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20 Apr 2017

Working From Home Biggest Challenge

While working from home does seem as the most favorable option to make money, the whole concept hides one serious threat that might undermine your efforts if you fail to take it into the account.

The one thing that home-working environment is missing is the sense of professionalism, common for more traditional setups. And that’s the problem that’s unfolding itself in two distinct ways:

  • It soon starts impacting the overall efficacy and work output
  • It soon starts generating too many distractions


We are all basically indoctrinated to separate our professional from our private. You can feel that every time you go to work. The sense is simply different over there. The entire setup is pushing you forward.

Unfortunately, that energy cannot be replicated at home, no matter how cool office you set for yourself in an isolated room. Your profit will be less than expected and possible. Your state of mind will be far from optimal!

And here is why.

First of all, when you are at your home, you feel relaxed. It’s your safe heaven. Consequently, you are missing that edge, necessary to push yourself to the limits.

As you know, it wasn’t so hard for you to demonstrate the might at your work, regardless of how much energy the effort demanded. However, it’s pretty much impossible to achieve the same at home.

Back in your home office things are different, because not only that you are missing the “feeling” but also because you are missing the boss. Suddenly, there’s no one breathing in your neck and whipping your back every time you fall in that infamous procrastination period.

Then, there’s this other nerve-racking thing about home offices…

It’s the inevitable, frequent distraction caused by your partner, family members and friends.

You are always there and in their mind you are as good as available to do whatever the hell they feel like. The thing is that, due to that same indoctrination, they can’t take you seriously. In their minds, you are fooling around on your laptop “because, seriously, who in the world can make money that way?”

That’s how everyone around you thinks – without exceptions!

Luckily, there’s a way to tackle this problem and seriously boost your productivity. You might step on few toes here and there but that’s just simply unavoidable because, once again, you’ll disturb the routine and change habits. It’s just human nature, that’s all, but things will settle soon enough, don’t worry.

Be open-minded now and allow time for your logical (slow) thinking to suppress the instinctive (fast) one.

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Consider the following changes:

ways to unscrew your life fast


  • Lease the office space a bit further from your home address and set it up the way you like it.


It might seem irrational to spend money every month on a lease when you can do everything from your living room, but that’s an illusion.

In reality — and this is experience talking — that lease and that office will turn out to be the best moves you’ve made recently because:

A) People will immediately stop perceiving you as constantly available, and

B) You’ll get that vital sense of professional environment.

how to improve life fast


  • Set the working hours like it’s traditionally done in 9-5 jobs by placing the focus on STARTING HOUR.


It can be whatever makes you happy. If you feel like starting at 10 am, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t set it up like that.

Basically, the whole idea of setting the working hours just adds to the overall feeling of professionalism because “you are heading to your office” if someone asks!

The end time is pretty much irrelevant because, as you will find out if you make this transition, you’ll be spending much more time working than usual 4-6 hours, which is pretty much common for 99% of all work-from-home entrepreneurs.

That, of course, if you are pushing to make as much money as possible in a shortest time to then employ that money to work for you, as it has been originally designed when monetary system took over the world.


Just imagine how it would feel and you’ll see the perfect rationale behind this suggestion. Picture yourself walking to your office with the still warm, fresh newspaper in one hand and a coffee-to-go in another. See yourself taking a lunch break from which you don’t have to rush back because you are the tailor of your working schedule. Take the full advantage and eat something good while taking as much time as you like. After all, quality meal is an important part of the process!


While we are on the subject of being your own boss how about the blueprint for building full freedom?

Take a moment and introduce yourself to one of the most advanced personal development and business programs to date.

11 Apr 2017

Stand-alone SEO expert vs AdSense/AdWords expert. Who wins?

If you’re thinking about offering freelancing services as the SEO expert, think twice about your position on the market. In other words, think about the  exact type of the services you’re about to offer to the market. Should you go with general SEO only or should you become the AdSense/AdWords expert?


While it’s mostly up to you, there are few things you should know about the current situation on the market before you decide. And if you’re already on the market, I’m willing to bet that you’ll initiate the re-branding protocol, expanding the scope of your services or, on the hand, focusing on a precise part of the market and that’s Adsense oriented websites and AdWords users.


