place, type of purchase (cash, credit card, online, classic, debit card…) – everything must be noted. If you are living in a household with few other people who share the same income(s), make sure they all do the same!

Don’t change your spending habits. Continue in your usual fashion.

But, every night, before you hit the bed, read the notes.

The change will occur on its own, automatically. In just 30 days, you’ll introduce a brand new VITAL HABIT and start changing your life.


Once you induce control over your cashflow, it’s time to move to more advanced money management.

It’s about splitting your money in several different ways, as it is precisely explained in THE SEQUENCE MASTER COURSE (a 6-module, advanced personal development and business program with included 3-stage business model blueprint).

In just few weeks, your financial situation will radically change because the money management program, explained in THE SEQUENCE, is designed to motivate you to make more money. It uses a simple neuro-hook that tricks your brain to make you more efficient in money generation. 


Now, when you took some control over your life and these two most vital assets, you just have to use your TIME to make money.

It may sound odd and impossible but think about this most commonly method over converting time into money:

Picture yourself starting the website. It can be a simple blog and you are developing the content and everything else mostly by yourself.

In reality, YOU ARE USING NOTHING BUT YOUR TIME TO BUILD THE BUSINESS WITH THE NET STARTUP WORTH OF $50,000+ – if you are determined to put a lot of content on it and deploy all the marketing methods that will enable your website to start generating money.

In other words, once you learn how to make a website that makes money, you only need TIME and just a little bit of money you saved through smart money management. You don’t need thousands of dollars to start the successful online startup business. That’s just a myth.


And this is just the simplest, yet brutally efficient way, to MAKE MONEY WITH TIME ALONE!

Learn how it’s done!


Make Money Online and Build Wealth with The Sequence Master Course
Exist the rat race! Initiate THE SEQUENCE!
03 Aug 2016
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FREELANCERS: Know Your English or Struggle Making Money

We found the perfect FREE ENGLISH ONLINE COURSE because, if there’s one thing connecting the international market of any kind, that’s the English language.

It’s universal business lingo. This is even more emphasized in freelancing industry where the largest number of clients (prospects) is coming from English speaking countries such as US and UK. Therefore, they expect understandable, concise and meaningful cover letter before everything else.

Fail to deliver desired quality and your chances of landing the contract will rapidly decrease, regardless of your industry or niche!

One other thing must be mentioned here:

Knowing your English is not only important for writers but for all others be it designers, coders or virtual assistance staff.


This is a common, yet largely overlooked, obstacle for most of the non-English speaking freelancers. For some strange reason, many believe that communication like ‘Dear Sir/Madam, I name Ragnar Lothbrok and me is top freelancer‘ is quite enough.

Well, think again!

In most of the cases, awkward English in your cover letter will force REJECTION type of response. After a while, you’ll lose your enthusiasm and grow to hate freelancing. And all you failed to do to put your life on a certain growth trajectory path is devoting some of your time to learn proper English.

It doesn’t have to be perfect. You’re no professor of English composition. Heck, not even the US or UK based folks are using English flawlessly. But it does have to make sense because it’s irrational to believe that you would even be able to buy a bread let alone to arrange a business deal if you don’t speak the language!

So be smart about it.


FREE or PAID English online course?


Today, there aren’t much quality information that we cannot acquire for free. Internet is providing us with the unique knowledge database – free of any charge! At least for those who know where to search.

So, according to our principal belief that education of any kind MUST be free and efficient, we made an effort to dig out the perfect FREE ENGLISH ONLINE COURSE. 

Found on, one of the most respectable e-course services today, the course is segmented in a way that cover every single aspect of English language usage. From the most basic stuff to the more advanced like business communication – something every serious freelancer must learn.


All you need to enroll in this free online english language course are three things:


  1. email address
  2. working internet connection
  3. time


That’s all to it.

Make no mistake: shitty English translates in poor revenues and scarcity of contracts. You’re therefore strongly advised to take this seriously and learn how to communicate on this universal business language. Your future in freelancing industry depends on it! Improve the success rates of your cover letters!



20 Jun 2016
This one decision we all make is the reason behind our misery

One Decision You Made That Screwed Your Life

Did you know that just one decision, you made most recently or even years ago, made the decisive impact on the quality of your life and subsequent level of satisfaction with it? It’s most likely the cause of your struggle.

The tragedy is: that decision was extremely biased. You made it under the influence of two factors:

  1. Dogma;
  2. Formal education.


As a result, you’re now most likely wandering around, feeling completely lost, not knowing what to do next. Life seems like a perpetual race with no obvious end line, except for one – the absolute.

You have your share of happy days, sure, but there are times when you feel like something is choking you.

The irony is that the answers you are seeking for and the unique solution are not just in front of your eyes for this entire time, but it’s most likely that you willingly chose to detach yourself from those same answers and subsequently, the solution itself.

That choice, as we already said, was made under the influence of the ultimate collective stupidity; the one that only human species is capable of.

Now, the question is: How do you want to spend your life between right now and that absolute end line?

The answer is obvious but it does raise yet another question: How do you achieve that?

Without trying to run your life or persuading you into anything, we’ll explain that decision you made. At the end, everything will start making sense. We urge you to take a minute out of life and listen closely.

I know that you’re now struggling between continuing with this, which doesn’t make much sense right now, and hitting the ‘BACK’ button. However, “this,” right here, right now, has the potential — again, if you choose — to reset everything and bring you back to the most optimal way – the way of the ultimate freedom and happiness! 

Here we go.

What are the 5 essentials of our survival and existence on this harsh planet?




Just a glimpse on this list and you can understand the main business fields and predominant money generators. Each of these essentials are generating money one way or another. We can only add health thus; medicine and pharmacy respectively, yet it’s not the essential mean of existence.

In which field do you work?


Most likely in some secondary, that has nothing to do with these 5 or 6, depending on how you observe it. Your job, career or tendency, something you’ve been preparing for during your formal education, may or may not be connected with these 5 essentials.

As the result, you are struggling. And you’re struggling because, even if you do work in one of these fields, you’re selling your labor. Others are making money while you’re looking forward to that misery we like to call – paycheck.

This only raised more questions, didn’t it?



Finish your school. Get a job. Become someone. Don’t struggle like I did. It’s better to learn some skill and go work somewhere, because that’s the security!” My dad said to me when I was a little boy. I can bet that you received the dose of this preaching as well.

My grandpa, who was sitting at the table with us in that very moment, was just listening, not commenting anything. He was looking at the glass filled with cold, white wine he made last year.

Two days later, grandpa woke me up early in the morning and said that he wants to show me something.

“You see this?” He said after we arrived at the endless fields, full of different crops. “I don’t have anything against you pursuing some career. School is good. But do consider this: while your father is busting his chops 8-9 hours every single day, being forced to spend 1/3 of his adult life at the specific place, in the specific time; obeying to the rules of someone he never met, I do this and, as you know, I don’t use the alarm clock to wake up.”

I was 13 years old back then, on the threshold of my first big decision – what high school to choose and subsequently the career. That was everything he said to me. We left for home, spending those couple of minutes of trip back home in complete silence.

I couldn’t sleep that night at all. It was like having two opposing voices in my head. One, coming from my father, a strong central figure in my life and someone who was a role model, and the other, the voice of my 62-year-old grandfather, who used to spend the bigger portion of autumn and the entire winter inside, not spending more than 2 hours per day to feed the animals.

