Why You Do What You Do?

Why You Do What You Do?

The answer might shock you and rock your entire belief system!

The majority, or some 80% of the entire human population, base their lives on these two principles:

  1. I’m doing just fine considering and I like things the way they are. It’s not like there’s some alternative in this world for me.
  2. Something will eventually come up. I just need to be patient and wait for it.


What you do for a living?


Why you do it?

After my first question, you were thinking about your job. And when I asked you the second question, your first thought was – money. Not your wife…not your kids…hell, not even you.

It was money.

And if I ask you right now, do you think that money is the single most important thing in life, what would you answer me?


What you do for a living?

Why you do it?


I’ll tell you why.

Because you don’t know any better. And you don’t know any better because those who taught you either didn’t know any better or didn’t want to know. All they knew was that they have to teach you this:

You have to finish the school and work hard for your money.


Well, they were wrong for the most part.

The fact is…you don’t have to work at all. You just don’t know it yet.


Your formal education prepared you for the job. That was and still is their main intention.

They set you up on a path where you have to know something to be able to sell your labor for money.

Of course, corporations have nothing against that system. It’s been popping out the workers like a freakin’ conveyor bay; each and every totally oblivious of the reality.

However, on the long run, nobody benefits from the worker who’s completely unaware of the reality. System the least. Because, what’s the use of the large swimming pool if nobody knows how to swim?


Now, ask yourself this: Why do you expect to swim fast if you don’t even know that swimming is an option?


Yes, there is something they didn’t teach you in school. And they didn’t teach you because it would simply be counterproductive from the perspective of the corporate world.

Corporations are spending good money on lobbying for a specific type of education.

That’s why school systems around the world are considered to be obsolete and useless. People instinctively know that. You know that. Only you don’t know why.

Understand this: you’re the sum of everything they’ve taught you or missed to teach you. That’s who you are right now.


You have a choice here.

Continue with whatever it is that you do to put the food on the table or join over 150,000,000 people who understand how our system works.

It’s up to you and nobody else.

What we can promise you is this: 2 weeks from now, you won’t be able to recognize yourself. Your mind will open for the alternative. It’s that same alternative everybody keeps telling you that it doesn’t exist. And yet, you’re seeing it all around you, don’t you?


Now, open your eyes.

Welcome to reality.

Famine, tragedy, bankruptcy, debt, unemployment rates, desperation, stress, poor people, rich people.

Your automatic response on these words is anger and despair. There’s this entire apocalyptic movie rolling in front of your eyes. It seems like the whole thing is about to collapse and you’re not sure what to think about it. Is it for the better or for the worse?

The very next thing that comes to your mind is the urge of finding the culprit. Who or what is responsible for this dreadful and desperate situation?

According to many, there can only be one.

The monetary-market system


But then again, we have over 150,000,000 people that own 86% of everything this planet has to offer. Furthermore, we have 75,000,000 people that hold almost half of all the money we have in the system.

How do you explain that?


If you’re a fan of the Zeitgeist Movie, you have to realize one critical thing: Peter Joseph got the facts right. Only, he drew completely wrong conclusions.

No matter how hard it may be for you to comprehend what I’m about to tell you in next 3 minutes, know this: mind is changed by the event. And this may easily be the event you’re looking for. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here.

You see, those 2% that own 86% are doing nothing more than exploiting the built-in mechanisms of the monetary-market system. That’s the only difference between them and the rest of the population. The majority simply doesn’t understand the system.

And when there’s something we don’t fully understand, we tend to resist it. Because, the unknown scares us. It’s one of two primary fears common for every human being. The unknown triggers our defense mechanism and then we have only two options: to fight or to take a flight.


No matter what you think, the truth is simple and obvious: monetary-market system is the best societal concept this species has ever built. It allows equal chances to anyone.

We are talking about the opportunity to rise and reach the point where human labor is no longer necessary for the survival.

No other system before enabled something like this. Throughout the past, you had to be of royal origins or deeply connected with them to live a safe and high-end life. But not anymore. New system, the monetary-market system is designed to remove the possibility of one-sided control.

In addition, the system presents the ultimate hack. We tricked the nature and completely removed the primary notion known as the survival of the fittest. Take a look at the following diagram and you’ll understand it.


Debt - our greatest hack


What you just saw is in fact a brilliant design made by only a handful of people, who used their power and influence to finally overthrow the ruthless individuals from their thrones, making possible for every human being to create the wealth and absolute freedom. It was something unseen until then.

Unfortunately, due to misperception, common for the majority of the population, these few brilliant minds have never received the recognition for their liberating and brilliant upgrade of our entire species.


And here lies the reason why so many people are struggling to make the most out of life.


System is relatively new. It’s just a baby. It will take centuries before every man and woman on this planet accepts and understands its brilliant advantages. It’s just the way we operate as the species.

But there are always those capable of seeing the bigger picture and understanding those small, seemingly hidden details. It’s what gives them an edge.

You can see it all around you.

For some seemingly strange reason, every here and there, special kind of person emerges from the crowd and manages to amaze the entire population.

There’s nothing mystical in that. Those are simply the people with the vision and knowledge. They know how to operate because they understand how system works.

They know what levers to pull and what buttons to push.

And same as they’ve learned, so can you.

It has nothing to do with the luck. There is no conspiracy. There is no “soon to come end of everything” as many claim. There’s only reality. And that reality is brutal. Either you live in abundance or you struggle to survive. There’s nothing in between.


You have a choice here


You can wait and see what happens or you can learn what you’re doing wrong and how to correct it in order to reach the Point of Sync.

Choose right.


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