General SEO is counting its final hours. And this is why.


Let’s say that I hire you to rank my sales page on top 3 positions for $25 bid keyword like this one: “how to build business credit.”




It will cost me anywhere between $150 and $250 and it will take anywhere from 1 to 3 months. That’s a long period and the hype for my product may be over by then.

Of course, this will only work if I:

A) keep adding few fresh pieces of content every day, and

B) have a steady and pretty much large number of visitors who are genuinely interested in my content (not that redirect stuff from snipe and similar bullshit sites).

Now, the problem with this approach is more or less obvious:


I wanna sell immediately and not being forced to wait for your results


So let’s say that I’m OK with spending exactly the same amount of $200 to push my product but I want it today. I wanna see immediate results (clicks). What I’m gonna do is this:

  1. I’ll find a good copywriter and spend $80 for a single line of text;
  2. Then I’ll track down the designer, provide the brief for my product, give the line made by the copywriter and pay $100 for a single Facebook ad.
  3. Ad will be added to my ad set at Facebook, along with the remaining $20 budget with max. daily amount of $5.

Precise targeting (which is not that hard if you know your product), with the $5 per day budget will get me anywhere from 750 to 1,800 impressions, and perhaps even more if I decide in a favor or “spreading the word” option.


facebook ad targeting


Given the average FB CTR of 2.3% for well-designed and well-targeted ads, I’m receiving the immediate clicks. Better the pitch, more clicks I’ll get. And if my sales page is professionally designed, I’m looking at the good conversion rate ranging from 7 to 12%.


So we used the same budget but accelerated the process. Can we save money?


Sure, because if you know how to look, you’ll find copywriter and designer for half of that money. That means much higher budget for what matters truly and that’s classic advertising.


But I know SEO. What do I do? How do I cash in on my expertise?


You merge your SEO expertise with AdSense and AdWords. This is where real money hides.

You see, AdSense is a technical thing. It relies solely on keyword positioning and pagerank. Can you force pagerank with SEO? Ordinary, yes, but in case of Adsense one has to wonder about the factors they’re using to determine that pagerank. Maybe they’re basing their decision on a number of clicks specific ad subgroup gets on a specific website? One simply cannot disregard that option, regardless of what might Google claim.

SEO in a classical meaning is useless in this case. What website owner needs are followers or the readers who stick on his content for way more than 5 seconds. That’s the only chance for some of them to click on the ad and send the signal back to Google. But that’s only a half of the problem.


And this is where SEO expert is needed


Average website owner knows shit about how it’s done. But if smart, he/she will hire an AdSense expert to do 3 things:

  1. to dig out the most promising (optimal) keywords
  2. to place the keywords in an optimal position relative to the ad placeholder
  3. to adjust the content accordingly.


The best chance to have a high ranking (more expensive) keywords ads is to place the ad as closer to that same keyword as possible! Naturally, you need to know what that keyword is.


And to do that, a website owner needs someone to tell him what keyword should he optimally use in what place.

That falls in a field of SEO expertize and that’s you. If my website is completely oriented toward Adsense (as some of them are), I’ll pay you good to help me out and optimize my content in a best possible way.


Same applies to AdWords


AdSense and AdWords go hand to hand. If you’re any good in SEO and you’re looking to go pro with it, I suggest you consider licensing yourself as both AdSense and AdWords expert with the particular focus on the latter. Those are high-in-demand fields because it is not that easy to set up an efficient Google AdWords campaign for example.

People are losing money and accomplishing mediocre results at best just because they are trying to be smart about it without spending some time learning it properly. For the amount of money less experienced advertiser spend on campaigns, a great expert could be hired to optimize the campaign and bring more money (higher ROI). But not everybody thinks this way.


It’s up to you to bring the problem to them


Which means that you’ll be on a constant lookout, scanning for websites that are AdSense oriented, keep analyzing them and when you find a flaw, you’ll contact the owner/admin directly and pitch your services.



You’ll point out the problem and convince the person in charge that you’ll fix it for them.