Something just didn’t add up in my father’s concept. He was working overtime for the most of the time and we were still struggling, as the family of 5, to survive through the month. Even though both of my parents were working and receiving regular paychecks, that still wasn’t enough to move a step beyond life essentials. To make things even more confusing, I knew, for a fact, that we heavily depended on my grandpa’s produces. The biggest part of the food we were consuming was coming from the grandparents.

The funny part? We all contributed with our labor from time to time in production of all that food. Even my parents, who had jobs!

Yet, against my best judgment, I had to go through formal education. In a decision making process, law enforcement clicked in my mind and I’ve spent next 14 years as a cop, receiving paychecks.

Don’t get me wrong. That was more of a call than a job because, to be a cop, a soldier, a firefighter, a doctor or a priest, something has to drag you into it. It becomes much more than just a job because monetary compensation you receive for 14 hours straight in one day, is just irrelevant.

Here’s the problem


Even though I enjoyed what I did for a living and everybody else kept telling me how “lucky” I am to have a government job (which had nothing to do with luck but with 4 years of tears, blood and sweat to finish the semi-military high school), I was still forced to make money on a side! 

It turned out that my grandfather was right, all this time!

In a process, I became an excellent seller, making money as the re-seller (try to sell $2,000 vacuum cleaner to a middle-class family and try to sell 10 pieces in 7 days, and you’ll see what I mean) and even an animal breeder (had one of the biggest fur farms in region for years). So, aside from being a detective, I’ve managed to set up several business and went online long time ago. Internet seemed like a biggest next thing with the immense potential (was right about that by the way).

But dogma was powerful. I just couldn’t detach from the “salary mentality” even though I had a clear cues that I should focus on a profit and not the fixed hourly wage.

With age comes the wisdom


Older I got, one thing became clearer by the day – if you want to be free, and I mean truly free, you have to go back to essentials. Because those were the things people need. Subsequently, those were the fields where most money can be generated with the smallest efforts possible. Yeah, just like you, I spent years seeking for the way to establish financial stability while having quite a lot of free time. After all, we do live only once and we do live for ridiculously short period of time.

What you focus on expands!


Bit by bit and I finally realize the immense magnitude of my grandfather’s words, spoken years ago, yet stuck in my mind forever. In that time, I already left the force and was set to establish the reputation on the global market as a freelance copywriter. Was probably one of the first who utilized, what is now known as, content marketing, to help sell my client’s ideas online and offline. Back in those days, we didn’t even coined the term yet 🙂

Years went by, and step by step I became a pro freelancer with the wide network of clients and had several online business up, running and bringing money on a conveyor bay. I even started playing on Forex market because it became clear that something was fundamentally wrong with the common dogma and the way I was raised. It turned out that one does not have to “work” per se, to get money. Money makes money, if you know what you’re doing and have some seed money to begin with.

Had a seed money, all right, and in time became quite of an expert in a field of margin trading, with main focus in intraday, news type of Forex trading. Just to bring this closer to you, when trend is good and you made your homework, you make couple of grands in two hours just by watching charts and news on the display of your laptop. When time comes, you execute the order and that’s it. What took 2 months for my father to “earn,” I made in 2 freakin’ hours. Funny, isn’t it?

But there was still something missing. To be honest, I was afraid of some unexpected situation that could prevent me from doing all of that. Just a simple problem with the electric grid, or my ISP, or the internet in general – and I’m screwed!

It still didn’t provide with the adequate level of security.

Then, one night, wife called me to check something. She is a smart and sexy lady, full of great ideas. Quite a generator, if you know what I mean. And this one was simply amazing. It was due to happen, sooner or later, I guess.

It took a simple, 3-minute video to finally find that missing piece of the puzzle. The irony was: It was something my grandpa was claiming all along – you have everything you need right here, you don’t have to work for someone else!

He was goddamn right! Listen to this:

1 acre of cultivated land, with brain instead of heavy machinery, generates $100,000 annually net(!), consuming just a month of dedicated work!


That means 11 months to do whatever the hell you want!

That’s right, my friend. My old grandpa, who had only 4 years of elementary school, and only knew how to write a simple sentence and execute the basic mathematical operations, made a hell of a lot more money that I could ever imagine. He was just silent about it. It wasn’t some bigger deal. It was something normal and you don’t talk about normal stuff, right?

You see, that one single, common decision you made, that fucked up your life and raised your blood pressure more than once, was to move to the city and pursue some career.

You did what more than 50% of human population did – deliberately deprived yourself from the vital, healthy and abundant source of:


life on the countryside vs life in the city


And you did it just because you were raised to believe how you’re better than to farm some land like your ancestors did. Because farmers rank low on our assumed social class separation scale. Hell, even the blacksmith, who busts his back to make the knife, breathing deadly fuses day after day, is more “respected” than yours or mine grandfather who farmed the land and bred the animals.

As the result, you are now forced — under your own free will — to BUY everything. Whatever you need, you must first make money, most likely by selling your labor for fixed hourly wage, and then BUY it.

Can you see the insanity in that lifestyle? People are slamming their heads against the walls, trying to figure out how to survive in the urban center, where they depend on their ability to purchase some good, item or a service, while their equivalents on the countryside, are still waking up, making their coffees.

Maybe this was the nature of the things 50 years ago. But now, when World is nothing but a small, local market place, where you can ship whatever you want to every place on this planet in less than 24 hours, now is a different story. All you need is your brain and a small piece of land. No heavy machinery, no tremendous workforce, no working for 16 hours per day. Just some thinking, researching and a piece of land that can be cultivated!

To paint that picture better, I’ll now compare our two lifestyles, where you are living in a city, selling your labor, just to be able to buy whatever the hell I and the others like me are producing.


First of all, I made that same decision and have spent years in urban centres, doing everything in my power to bring food on the table and enable at least some luxuries. In a process I gained priceless experience and the entire set of skills, that, once combined and utilized in the optimal way, enabled me to sync with the system and live free and in relative abundance. So, it’s only reasonable to believe, that you gained the same skillset – the one we need to survive in our urban society!

This is you, tomorrow, today, yesterday, day after tomorrow, and for as long as you want, at this exact date, on the northern hemisphere:


You get up early in the morning, have a coffee, take a crap, have something to eat and off you go to a fun road trip. You are going to work, most likely on the other side of the city.


life in the city
It does look great but it’s been costing you dearly, only you failed to realize it!


An hour or so later, there you are. Everything is ready for you. There’s enough work for the team of people and not just you.


It feels like your head will explode sometimes. And for what? For a paycheck? Trust us: your labor and mental efforts are worth far more than what you get on your bank account!


But you’re happy as long as that miserable paycheck arrives at your bank account. You’re happy with anything you get because that same miserable paycheck is covering the debt!

You signed the mortgage or a lease. You bought the car or a monthly ticket for public transportation. You bought a smartphone and probably the laptop. You bought all sorts of clothes. You paid for maintenance and different city taxes and fees.

Then, you had to buy some food.

To be able to live, you have to pay utilities also, that are much, much higher in urban centers than on the countryside by the way.

The overwhelming problem with making far less than you need to cover your lifestyle is “solved” with different loans and credit cards – the sum of which is simply mind blowing.


Have you ever tried to calculate how much money you lost on interests and different fees paid BEFORE you’re issued with the borrowed money? You better don’t. No need for yet another pill.


But that’s OK. After all, you’re living in the city, busting your balls 9-5, Monday-Friday (if lucky), having to put up with caprices of every superior officer in your company. No problem. That’s just life, right?


When you look at it, it’s like running the rat race. No end. No goal. Only pure survival just to be able to relax every once in awhile on your sofa or at the bar (if you have some money to spare).


Because it is that. It is a rat race, where everybody is running somewhere for something until their last breath. And it doesn’t have to be that way!


Now, add wife and children to the equation. In other words, multiply everything by factor 10! And do add the stress in the equation please – the one thing that’s been killing you, slowly but surely.

This is your countryside counterpart, in the same time


When brain is used in an optimal way, at least more than muscles and spine, just 1 acre of free land to cultivate may generate over $100,000 net! That’s around 5,000 m2 or $20/m2. Have this in mind during the following overview.

Let’s see the life of the one who thinks business while living on 2 acres, from which only 1 acre is used in agriculture that generate $100,000 net annually. The remaining 1 acre goes on housing, a small playground for children (soon grandchildren), workshop, large fireplace, small vineyard for personal use, and the orchard with 50 different fruit trees.

  • First of all, he isn’t commuting anywhere!
  • Second of all, he gets up whenever the hell he wants!
  • Sirens and usual morning commotion of the urban areas are the unknown terms since he’s drinking the morning coffee on a large front porch, overseeing the land, surrounded with the sounds of nature; most likely the birds.
  • Then, he takes a crap, throws couple of eggs and some bacon on a grill pan and have a nice breakfast in total peace – out at the open!
  • Now comes the moment when he must decide: should I take a walk and see what’s going on, or maybe I should check the newspaper first? Quite a predicament, when you think about it, right? A real issue!
  • Naturally, same as every other man — who is in liberty to choose — he reads the papers first. After all, it’s around 09:45, so what’s the rush anyway…
  • It’s around 11 AM and still nobody is busting his chops because he’s been sitting in the same place for 3 hours already, not working. In fact, he’s not doing anything besides reading and smoking cigarettes. OK, maybe some margin trading is there’s a good trend to ride. Otherwise, what’s the use of that smartphone, right?
  • 11:25 strikes on the clock and off he goes. It’s time to start the fire. After all, it’s a beautiful early summer Wednesday, just perfect for BBQ.
  • Wife gets out, bringing the meat and two glasses of ice-cold white wine. It’s that great Chardonnay they made last autumn.
  • Around 2 PM, he sits down at the large table, together with his wife and two sons, to have a nice, peaceful lunch, out at the open.
  • They can do all of this, whenever the hell they want just because they worked from the mid-April to mid-May. The harvest of the simplest, everyday thing, you’re buying from time to time (if not you, then your wife most definitely), brought $150,000 gross!
  • What they’ll all do for the rest of this year and until that same period of early spring next year, it’s entirely up to them!
  • Oh, yes, they gonna spend a month on a coast. They bought a small property last year down by the sea – with cash!

One more thing: that “countryside” is just 4 miles from the urban area; the city. Oh, yes, in case you are questioning the above stated, come see me. We’ll have a nice meal and a glass or two of cold, homemade white wine. See it for yourself.

Now, I know what’s been bothering you. You just can’t think of anything that could bring such money, for such minimal efforts, on such small piece of land. Am I right?

Listen closely now…


It can be ANYTHING AT ALL. And I mean it. You see, on one side, there’s me and less than a half of population that are producing something – anything. On the other side, there’s you and more than half of population who MUST BUY EVERYTHING we produce!

Does that ring any bell?

I make, whatever the hell I want, and I’m sure that I can sell it, with ease, anywhere on this planet in less than 24 hours (but in all fairness, I don’t have to look far) because more than 3,5 billion people reside in urban centers, where they can’t make or produce anything but are forced — under their own free will — to BUY everything!

My environment = stress-free (less cortisol-caused tissue damage)

Your environment = overstressed (extensive cortisol overexposure, causing massive tissue degeneration)

My blood work test = 100% great; no need to pop pills

Your blood work test = not so great; have to take pills to reduce anxiety, control sugar, control blood pressure, control heartbeat rate and God only knows how many more are we talking about here and we are just in our 40s.


Just because you want to live in the city and pursue the illusion known as career.


I come to the urban area every single day to have a drink with my pals and family or to have a lunch, where I’m not looking at the right side of the menu and none of us likes chicken to tell you the truth. Sounds bit arrogant, I know, but you have to realize what cardinal mistake you’re doing, day after day. Will you live to see the retirement days? We have yet to see. Will I live to smell and taste my 65th birthday? We have yet to see. But what I do know now is that you need to beg for 3 weeks of summer vacation, after you busted your balls for 6 months straight.

I can leave whenever the hell I want, wherever the hell I want, and I can stay there for as long as I want.


Because I found the way!


All I did was detaching from dogma and disregarding my assumed “rank” on a social class separation scale! Did that and as a result, I live free and healthy, which is even more important.

That’s the point of this ridiculously short life. To be free and live it under your own terms. All you need for that is open-mindedness and some brainpower.


This right here, the common sight all across the northern hemisphere, is where money and freedom are. Each small piece of this land is feeding at least two families and bringing money to at least one. Money, that is made under the own terms. Money, made without a boss that is breathing behind your back and scheduling the 1/3 of your life. That’s what freedom truly is, in our current societal setup and monetary-market system. All you have to do to see it, is looking beyond the dogma and societal class rank delusion. Live free, that’s all we’re saying.   


It may be hard to digest everything I said in such a short time, so I’m strongly suggesting that you take an hour or two of each day for the following week and go through our advanced and totally free Master Course, which is, in fact, The Sequence, constituted of 6 personal development modules and 3-stage proven business program.

You just gotta ask yourself: if over 150,000,000 people worldwide live free (which is 1/2 of US or 1/5 of Europe), how come you’re not among them? It’s clear that there’s something fundamentally wrong with the way you’re perceiving the system you’re living in. After all, you are the sum of what they’ve taught you or missed to teach you. Who says they were right?

At least take a minute out of your life and check what I’m talking about here, OK? Trust me, it will do wonders for you, and if you adopt what you’ll learn, it will put your life on a certain growth trajectory path.

REMEMBER: It was never about earning money. It was, and it always will be, about making money. In reality, you never had to work for someone else because system we all live in, enables you exactly that. Take a look.

Make Money Online and Build Wealth with The Sequence Master Course
Over 150,000,000 people figured it out. That’s those 2% who own 86% of everything this planet has to offer, you’ve been hearing about a lot lately. See how they are doing it. Learn from them and join the club! Don’t worry, it’s a free course built on collective experience.


Understand that here, at Point of Sync academy, we are teaching people how to sync their actions with the monetary-market system and stop working for their money. Instead, they are setting the stage for the moment where money starts making fresh money on a conveyor ball – with or without their direct influence.

Think it’s crazy? Explain those 150 million successful examples please. Explain how 75,000,000 people hold 46% of all the money we have in the system. Conspiracy? Corruption? Zeitgeist Movie theory? Think again! It’s Pareto principle all over again, where, out of those 20% who are willing to make the effort, only 2% will push to the extremes! 80% are just finding excuses to avoid some imaginable exposure in a world where only one thing is absolute. The Sequence is built on a collective knowledge of those 150 million successful examples!

Have something to add to this? Have a counter argument? Please. By all means. Every opinion counts and just adds to our success as a species.

19 Mar 2016

6 Differences Between Business Mind and the Mind of Ordinary Person

There are two types of people in business world. We’ll call them: Buyers and Sellers. Seller lives the life by solving problems on daily basis. Buyer on the other hand lives the life using the solutions provided and offered by the Seller.