Same goes for AdWords. You’re seeing the ads every single day and you must’ve noticed dozens that are not entirely optimized. Click on the ad, contact the owner and pitch your services. When he/she sees that you’re licensed expert, it will be hard to say no to you. Just make sure to use some portfolio examples to make your case stronger.


So…what will it be?


Still thinking about going pro or part-time as general SEO expert who’s pitching pagerank services or do you see where the real money is? What’s it gonna be? Let’s hear you. Use the comment box. Others would like to hear from you.

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10 Mar 2017

The most reliable option for making money online is under your fingertips

Is it a survey? Amazon’s mechanical turk? Affiliate marketing? Maybe dropshipping? How about Forex or betting?

Each of the mentioned options is marketed as the viable option for making money online, from the vicinity of your home office. With the exception of surveys, the undeniable fact is that they are truly the viable ways to make money online.


However, there are few problems with each of these.


  • Amazon’s mechanical turk is a penny-maker. For the most part and for the most people, it’s a complete waste of time.
  • To make good money as an affiliate marketer, you have to accumulate tremendous experience and be a natural seller.
  • Dropshipping, beside the essential sales and marketing skills, requires a skillful navigation through the sea of offers just to distill couple of the most reliable ones.
  • Forex, same as any other options trading, requires some advance financial education and natural gift for trading on global financial markets.
  • We don’t even have to discuss the effectiveness of the online or any other kind of betting, for that matter.


What are we missing here?


The most obvious.

What is your current, or what was your former occupation?

What made possible for you to do it?

What else do you hide? What other skill do you have hidden in your sleeve? Is there perhaps something you would be willing to further perfect or learn from the scratch?

A long time ago, a friend of mine asked me to help him build the detailed non-fiction book he intends to publish. Back then, I was a detective. More accurately, a forensic technician, working the crime scenes. My writing was reserved to factual reports and analysis. But, I had this habit, the need to be more precise, to learn every last detail of something of mine or someone else’s interest; regardless of how complex that might be. My close social circle was literally making fun out of me because my answers to even the simplest questions were more similar to full-scale white reports.

In the background, under everyone’s radar, I enjoyed writing fiction. Crime novels with surprising twists were my thing. Indie publishing came in just the right moment, a month after I finished one of my greatest titles. So, in the moment I took, what turned out to be, my very first freelancing gig, I already had couple of short novels published through Amazon.

The non-fiction book we built together was a great success. It wasn’t long before me merged our forces to build another one. And another one.

Then, one day, while going over some blogs, I stumbled upon Elance,  a freelancing platform filled with clients in need for some kind of a non-fiction content. Just a perfect environment for someone with my skillset and experience. It marked the beginning of my professional freelancing career.

From that point on, the good portion of my monthly incomes, came from freelancing. The rest came from investments and, in my case, inevitable options trading.

Today, Elance doesn’t exist anymore as a stand-alone platform. Some time ago, they merged with oDesk and formed the new, massive, global freelancing platform known as Upwork. It’s the place where you can connect with the clients from all across the globe and provide them with some specific service. Services like web design; or blog writing; or marketing; or illustrations; or coding, or even virtual assistance.


Freelancing is arguably the most reliable and the most quickest way to make serious money online, from your home.


And to teach you how it’s done efficiently, Point of Sync academy, in association with the group of long-term professional freelancers, myself included, has build a completely free, advanced freelancing course.

The sole purpose of the course is to teach you how to take those first critical steps towards the full independence. Something that freelancing as the industry is enabling.

You have the unique opportunity here to learn if freelancing is perhaps a viable option for you, at least in the near future. Take a look in the world right under your fingertips.

How to become a pro freelancer, the free freelancing course

03 Aug 2016
free english online course

FREELANCERS: Know Your English or Struggle Making Money

We found the perfect FREE ENGLISH ONLINE COURSE because, if there’s one thing connecting the international market of any kind, that’s the English language.

It’s universal business lingo. This is even more emphasized in freelancing industry where the largest number of clients (prospects) is coming from English speaking countries such as US and UK. Therefore, they expect understandable, concise and meaningful cover letter before everything else.

Fail to deliver desired quality and your chances of landing the contract will rapidly decrease, regardless of your industry or niche!