Thus, the PREMISE:

Seller makes money, while Buyer spends money.

Being entrepreneur essentially means that you have to deal with the complex problems on daily basis. And only few of those problems are the real solutions you’re bringing to the market and make money. The rest fall into the organizational and operational aspects.

Now, as you already know, we have only a small number of Sellers. The number fit right into the 80/20 rule. And 80/20 rule states that from 100 people who will decide to take the first step in personal development (or any other segment of the life), 80 will drop out almost immediately, making up all sorts of excuses; 20 will push forward and make it happen, while 2 will reign supreme. You can see this rule whenever you look!

It’s Pareto principle.

That means this: From 100 people only 20 are Sellers, while 80 are Buyers. Naturally, you want to fit in the first group; the Sellers.


So how do you switch from Buyer to Seller?


LESSON 1 – Use the brain potentials like never before


When was the last time you’ve read some great motivational or efficient book, filled with practical advices, coming from proven source? When was the last time you Googled something of your close interest? And by that we mean conducting a thorough, unbiased and detailed research and analyses.

Don’t know how to analyze the market? Don’t know what gives an edge in the warfare called business?

Nobody is born with this knowledge. It’s something you have to learn. Your progress depends on your willingness to adopt the new knowledge. So, you have to start practicing a new doctrine:


Perpetual personal development through learning process that never ends.


You don’t watch some stupid reality show unless you’re interested into human behavioral psychology (it’s the truth; you can learn something even from the complete and total idiot.) Instead, you buy the book that has the potential to provide you with the new perspective.

But critical thing is this: when facing a problem of any kind, don’t give up. Force yourself to solve it. Even if you are challenged to solve riddles, or quizzes, or everyday predicaments, don’t give up. It’s how you train your brain!

You see, problem solving demands energy, and it can (and will) consume up to 30% of your entire capacities. Just try to run and make complex mathematical calculations. You’ll either be forced to stop, or to give up from the mental task.


USEFUL HINT: This problem is further emphasized through biological problem known as blood-brain barrier. Only glucose can pass the barrier; remember that. So living on a low-carb diet will exhaust the only energy reserves that can be utilized by brain. You can guess the end result.

Since we’re programmed to live by spending the least of resources, brain automatically shuts down the will to push harder. Good example is “fight-or-flight” response state, where brain shuts down all secondary mechanisms that are nonessential for pure survival, such as growth of hair or nails, parts of our working memory and similar.

Make no mistake; it’s easy for your brain to block every attempt to move beyond pure survival. It will just shut the will down and shift your focus to something else. The funny thing is: you’ll give up not knowing why!

In case of wolves, lions and other predators this may actually work. They hunt down their prey, eat, and then sleep for hours.

But we the humans are evolved beyond that point. Our neocortical regions allow us to override the limbic system and push even harder. We have the power to control our brain and that is extraordinary. If we want.

The problem with majority of the human population is total and deliberate reluctance for anything that goes beyond the scope of pure survival or fun. Whenever Buyer is forced outside the comfort zone, he or she allows the block. They are not interested and they justify it with excuses such as:

  • bad luck,
  • wrong origins,
  • poor social environment,
  • lack of tutoring from behalf of their parents and school,
  • and many other different “excuses” to stay still and not move any further.


Some won’t even bother with making up excuses. They are simply lazy.


Seller, on the other hand, understands that brain is where the power hides. Brain will buy the muscles, but muscles will never buy the brain and they are perfectly aware of that.

Therefore, business mind seeks for constant challenges. Status quo is not an option. And even when everything seems OK and there is no need for energy consumption, business mind will find the way to employ as much of neurons as possible. Both amygdalae will keep firing if needed (if you don’t know what amygdalae are, Google it, nothing bad will happen, trust us.)


So why are they doing that extra effort when they could satisfy with less and live more relaxed? Why can’t they just live a “comfortable life”?


LESSON 2 – Business mind understands the risks associated with the single source of incomes


Couple of years ago we saw the live demonstration of what happens when people think extremely short-termed and decide to depend on one single source of income.

If you paid attention, you noticed one distinct occurrence during the last crisis outbreak: rich people actually increased their wealth. Crisis didn’t force them out of their homes. Many of them cashed in on abandoned properties by flipping them or starting the clean-the-shit-up types of businesses.

Only those who satisfied themselves with one salary while being overloaded with debts, lost everything and had to camp in tents all over the freakin’ place.

And that’s the principle difference.

You see, what truly separates Seller from Buyer is that Seller is on a constant lookout for additional, fresh source of money even if it means taking the risks.


Because, by avoiding risk and trying to play defensive all the time, sooner than later, you’ll find yourself out on the street.


Stocks, bonds, short-term investments, partnerships, new ventures, commodities…you name it, Seller has it. 3, 4, 5 and even more sources bring in the money like on a conveyor bay. That’s why some people played golf while some had to drag their families over the parking lots trying to find a small piece of concrete to setup the tent.

What happened then?

Those from parking lots blamed those who played golf for their tragic misfortune. Go figure…

It seemed that they all simply ran out of luck. At least that’s what many of them claimed in the aftermath.

But did “luck” played any kind of role in their tragedy?


LESSON 3 – Business mind understands that luck has nothing to do with anything


While Seller does play lottery, he doesn’t perceive it as potential investment. Seller considers it as a simple game to play from time to time just for fun. Does he win? Of course. It seems that there is something universal about being opened to wealth. You’ll get it; no question about it.

Buyer on the other hand, sees gambling as the “way out.” He doesn’t know how to manage money and he thinks how one “lucky” round will change his life entirely.


Relying on one source of incomes is exactly the same. It’s that same gambling mentality.


The reality is: no matter how much money Buyer wins, it’s lost in less than 5 years because the person who won, never made an effort to learn what to do with it. Instead, he spends, and spends, and spends until he ends up in debt – again. He is simply relying on “luck.”

Luck has nothing to do with the success or being rich. It’s about using every advantage and exploiting every opportunity while employing brain 120% into the problem solving. That’s why you’ll never hear rich man to blame or to justify. He is aware that blaming and justification or rationalization of stupid and reckless move won’t get him anywhere. On top of everything, he doesn’t have time to blame.

Buyer, in the same time, blames everything and everyone.


Is it the right approach? Is someone or something always “guilty” for your low output and bad financial situation?


LESSON 4 – Business mind doesn’t recognize blaming and justification as viable options


When you make reckless move and endanger your sole survival, what do you do?

Business mind learns from that mistake, makes sure that it never happens again, and then pushes forward even harder. The majority of Buyers on the other hand, fall in the state of acute depression and after a while, their own brains start to reason and rationalize the decision, response or action. More times that delusional thought is repeated, faster it becomes the true, because brain has to fill in the gap; otherwise, there is a potential risk for well-being and even for survival.

It’s called backward rationalization and it’s the part of our defense mechanism. It is a set of chemical exchanges that protects your central belief system and makes sure that it does not disintegrate. When that happens, your survival is endangered; at least according to your brain.


But that doesn’t have to be a rule or even the truth. You’ll learn details about your central belief system during advanced steps of your progress. Again, our neat evolutionary advance is providing us with the deadly effective tool. The Sequence master course is teaching you, among everything else, how to bypass that dangerous mechanism we all have tendency for.


Have you ever heard Donald Trump to blame on someone or something even though he had lost everything some time ago? Shit, man even ended over $100M in debt. Did you see him crying over his poor and tragic destiny? Did you see him joining some cult or religious movement? Did you hear him blaming on the government?

No. Man got his shit together and moved in with even more power, decisive to reign supreme this time. And he did it. Now he’s running for the President of the United States of America. Donald Trump and people like him should serve as the examples to you and not someone you envy or resent; remember that.

Majority of Buyers will blame on someone or something and keep caving in indefinitely. They blame just to cover their fear from trying again, and again, and again. They blame to cover their lack of willpower. They blame so hard, that they are prepared to talk loudly and persuade others into their deviant point of view, just to hide the fact that they screw it up good and now have no desire to try again.

They’d rather sit and cry and blame and justify and dig through the garbage than to try again. Why? Because they are scared. Risk is the word that frightens them more than anything else. It transforms them into little crying girls.

Business minds or Sellers think differently…


LESSON 5 – Risk is just another segment of the opportunity to be calculated and analyzed


Nothing more, nothing less. You could get dressed right now and walk to the grocery store to pick up the six-pack and end up dead in less than 5 minutes. How? There are probably 1,548 different ways for that to happen in that fragment of time.

And how many people end up like that on their way to the store? Hundreds, every day. Is awareness of that fact stopping you from going to the store? No way! You want your six-pack, period!

So why the hell is Buyer so freakin’ afraid to do anything beyond his dull 9-5, Monday to Friday, for some ridiculous FIXED hourly wage, while Seller — the business mind — eats caviar and goat cheese pizza, shooting golf balls from the deck of some hot shit yacht?

It’s because Buyers don’t truly understand the difference between opportunity and risk. They think it’s the same thing. Hell, they even think that risk maybe, just maybe, hides the opportunity and not the other way around!

How do you reason that? How do you reason the fact that someone is willing to run across the freakin’ street in the middle of the rush hour, risking his life, but in the same time hides like a goddamn mouse when somebody offers him an opportunity? Will it kill him? No goddammit! Of course it won’t.

So why then?

Because of seriously disturbed comprehension and perception of money! Buyer simply doesn’t understand what money truly is.


LESSON 6 – Business mind understands the money


Seller gets it. Buyer sucks at it. And the only reason why Buyers don’t have a second clue about the money is because they are not willing to learn!

Seller knows that money is the weapon and the tool. Same as it was the bow and arrow or the spear in the ancient times. Same as it was the knife or the axe. It’s what provides food, shelter and safety. It’s what provides you with more than you need if it’s sharp and you know how to use it!

Thus, Sellers don’t do critical mistake Buyers are doing: they don’t think of money as of prize.

Because money is not the prize. It is the mean to get the prize.

And that prize is life in abundance and ability to eat in top restaurants without looking at the price tags! Prize is freedom to wander around the World, because it’s beautiful and it deserves to be seen from every angle during this ridiculously limited time we have on this planet! Prize is life without financial worries; something our current system enables for every soul on this planet. Remember that.

We’ve invented an advanced and effective weapon to hunt, protect and thrive.

What do you do with the weapon? You take a good care of it to make sure it fires every single time.

If you don’t know how to clean your rifle, reload it, aim it, and shoot the target from the large distance, what do you do?

You sign up for training course, don’t you?

So why the hell you don’t do the same with money?

Why do you expect that you’ll hit the small moving target from mile away if you don’t know jack about how wind velocity, Coriolis Effect, air humidity, rifle’s abilities and ammo’s ballistic features would influence the precision of that shot?

Business mind gets it. Money is nothing more than a high precision sniper rifle with powerful ammo. Knock out the target and only then you’ll get your prize.

Seller is perfectly aware of the fact that you can have the best rifle and the best ammo but if you don’t know how to shoot and kill, it won’t do you any good. Apply the same on money and you’ll know why your financial situation sucks, to say the least.

Now ask yourself this: how many truly rich and successful people were teaching you about the money and the system since you were just a little boy?

Do you see the problem now? Exactly!

You’ve been taught wrong because those who supposed to teach you knew nothing about it. So why do you expect to shoot well if you were trained by the people who don’t know how to shoot at all?


Money is a powerful weapon in hands of the person who knows how to manage it. It provides you with the unique opportunity to free yourself from any kind of labor, or any kind of effort required to ensure your complete financial freedom.

You just need to learn how it’s done. In other words, you need guidance from someone who understands the game and plays it well. Because, what you’ve read so far is just the quantum. You know now how you need to think. But, you need to learn how to implement that knowledge and how to act upon it.

And that advanced and powerful development program consists of, but not limited to, the following:




And you have all of this, with the precise and detail explanations and blueprints, in an advanced business program designed to answer your every question. The Sequence master course is enabling you to sync with the system to make your money work for you. In other words, it enables you to reach the moment when money makes money – with or without your direct influence.

10 Mar 2016
Why and How to Invest or What's Been Blocking You to Create Wealth

There’s Only 1 Obstacle Standing between You and Wealth and It’s in Your Head

One specific fragment of your working memorymade of couple of things you’ve picked up as a young childis now defining the amount of your bank account(s). Everything we do, our every action, every response, is based on how our central belief system — the set of principles upon which we are living our lives — is built. Something that’s been designed before you reached the age of 12, is now controlling your life.

It does seem rather impossible, but as you will learn, one particular perception in your mind, developed through the impressions you picked up from your parents, school and media, is blocking you. It prevents you to join over 150,000,000 people who successfully changed that piece of memory and now own 86% of everything this planet has to offer.

We are talking about the principle use of money as the only tool and weapon on your disposal in our contemporary society.

What the most people, including you, feel when think, see or hear the word “MONEY”?


Instant feeling of anxiety and unexplainable, irrational need to protect something!


Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you think money is vital for your life?
  2. Do you have money?
  3. What do you do with your money?


Hopefully, you answered that money is important/vital and that you have money. But on the third question, you initial response was: buying things or paying for things.

Now ask yourself few additional questions:

Why do you use your money in that way? What do you buy, what do you pay for and how do you do it?

The answer: You do it the way you were taught to do all of that.


You were raised under the simple, yet deadly wrong dogma that says: you must finish your school, find a “decent” job and work hard for your money.

IN REALITY, THERE WAS NEVER ANY NEED FOR YOU TO WORK FOR SOMEONE ELSE AND EARN MONEY because money is being made and not earned. Only, nobody in your closest social environment understood that basic mechanism of how money is finding its way to your bank accounts.

Let’s clarify this a bit.

How do you make your money?


You’re basically selling your labor (physical or intellectual) for monetary compensation, based on the agreed fixed hourly wage. And it takes 160 out of 720 hours to receive total monthly amount of your “sales” efforts!

Thus, the premise: money is made through sales on an open market.

In your case, the “goods” you’re exchanging for money on the market are your brain, muscles, sweat and bones. In other words, you’re selling yourself to the best buyer you were capable of finding.

How much do you worth in recurring payment process until market renders you obsolete?


Anywhere between $1,280 and $6,400 per month on average. In some point of time, you — the product — will become obsolete and forced to settle for far less until the last breath you’ll take.

In 40 years of this irrational trading model, you’ll generate anywhere between $614,000 to $3,072,000. It depends of how good you are in selling yourself to the market.

The consequences of this irrational and completely inefficient business model are mind blowing


Since your brain has already calculated that there’s no chance in hell that you’ll even live long enough to buy yourself a car or a house from what you’ll earn; you are doing something you were taught to do; once you start receiving revenues from selling your labor:

LOANING MONEY FROM THE BANK to quickly “equip” yourself with couple of things essential for your life: car, house, furniture, appliances and hundreds of other products you’ll buy on the open market, using borrowed money!