One other thing must be mentioned here:

Knowing your English is not only important for writers but for all others be it designers, coders or virtual assistance staff.


This is a common, yet largely overlooked, obstacle for most of the non-English speaking freelancers. For some strange reason, many believe that communication like ‘Dear Sir/Madam, I name Ragnar Lothbrok and me is top freelancer‘ is quite enough.

Well, think again!

In most of the cases, awkward English in your cover letter will force REJECTION type of response. After a while, you’ll lose your enthusiasm and grow to hate freelancing. And all you failed to do to put your life on a certain growth trajectory path is devoting some of your time to learn proper English.

It doesn’t have to be perfect. You’re no professor of English composition. Heck, not even the US or UK based folks are using English flawlessly. But it does have to make sense because it’s irrational to believe that you would even be able to buy a bread let alone to arrange a business deal if you don’t speak the language!

So be smart about it.


FREE or PAID English online course?


Today, there aren’t much quality information that we cannot acquire for free. Internet is providing us with the unique knowledge database – free of any charge! At least for those who know where to search.

So, according to our principal belief that education of any kind MUST be free and efficient, we made an effort to dig out the perfect FREE ENGLISH ONLINE COURSE. 

Found on, one of the most respectable e-course services today, the course is segmented in a way that cover every single aspect of English language usage. From the most basic stuff to the more advanced like business communication – something every serious freelancer must learn.


All you need to enroll in this free online english language course are three things:


  1. email address
  2. working internet connection
  3. time


That’s all to it.

Make no mistake: shitty English translates in poor revenues and scarcity of contracts. You’re therefore strongly advised to take this seriously and learn how to communicate on this universal business language. Your future in freelancing industry depends on it! Improve the success rates of your cover letters!



14 Jul 2016
handling all types of payments and processing invoices with ease

How Are You Getting Paid for Online Work

Is your payment solution effective? How much did you lose on conversions and processing fees so far? Can you issue an invoice? Does is take forever to execute even the simplest money transfer? Taking ages to fill out the processing forms?

Whether you’re selling products, offering services as a freelance contractor, doing affiliate marketing or trading Forex, there’s one thing in the entire deal that proved itself as a serious problem – how to handle payments or even better – how to collect and use the money you’ve made, using the simplest channel to save money and time?

Is it PayPal? Skrill? Google Wallet?

None of the above!

The solution is under your fingertips all this time. One to fit ’em all!

The problem with payments for online-generated revenues


We all have our own private bank accounts in our countries of residence. But in this type of business, they are not quite effective. Awkward procedures, currency conversions, high fees, excruciatingly long time it usually takes to finalize the transfer, and complete inability to issue a simple invoice for delivered work – these are just a few problems you have.

Traditional bank account are quickly becoming obsolete. None provides with the efficacy and in our line of work, being fast and efficient are primary requests. And that’s only regarding the time. Just calculate your annual losses on account of currency conversion. Banks are fishing in that area, literary stealing away some of your money by cutting on median exchange rates.

In the same time, 80% of all monetary exchanges in our line of work is occurring in US Dollars ($).

So, how about you simplify in and out payment processing, improve your output, cut on unnecessary losses, and appear more professional in dealing with international clients?

One proven solution for all of our payment needs


As a freelancer or any other type of online entrepreneur, dealing with clients or affiliate services all over the world, you need the fast and effective solution for channelizing all of your payments, invoicing clients and using that money, which is most important.

And Bank of America, the single most powerful bank in the world, has provided us, the freelancers and other work-from-home entrepreneurs, with that solution. It’s been used by freelancers and affiliate marketers all over the world for years now, having over 3 million users from over 150 countries, and it lately got seriously improved, allowing you to, for example, issue invoices and even connect more advanced business apps to your bank account for customised invoices and bookkeeping.

Payoneer, the payment solution for freelancers and work-from-home entrepreneurs, we are referring to, quickly became the service of choice for over 3 million of us, throughout the world.

Why work-from-home entrepreneurs are choosing Payoneer as the primary payment solution


PayPal is great, of course. Skrill is not bad also. But there are only a handful of stores where you can pay using PayPal for example. You need debit or credit card for paying the goods and withdrawing your money from ATMs. That’s why those who are not familiar with the online payment processing are combining their private bank accounts and common online e-wallets such as PayPal.