And then you’ll spend the rest of your working career paying back that money with the high interest rate. All those items you’ve purchased will render themselves unusable or obsolete in less than 3-year time. Your house will require adaptations each year with 2 major renovations in next 10 and 20 years. Thus, everything you bought so far is not an asset as you prefer to think, but liability. Because asset makes money and liability spends money.

None of the things you bought makes you any money, right?

To make things even worse, this entire process is natural for you. You’re experiencing it in a positive way. Not even once did it occur to you that something is terribly wrong with the way you’re perceiving money and the world you’re living in. And you got one crucial fact entirely wrong:

The purpose of bank loans is not consumerism!


Money and bank loans are originally designed to serve the purpose of INVESTMENTS in order to enable every individual on this planet equal chances to live a happy, fulfilled and wealthy life in an absolute abundance, no other species can afford. The system that cannot be controlled by a single party. System controlled by the automated global process (rules of the market) where certain “product” is being exchanged for monetary compensation.

It’s a brilliant design made by just a handful of people who never received the credit for pulling the human kind from the claws of corrupted individuals who were using instruments of fear to dominate over large population and land. We are talking about different kings, tsars, dukes, lords, churches and other members of aristocracy. Only 200 years ago, the only way for a man or a woman to even move beyond the point of pure basic survival was the royal origin or deep connections with the royals based on corruption.

Today, thanks to few brilliant minds, situation is different. But the problem still prevails: old habits die extremely slowly.

People still don’t recognize the simplicity and brilliance of the system so they are rushing to factories immediately after finishing schools to start earning money.

What will happen when the global production process becomes fully automated, using advanced robotics? Already now, 40% of all processes are done using robots, eliminating any need for human labor.

And since nobody was investing, banks were forced to re-think their business model. They had to find the way to get all of that money out at the market to keep the system alive.

It was the dawn of CONSUMER LOANS!


Money simply had to find its way back to the system. It must circle, otherwise we are in danger of total system collapse and potential re-installment of rulings of one.

If they (people) don’t want to use money to make money through investments, we’ll (the banks) “sell” them money to buy goods. It’s that simple.

The reason why it’s so hard for more than 80% of people to use their money as the investing tool to generate far more than those max. $3M they’ll make in 40 years by selling their labor


Hides in a fact that investment does not produce the same rewarding reaction (feeling/sense) as the purchase of the smartphone, food, car, house, and similar. There’s nothing taking the physical shape in a purchase process! And since we are visual creatures, it triggers the defense mechanism, caused by our primordial fear from the unknown, common for every soul on this planet.

What we don’t see, scares us.

It’s more rewarding to spend $50 on dinner that will just go through your stomach than to invest that money in buying a single option. You can see, smell and taste the dinner. You can feel the effect when that food is going through your digestion system. But when you buy a stock, nothing happens. Nothing gets visualized.

Same applies to everything else you are purchasing, including utility bills because you can see the light and you can feel the warmth coming from the central air-condition system. Even the bill you are paying for the internet gets connected with the physical thing because you know how some strange particles (photons and electrons) are rushing through the cables, delivering you information that you can actually SEE with your own eyes.

That’s why you’re perceiving investments as something awkward and uncomfortable. There’s no physical representation of your purchase. Because, that’s what it is. It’s a purchase. You’re buying equities or bonds. But you don’t see it, hear it, taste it or feel it!

And it’s happening because nobody taught you anything about it.


In that critical period of your life, when your central belief system was being made, nobody explained it to you. You were left to deal with it on your own because those who were teaching you felt the same thing you’re feeling now. Anxiety. Fear. Unexplainable need to protect something.

To protect what exactly? What is there to protect? Do try to answer it. What are you protecting? Money? For what reason? You’re gonna spend it anyway. Why didn’t you protect that money when it counted the most like that time when you bought the car using someone else’s money?

You had no problem at all walking into the bank and BORROWING someone else’s money to spend it on some 4-wheel moving object that will become obsolete in a matter of 3 years, and yet you’re afraid to invest your own money in something that can potentially generate more of it!

Can you find the logic in that type of behavior?

You are willing to spend someone else’s money on something that will go to hell in no time but you won’t spend it on something that will increase your bank account balance and ensure prosperity. How do you reason that?

Ah yes, there are no guarantees that money you’ll invest will in fact make more money! They’ve been telling you how careful you must be with your money when it comes to potential investment but they had no problem buying stuff with that same money. You were watching this and your brain considers it as the normal behavior in your environment.

So, let me ask you this: How much did that car you bought on loan made you thus far? And yet, you bought it. How much did the garage full of tools made you? And yet, you bought all that tools, used only occasionally, for your private needs.

Can we say that you’ve spent at least $20,000 so far on different items and essential maintenance of your house, car and other equipment you’re using in your everyday life? OK.

Mr. Camillo, a self-directed investor flipped $20K in $2M in just 3 years, during the worst financial crisis of modern times. Spend 5 quality minutes and start opening your eyes to see the reality:

How this guy turned $20,000 into $2,000,000


How much money do you have on different investments?

What are the odds that your car, electric drilling machine and hammer make money? Right now, not even a positive zero because most of the stuff you bought over the course of time needs money to be of any use so you’re going in minus. Car needs gas, regular maintenance, and insurance. Electric driller needs electricity. Hammer demands more of your body energy, which translates in more food you need to digest.

But what if you rent your car? What if you provide the service with your driller? What if you see some collectible item at your neighbor’s counter and strike a great deal just to sell that item on eBay that same evening?

What if you do what Mr. Camillo suggests and start monitoring sites like Crowdfunder to spot the next great innovative idea?

A single $1,000 investment may easily generate lifetime revenues because what has started as a simple crowdfunding campaign with the goal to collect $20K of initial fund for building the prototype, often turns into multimillion dollar business. And you own 5% of that same business since you’ve purchased 5% of equities with your $1,000. You just saw it before the others and locked the deal.

But how do you spot something like that? How do you know where to invest?


Why did you buy that car or house? You could easily go with bike or public transportation and live in far cheaper place but for some strange reason; you decided to buy all of that.

What was the dealmaker in those decisions? Think about it for a while.

DOGMA! That’s all to it. You were raised to think and operate in a way that will sooner or later fuck up your financial situation and subsequently your life.

You deliberately and without any second thoughts spent money on stuff that will drain even more money from you without any chance or ROI ever, and now you’re searching for the BULLETPROOF WAY TO INVEST WITHOUT ANY FUCKING RISK. What the fuck is wrong with you? Can’t you see the irony?

When it comes to throwing your money into nothing, knowing that there’s no way in hell that you’ll ever see any return of investment, then it’s OK to do it. But when it comes to injecting some of your money into something that has at least some chance to double your investment, you start thinking and having second thoughts about the entire deal, because it does sound risky and you could lose your money…


Buy something, you lose 120% – for sure! Invest in something, you have 50/50 odds to double your money. Which sounds better?

What else can be done with money besides common purchases of money-draining items?

Getting a picture now? Do you see how wrong they raised you?


It’s time you change your perception and accept the fact that the only way for you to live in abundance is to STOP earning money and START making money!

What you do is simple. You focus on it!


So far, your focus was on the lawn, sex, food, job (up to 25% of your mental or physical capacities), new tires for your vehicle, beer in your fridge and bills.