The problem is: PayPal is charging too high fees and you can’t use it in your local grocery store.

When receiving payments, you are, in fact, losing approx. 4% on your every transaction. It’s even worse for freelancers because using PayPal for invoicing doesn’t make you look professional. It appears to your client that he or she is dealing with some inexperienced and frivolous kid, rather than a serious service provider. Decision to continue doing business with you can be seriously impacted by that fact.

As an entrepreneur you want 3 things:

  1. To save time
  2. To increase profit
  3. To appear professional

Payoneer bank account is providing with all 3 simultaneously.

Advantages that made us all to use Payoneer rather than some other service are simply staggering:


  • Extremely low fees,
  • Ease of usage,
  • Executing transfers via ACH for US payments, SEPA for EU payments and even for UK payments received in pounds. These transactions are quick (1-3 days in general) and cost you less than 1% in fees,
  • Simple-to-use invoicing system for charging your clients directly,
  • Connecting your Payoneer bank account with Upwork and all other freelancing platforms to receive fast automatic transfers with lowest fees (go to ‘Billings’ and add new bank account),
  • Connecting received MasterCard with PayPal, Skrill, Google Wallet and all other e-wallet payment services,
  • Connect your Payoneer US- or Euro-based bank account with Amazon and other high-end retailers to automate your affiliate and direct sales payments,
  • Connecting your Payoneer bank account with some of the top affiliate programs in the world, automating the cash flow,
  • Effective customer support,
  • Multilanguage support,
  • And many other advantages that make life easier by improving your image, increasing profit and saving time.


Let’s not forget that the entire system is smooth, secured and quite effective, making it easy for your global clients to make the payments using their company’s’ bank accounts.

How to charge individual client (non-company entity) for provided services


Let’s say that you signed the contract with the individual in US directly. He or she doesn’t have a company. What do you do in that case?

It’s simple. And we mean it.

A simple interface on your dashboard is allowing you to compose and send invoice that your client can pay with the regular credit card. All you need is client’s email address, first and last name and country of residence. Some fees do apply but in most cases and given that your client is satisfied with your work, you can include those fees (increase the total amount of your invoice) in your bill. Compared to all other online payment services, Payoneer has the lowest fees.

How do you use balance on your Payoneer bank account?


Payoneer will send you a standard, prepaid debit MasterCard that you can use in every country in the World for payments (fees-free payment) and ATM withdrawals. Again, that simple.

You can even connect the received Payoneer MasterCard with PayPal and other e-wallets and further expand your payment options!


At the end, it’s your choice, but have in mind that this recommendation is based on positive experience after years of using the Payoneer’s specialized service in freelancing, issuing invoices to network of international clients and receiving fast and low fee payments. And yes, we are all still using it.

In addition, you can download/request bank statements that are recognized in local banks for business loan for example!


Take a look to get the better feeling (link will open in a new tab, don’t worry 🙂 ) Oh, yes, you will receive $25 welcome bonus after you meet one simple criterion.



When you’re ready, let’s move on and teach you how to keep loading money on your new Payoneer account, OK 🙂

Choose between these 3 options:

  1. THE SEQUENCE MASTER COURSE, a free, advanced 6-module personal development and business course with proven 3-stage business model added.
  2. HOW TO BECOME A PRO FREELANCER, another free, extensive course, built by industry professionals, teaching you how to sell your services on international market and build the full scale business.
  3. HOW TO CREATE A WEBSITE THAT GENERATES MONEY, again, a free course, extracted from The Sequence master course, going in details about the only proven way to build an online business.



Take your future into your own hands and tailor it the way it best suits you.

08 Jul 2016

How To Write a Compelling COVER LETTER That Attracts Immediate Attention

Wondering how the client or employer sees your cover letter or proposal? Interested to know what are the elements we are looking for that trigger the interest and land you an interview? Want to learn how to write a compelling cover letter that attracts immediate attention? Dive in. This extensive tutorial will teach you how to write:

  • Cover Letters for the upcoming job interviews
  • Cover Letters (bids/proposals) for landing profitable freelancing contracts
  • Business proposals sent to prospects

Understand that underlying principles of cover letters are always the same, regardless of their purpose. It’s vital for your future growth that you learn how to address the prospect in a way that attract an immediate attention and puts you on the top of list.