Switch your focus on INVESTMENTS and investing related subjects. Do the following:

  • Read the business section of your favorite newspaper.
  • Sign in for dozens of analytical websites such as Bloomberg, Business Insider, Motley Fool, Investopedia, and gazillion of others.
  • Create the free account on equity crowdfunding platform such as Crowdfunder and click the “LEARN” link at the upper right side to start bombarding your brain with the new and useful memory blocks.
  • Take a break from ESPN and similar sports channels and switch to business channels.
  • Listen to the crowd; they will tell you everything!


This last demands further clarification. As Mr. Camillo said, couple of years ago, his co-worker told him how “He read the great book (Hunger Games) that’s apparently a certain hype these days among the young population and how it will be great if they make a movie out of it.” Now, Mr. Camillo has never heard about the Hunger Games but that didn’t stop him to start paying attention, expecting some sort of the signal that someone will start making the movie. It wasn’t long before he read the PR (press release) from Lionsgate (found on sites like PR Newswire, PR Web and similar.)

What he did was simple. He searched for the Lionsgate’s ticker and purchased x amount of Lionsgate’s stocks. But he did it before Wall Street guys so his entrance was low (low stock price.) Once Wall Street picked up the signal, money started pouring in, increasing the Lionsgate’s stock price at fast rate. In one point of time, Mr. Camillo decided it’s time for the exit so he sold the stocks, multiplying his investment.

It’s always the same rule: do what others are not doing!

Will you hit the jackpot every time? No. Did you hit it with your house or car?

But that doesn’t mean that you should go in with everything you have.

You spread your risk by allocating 20-50% of everything you have into several different investments, and never use money you don’t have.

Detailed tutorial of how to set up your own business, using only 4 hours of your day, to start making money through sales of your own solutions and/or investments is HERE.


There are no rules here. Some people are favoring mixed portfolio with short, medium and long-term investments. Some, like Mr. Camillo, are waiting for months before investing 20-40% in one single investment. This approach is known for creating the environment of higher odds because these people are patient so even though it seems as a high risk in the moment you’re purchasing your options, in reality those are pretty much sure deals.

But you have to turn your focus on this matter. Forget about everything else if you want to reach the moment where money you’ve earned in the past starts generating more money, making your labor no longer needed.

And that’s the point and the primary purpose of money as it has been originally designed:

Monetary-market system allows you to rather quickly reach the moment when money makes money and you are perfectly capable of retiring in the age of 30!


You only need to re-invest the portion of your money. Money must find its way back to the system, otherwise it’s lost forever.

So far, you’re keeping the system by paying your loans with interests. That’s you current role in the system. Those smarter, who figured out how system is designed, are making millions without worrying about bills, interests, inflation and everything else that scares the living bejeezus out of you.

Do the same thing they do. Exploit the built-in features of the system designed to allow every person on this planet to become millionaire in no time. You have over 150,000,000 bright examples of people who are doing nothing more than reading newspapers and listening to the crowd. That’s how they make their money.

You, on the other hand, are earning your money. There’s a big difference between earning and making money. Start making it.

Just think of it this way. How much money did that smartphone you bought make for you? How much did it make for the company that is producing and selling it? Do the same thing they are doing because if they can do it so can you!

The best part is: you don’t even have to think of and build the product. You simply buy their equities (stocks) and that’s it. Let them do the hard work. It’s how system is designed.

There’s lot to learn and the best way is THIS ADVANCED TUTORIAL.

Make Money Online and Build Wealth with The Sequence Master Course
Change you life from the ground up!


03 Mar 2016

This Is How Habits Influence Your Success

Have you ever wondered about what exactly habits have to do with success? A lot more than you think. But we are not talking about some dumb, useless stuff like healthy dieting, recreation or yoga. We are explaining the primary habits. The ones that truly determine the balance on your bank account. 

Brace yourself. This is going to be a rough ride and perhaps a hard kick in your ego. Unfortunately, sometimes, there’s no other way but to be brutally direct. 


Every outcome, positive or negative, is a direct consequence of your action. It’s never about the referee or some higher power. It’s about you and your habits. In case you are wondering how come someone can spend months sailing the world without any financial worries, while you have to bust your back for 8-10 hours every single day and still fail to break even, here’s the answer: it’s you who are pulling the strings and subsequently deciding the overall quality of your life.

Not the system. Not the government. Not your rich neighbor. It was always about your actions and reactions. It’s about your habits.

Every dreadful experience you had with money, debt, career and even your sex life, is caused by you and your habits.


It’s time to learn what’s going on and how habits are influencing your odds and deciding the quality of your life.


Here we go.


Two main problems cause people to fail in their efforts:

1) Serious lack of knowledge and experience

2) Lack of determination and discipline.


Number 2 causes number 1 which cumulatively causes failures. In a sense, most people are set to fail sooner or later on account of the series of bad habits.

But it’s not that black as you think now. In fact, it is a thing that gives you an edge. 80% of self-made millionaires started their dizzyingly fast and effective rise from the point of being $50,000 in debt due to poor decision making caused by ignorance and lack of discipline.

Hell, my first attempt, in my early twenties, cost me close to $100,000. But the funny fact is: it would be a money well-spent if I knew how it’s done properly. By know, those $100K would generate several millions. Yet, due to poor habits and lack of experience, it became a really expensive mistake I learned from. And learned well, I tell you that.


Plenty of us did that same mistake.


And we all did it due to serious flaws in our programs. We all did it because we wanted it but just wasn’t developed enough to make it happen. Our habits were wrong and we lacked the ones that do count for success.

That event, when we found ourselves on the street with virtually nothing to eat, has delivered a decisive impact to our belief systems. Right cerebral hemisphere managed to disturb the left as brain has terminated secretion of norepinephrine since it became clear that something was fundamentally wrong with the original matrix.

That event opened our minds and we became more self-aware. You can observe that moment as the moment of revelation and epiphany. Because it was exactly that.

Being $50,000, $60,000 or $100.000 down with mouth to feed definitely grows hair on your ass and triggers the right switch. In a sense, every man should go through this purgatory. Because you emerge stronger and wiser. You became aware that something simply doesn’t add up and you start doing that same thing you did when younger – start learning the new stuff. But this time, you are in control of information. And you are very picky about the sources.


That means that you automatically ignore everything that shares any similarity with the previous program.


It’s because you are aware of a simple fact of life:


When you ban everything that isn’t the solution, whatever is left, regardless of how odd it may seem, must be the solution. The Occam’s razor principle.


And our society operates on two principles: success and failure. There is nothing in between. No shades of grey. You’re either a wolf or a prey.


Pick any segment of the life and you’ll see the same pattern. Same set of behaviors.


One group is operating upon the principles of the wolf and second group acts like grazers in African savanna. They go with the flow, trying to avoid risk and danger on every step of the way. Give me my grass (salary), secure my premises by sheer number (group) and I’ll be happy (comfortable). Sure I’ll bitch from time to time but I don’t really care that you’re eating caviar while I’m eating shit.


My shit is in a safe place. Your caviar is not.

This is the prey mentality. These are the people that will never move from the level of being “comfortable” or “having just enough to pay my bills.” It’s those on the “80 side” of Pareto principle; those who will make up an excuse.

It’s their habit to have just enough.


But they still buy stuff, don’t they?


What they are essentially doing is allowing the current of the system to randomly slam their micro-systems against the rocky banks. It’s just not the way to live your life, isn’t it?

My guess is that You are not like that. I believe that You are a wolf.

How I figured that out?