COVER LETTER Through The Eyes of The Client/Employer


The following content is, in fact, part of the lesson from the academy’s advanced FREELANCING COURSE. It’s the principal model used in any kind of the cover letter or proposal. If you ever wanted to know what your targeted prospect is looking for in your cover letter – this is it.

To explain the entire process of choosing the freelancer, through the eyes of the client who posted the job in search for the optimal service provider (freelancer), or the employer searching for the workforce, we’ll reflect to one of our latest contests – the job post we published on several major (i.e. Upwork) and relatively new (i.e. goLance) freelancing platforms.

Remember: JOB POST of any kind, has exactly the same nature and requests, be it a freelancing gig or a search for the traditional workforce.


In short, we were looking for a rather complex SaaS solution, where functionalities and design simply must “sell” the powerful message behind the concept. In other words, we were taking the very first steps in branding an entirely new and innovative solution for many across the Globe. As you can imagine, it’s not a child’s play.

Here’s the job post text we placed on Upwork:

We are in a process of collecting proposals with included quotes (turnaround time and fees) for our next project. Thus; ignore the “$5000” in proposed budget. It means nothing at all. We had to enter something. It’s you who need to propose the fee after all, right?

In short, we need a complete web solution, built on parallax base, that, to some extent, mimics the standard equity crowdfunding platforms.

Generally speaking, the web will share much of resemblance to, for example, platform, only, instead of classic crowdsourcing model, in the first round of funding, investors will use a developed voting system (one vote per registered user which identity is verified through payment process to prevent duplicated accounts – and each registered user will have a clear sight on a total amount of funds (sum of all individual campaigns). Each “vote” will carry a certain, predefined monetary value. Each individual campaign will have a special section at the base of the elevator pitch with the number of collected votes, visible to registered users only!

One other thing you need to consider is that the entire process of raising capital will occur in two rounds where the first round is limited to predefined maximum value of vote, while the second round is unlimited, meaning that the investor has the liberty to invest any amount of money – in the winning campaign.

Yes, it will be a sort of the contest so you have to develop a system which will pop out the campaign with the biggest number of votes after a specified period of time. This is when second round starts, ending, again, in a specific time period.

As much as we need the entire set of marketing tools, incorporated in a simple to use UI, each individual campaigner will need it also. You must enable built-in features like youtube/vimeo videos uploads, contact form, file download and everything else found on every other standard crowdfunding platform.

Think in future and open door for upgrades and quick changes!!

Final details will be explained to the selected contractor. Be advised that the information in this communication are subject to criminal prosecution if leaked or misused in any way.

Also, please understand that we are in a certain hurry, which is, I guess, the new normal these days, and a rapid response will be much appreciated.


*The entire deal will go over the Upwork platform. No direct engagement and/or payments/communication will occur.
*Make sure to provide with the sample work that can clearly demonstrate your ability to develop a solution of this scope
*If you start your proposal with “Dear Sir/Madam” or “Dear hiring manager,” your proposal will be automatically rejected
*If you fail to prove your expertize, your proposal will be rejected
*Don’t even bother responding to this project if you intend to just copy/paste some generic crap. Keep in mind that you’re dealing with the team of former professional freelancers. We know how to recognize something like that.
*Given the above, MAKE SURE to think this through and respond with clear understanding of the problem and vision of the solution.
*If there’s something you need a further clarifications with, just ask in your proposal and we’ll discuss it over the platform’s messaging system

You will be asked to answer the following questions when submitting a proposal:

  • Why do you think you’re a good fit for this job?
  • How much time will it take you to develop the final work
  • If the ball and the bat cost $1.10 and we know that the bat cost $1 more than the ball, how much is the ball?
  • Do you have any experience with equity crowdfunding?
  • What’s the second word of the third paragraph of this project description?


Here’s one of the cover letters (proposals), a sample similar to 90% of everything we received. This one is from goLance, a fast rising freelancing platform with the staff-made optimal picks of freelancers:




As you can see, there’s not a single answer to any of the specific requests in the proposals. On the last question (…second word…), the answer was, and we quote: “we need a complete web solution.” Furthermore, the answer to the riddle was: “2.”

Now, ask yourself: would you hire this service provider to build you something like that or would you hire this person to work for you?

No, you wouldn’t.

As a client or employer, you are looking for 3 things, while reviewing cover letters (proposals):

  1. OPTIMAL portfolio sample(s)
  2. FEEDBACK (letter of recommendation), if any


Check that sample proposal one more time please. Do you see any of these 3 anywhere in that text?


OPTIMAL portfolio sample(s)


It’s basically the sample of your past work that clearly proves your expertize in a nature of the project you’re bidding on, or industry/niche you’re trying to get the job in. We’ll explain this matter in more details shortly.

What if you haven’t had a chance to build/create/work something like that so far even though you are clearly capable of doing it – like 80% of all proposals claimed?

Why haven’t you built it/work it so far?

If you know how to develop some complex solution (and you can truly know only what you’ve experienced/done), why didn’t you take some time and build it to further strengthen your portfolio?

If you are competing for a business strategist position, you simply must have the business strategy sample in your portfolio. It’s that simple and applies to every field or type of employment, even self-employment!


As you know by now, PORTFOLIO is your most valuable asset. The day cannot pass that you don’t reflect on your portfolio and make essential upgrades/changes. Yet, hardly anyone is doing that.

So, if you want to land a gig similar to one we sampled, MAKE SURE TO BUILD A BOGUS ONE IF NEEDED and PLACE IT IN YOUR PORTFOLIO. Otherwise, nobody will consider you as a viable provider. That’s especially the fact when one of the proposals clearly indicates the essential level of expertise in that field!

In our case, a European agency sent the proposal with portfolio samples that correspond with the nature of our project. Still, they don’t provide with the full service, only the back-end. But that’s easy to solve from our perspective.


What gave them an edge? How come they were picked among everybody else?


They specialized in one specific field. It just happened to be the same field we were looking for. In other words – and do memorize this:




What about the COVER LETTER? What does it mean to the client?


Take a look at the riddle in the job post, put there to eliminate spam proposals. Now, take a look at the answer in the sample proposal, which, by the way, is more or less the same answer provided by 90% of all who sent their proposals.

The answer is wrong but that’s not the biggest issue here. 85% of all people will instinctively provide with that same wrong answer. To understand that, we suggest that you go through THE SEQUENCE Master Course and see how the way you are thinking and solving problems, has a decisive impact on the quality of your life! There’s a chance that you’re not doing something right. The Sequence master course will correct those errors and teach you the right way!

Back to our sample cover letter…

The rest of that proposal simply blows! You can’t sell water to the thirsty person with it, let alone yourself and your services.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of all cover letters is just the same – waste of time, both freelancer’s and client’s.

The problem is: you’ll be memorized as someone who can’t provide with the service because, if you’re not capable of creating a simple, meaningful proposal, how on Earth will you be capable of delivering solution?

That doesn’t necessarily have to be for a fact, but that’s how client sees it and that’s what counts only!


So you see now why it’s critical to:

A) Build and constantly upgrade your PORTFOLIO

B) Learn how to sell your services (yourself) with the simple COVER LETTER, in less than 300 words!


Therefore, make sure to go through the FREELANCING COURSE. It’s free and you’ll learn the craft of the effective cover letter.

Memorize it! Practice it. See how it applies to every type of job you’re bidding on. See where your portfolio can be tweaked and tweak it!

And keep in mind that everything explained in here applies to the traditional job interview, where you’re seeking to get the job and work for salary. The underlying principles are exactly the same! You’ll either sell yourself or not. There’s nothing in between.

Now, follow our lead where we explain how to write a compelling cover letter or business proposal – if you haven’t finished our HOW TO BECOME A PRO FREELANCER COURSE. Who knows, maybe it will open your eyes for a different kind of alternative. Something you didn’t even consider as a viable option so far.

Ready to upgrade?

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Learn how to write the compelling COVER LETTER and prep the environment to radically increase your chances