If you were to be a prey, you would never end up reading to this point. You would never attempt to exit your comfort zone and something is telling me that you’ve already tried on several occasions. Something triggered your killer instincts and you tried. God have you tried. But it was like trying to swim across the Atlantic during the winter with nothing but the swimming trunks on you. Sooner or later you’re gonna drown.


And why did you try to swim across like that?


You didn’t know that the water will be so damn cold and that it will eventually drain all the energy from you.

Nonsense…you know that you can’t swim across the Atlantic during freezing temperature. What kind of stupid analogy is this, you’re bitching right now probably?

The perfect one actually.

Same way you know that you would drown; you knew that your previous efforts or dreams weren’t the right way to succeed. You were relying on or dreaming of luck and on a chance for the most part of it. You lacked some serious discipline and you know that. You knew that you can’t live like that because pure mathematics was telling you that you’ll drain your resources in an exact point of time. But you disregarded the logic and went by your “gut feeling.” Everything will sort itself out, you were comforting yourself.


Again, how did I figure that out?


You are an intelligent person. Only the ones with a certain level of intelligence can become wolves. Others are preys. Thus, you knew what it takes to make your way up. You just didn’t have needed discipline and determination to do it right.


Does that make you stupid?


Not for a second. That makes you a hunter and hunter can’t kill every time. But hunter learns from his failures. He will aim for the soft spot next time. And he will kill next time. You will succeed next time. Never question that.

If you give up, you’ll wreak havoc inside your mind and probably end up on anti-depressants or even worse. Why? Because you are among the only few that still possess that killer instinct. So by giving up you’d totally screw your brain and system would crash beyond the point of repair.


Understand this:




Your obsolete and wrong belief system is collapsing and your brain is screaming for the new elements to rebuild you. All you need to do is to provide your brain with just the right elements. And this is exactly what You will do with our help.


The power of the right habits


Yeah…your habits and total absence of the one that counts mostly, determined the quality of your life. So, when you finally decide to make the change, take The Sequence master course and fix it. As you will see, The Sequence Program is a “straight-to-the-point-precise-type-of-guide,” where you will not waste time on some stupid things and meditation. That shit sucks anyway. What we are going to do is to teach you how to integrate 2 important new habits. That’s it. Just 2. Sounds simple enough and doable? It is.

Of course, there are few more that will really help you in your mission, but these 2 are critical. We got you covered; no worries.

But what’s most important is that this is THE ONLY PROVEN WAY to rise again in a short period of time and to rise with style. Because 1 of these 2 is exactly what you’ve been missing to do properly so far and it is exactly what they failed to teach you. Miss on it again, and we guarantee you – you will fail again, and again and again and eventually…you will put the bullet in your head.

You cannot escape from who you truly are. You may reprogram your behavior but you cannot do much about primitive code. And if you persistently try to act as a prey while being a wolf, nuthouse is waiting for you.


What habits have to do with success?


In simple words: You are a slave to your habits.

That sounds nasty, doesn’t it? Well, nasty or not, it’s true. Repeat the same action over and over again and it will become an automated action; it will become routine action; it will become a habit. Because habit is a neurological event where brain creates something known as the “loop of habit.” Event, smell, sound, action, reaction or state of mind acts as a SIGN that initiates your ROUTINE ACTION in order to receive the REWARD.




Your brain and you respectively cannot live without that high.


What did you do with your first paycheck?

You went out and drank it with your palls.

Why did you do it?

Because you were raised under the premise that money is the prize for your hard labor. That belief has led you to the point of disaster. You were never taught of how to properly manage your money or what money truly is. You’ve never developed a habit of managing your money. And what’s most important: nobody told you that it was never about earning money.

How do you — or even better, WHY do you — expect to do anything with it if you don’t know how to handle it?


What is money?


Money is a tool to get the prize. And the prize is a fulfilled and happy life in wealth and abundance where you are in position to help the others. To truly help the others.

Having a $100 to spare on charity is OK and will do wonders for you and others. But having $500,000 to spare for the same purpose will sky-rocket you and everybody around you. It’s a common sense.

Why helping the others is incorporated within the prize?

It is the fundamental reason why we as a species survived and are thriving now. The moment we started to share our knowledge and learn from the others around us — sharing and collaborating — we put ourselves on the top of the world. Collaboration and collective mind have led us to the point where we have the ability to communicate with every corner of this planet and beyond. This is deeply rooted in your survival code and you cannot delete it. Thus, you cannot play against yourself.


Unfortunately, you were raised differently.


You were raised under the influence of those who don’t understand the money for what it truly is. How can they teach you then?

You were raised thinking that greed is a bad mortal sin and those with money should burn in flames of eternal fire.

Let me ask you this: how many resources has your family allocated to help the others in need? Keanu Reeves gave $20.000 to the man working on a set because he heard about the rough patch in that man’s life. Would he be able to help out that man if he would be poor?

OK…you’re slowly getting the picture now. Let’s move back to habits.


What was the first thing you did on your first day at work? You spent days, weeks and months learning how to properly use the tools and means that enable you to do your work with highest efficiency.

The question is: why most, including you, don’t have the same habit with money?

The bulk of answers can be summed into this: first we valued the meat, now money buys the meat hence; we value the money.

Now this is entirely wrong perspective. Because, in the essence, we still have to value the meat!

What do Masai Warriors cherish mostly?

Their weapons.

Their arrows, bows, spears, traps and knives. It’s what brings food on the table and protect them from the danger. It’s a tool to get the prize – security & safety.

Let’s switch to Western Civilization now. We cherish money because it puts food on the table and protects us from the danger. We hunt with money, we defend with it. How do we defend with money? We are using it to build our own little piece of security; our condo; our house; our cave.

What is the prize? Security & safety.

Getting the picture now? Do you see where everybody is missing? Can you understand now how almost the entire population has a distorted view on money?

But not all. No, no, no. There are people who understand one crucial thing about life:




System is here. It’s powerful. It’s fertile. It’s great. What you have to do now is start playing synchronized with the system and not trying to play against it and then bitch how everything sucks and how you’re just another victim of the corrupt monetary system.

Ask yourself this: if the system is so wrong and so bad, then how come 2% of all owns 86% of everything this planet has to offer? Does that fact ring any bell? Can you reason it without that old ridiculous, “Well, there you go, you just answer it for yourself,” bullshit?


Hear this now and memorize it.


The reason why only 2% of all holds 86% of everything is because there are approximately only 2% of men and women who are really willing to make the most out of every situation they find appealing. And they can do it because in every given time, at every given place, you have only 2% of those who are willing to put their asses on the line. The real killers.

Only 2% of human population learned what it takes to use the most out of the system. Because, let’s face it: system is brand new. It took millions of years for us to develop. It takes time and this system that we have created is just a baby.

2% of people are holding 86% of useful planetary resources. We suddenly have 150.000.000 people who get the system. A whole lot more than you thought, right?

You don’t believe this? OK, how many guys and girls aced in your high school class? How many fellows and young women aced during your college time? How many people ace in your professional environment?

The number is always the same: 2%.


Only 2% of people understand WHICH HABITS ONE HAS TO HAVE IN ORDER TO THRIVE and have the willingness to create them.


Luckily for you, habits are something that can be erased, rewritten and even to be written from the scratch. Another great fortune for you is that you will soon learn how to do it and that will put your life on a growth trajectory path in a following period.

Remember: Your future has not been written. Destiny is an abstract term derived from our fundamental ignorance and mental limitation because we can see only what we had seen. If no one would have told you that Earth is a sphere, how would you know that?

Stop wondering. Start doing. But do it right. Here’s your chance:


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