Monetary System Conspiracy Theory Challenged


Monetary System Conspiracy Theory Challenged

Money has been the part of our societies for a long time now. Copper, silver and gold coins were exchanged for the goods in the times of Egyptian Pharaohs and Roman Emperors. We grew habit of using the money to supply our needs. And that habit is derived from the times of our ancient ancestors and the very first exchange or natural resources.

Money is here now to control the process and to allow those that don’t grow or breed to be able to feed themselves and to establish their settlements. If you want to live in a city and not breed animals and vegetables in a nearby village, you have to pay for it.


How did we come up with the idea of virtual value?


It’s our advanced eye for beautiful and astonishing.

Every species has its own way to distinct nice from ugly, but our contemporary brain has pushed this ability beyond limits. We experience beautiful on a different level. And we want more of it. That’s what gave the virtual value to gold, platinum and diamonds.

Step by step and we’ve invented a neat new way to substitute the gold. Something more practical and far more effective. It was the money.

But what gives money its value in our current setup?



Money makes money. Money determines the value of the money. And money is controlled by the few people controlling the central banking systems of most of the World’s governments.

They say there are only 118 people at the top of the food chain (conspiracy theory). 118 people are exploiting the most out of our society and surrounding nature. According to the conspiracy theorists, those are most likely people at the Boards of the central banks.

From there, money flows into the global banking system to be INVESTED.

So, for the sake of our argument, let’s say that all of them are right and that there are only 118 people who run the show.


How that works?


Governments, companies and people are loaning (using) money (made out of nothing) to buy supplies, food, shelter, commodities and luxuries. It’s that simple and it is the fact. Money is made out of nothing. It is made by the signature on a bank loan contract.

And here’s the problem: that money is given with the interests.

The implications may sound mind-blowing when you hear conspiracy theorists, but essentially they are not. And here’s why:

If you have the Point Zero where no money exists and then you switch momentarily into the situation where the very first money is issued to the government X, from where will that same government X extract the extra money to cover the interests?

Well it won’t extract it per se. Instead we have the set of “security” instruments that allows government to “buy time” while in reality all they do is loan more money from the banks.

Now you might be wondering about the sanity of the system because it is obvious that sooner or later we’ll reach the point where government will not be able to pay the fiddler and the entire system will then collapse.

The reality


That will never happen because those 118 boys and girls can only make more money if they issue more money.

It’s a perpetual cycle that, in all fairness, doesn’t have to end. They simply MUST print and INVEST more money. It’s the principle of the monetary system and modern money mechanics. Even if they want to collapse the country to obtain its natural resources, what’s that got to do with you? That of course, if you’re synced.

It’s a joke. They are very cautious about this because last time they tried to pull something like this, World War II broke loose. They are smarter now and you’re about to adopt that wisdom.

What they do now is executing the smart revival mechanism when debt reaches the critical levels.

All you have to do to see this revival mechanism in practice is to compare the value of a currency, let’s say USD, in 1920 and now and you’ll see how the value of the USD decreases while country’s reserves are rising; along with the national debt (reserves and national debts lines show same trend; they follow each other). In one point of time, those two lines crossed each other and while reserves and debt are still rising, value of the USD is seemingly plunging.

That might lead you to conclusion that sooner or later debt and reserves will hit the ceiling and the whole system will self-destruct. At least that’s what conspiracy theorists and apocalyptic preachers are serving to the general population.

In reality, those are the folks that don’t see the forest from the single tree, because there is no ceiling! They never made an effort to learn how system works and in order to justify their laziness; they come up with all sorts of scary stories – to make money!

The truth is completely opposite of the demagogy.


Ask yourself this: if country’s debt increases, how come that same country can hold the money reserves since it is obvious that these two lines show same trends?

System won’t self-destruct because: what those 118 individuals have to do in one point of time is DENOMINATION on a global scale and that will return the game to the starting point, at least visually.

You see, you have the same reason here derived from the core principle of the monetary system: 118 people running the show can ONLY RUN THE SHOW WHILE THERE IS MONEY IN IT. Naturally, they will keep pumping in the money. That’s why we have pre-built instrument of debt. It forces governments, companies and people to keep the money in the system.

If there was no institute of debt in the system, we wouldn’t be having money in it, meaning that you wouldn’t be able to fund your startup or sign a lease, or get the mortgage. In other words, you wouldn’t have the leverage.

Institute of debt is providing you with the margin. Think about debt and interests as general motivators of population worldwide. It’s the main engine of the self-regulating and completely self-sustainable system which cannot be controlled by some king, emperor, or autocrat with the IQ of the cold room temperature.

It’s our version of the nature’s principle notion “survival of the fittest,” only in our case, nobody dies! That of course, if a person is willing to accept the social welfare.

Have you ever wondered about how governments around the World managed to pump in billions only 2 years after market crashed and world plunged into the shit known as Great Depression?


Have you ever wondered about how governments around the World managed to came up with billions of euros and dollars only few months after yet another crash in 2008? They came up with few trucks of gold? Who paid for that if there was no money? Ah, yes, they printed it…

Everything went down the drain. No money anywhere. And all of the sudden, out of nothing, EU and USA pump in billions of € and $ to revive the markets. They used the brilliant and totally misunderstood mechanism called: Fractional reserve banking!

When we are in serious need, we make money out of thin air and we can do it because we invented it and we are in control of it. Not some unknown entity or aliens. We the humans control the money! And while it took few years back in 30s, it took only months in 21st century to revive. We are learning, upgrading and perfecting.

But, regardless of the perfection of the system, it is clear that something just doesn’t work as it should, right?

The consequences


Same as we can see the lines of reserves, debt and currency’s value and their trends, same trends we can witness if we compare the net worth of those 1% that owns 46% of all money, with the net worth of the rest of population. One line goes up while other is going down.

That means that approx. 7.1 billion people are suffering direct consequences of the monetary system.

And by the commonly accepted dogma we have banks and corrupted governments to blame for the tragic situation.

We have poverty on every corner. We have homicide rates in increase. We have wars that simply won’t stop raging. When you think about it, human race, once erected, never stopped fighting wars and killing other members of the species. It is in our blood to act competitive and aggressive. Our brains learned how difficult it is to survive on this planet.

Because let’s not forget that while this is one large sphere, humans occupy only 2% of its surface. We don’t live on and under the sea and water in general. We cannot survive on high altitudes. We don’t live deep underground and only quantum of the entire human population is living on frozen land surrounded by the permanent ice. That’s not that big room when you think about it. Sooner or later we will squeeze out the natural resources because we’re multiplying like freakin’ rabbits and that is something to concentrate on.

But when did we start multiplying at this rate?


With the dawn of industrial revolution driven by the monetary society. From only 1 billion in 1800 to current 7.4 billion. It was also the time of the very first larger cities.

Predictions are that there will be 9 billion humans in 2040.

So when you think about it, if it wasn’t for monetary society and our constant desire to compete and to perfect, you and I might not even exist today. Because, without the onset of the industrial revolution and monetary society, our number would most likely revolve around 1 billion mark. And you bitch against the system…

But the fact is: more people are getting poor by day while 1% is accumulating ever more. 1% of us all are draining out the money we have in a system. Working force gets paid less and less, and burdened by the bank loans and overpriced goods and commodities, they eventually bankrupt.

What will happen when they drain all money from the system?


It does sound rather apocalyptic, doesn’t it? Logical thought would be that we have to change something and we need to do it A.S.A.P. as some suggest. This is even more emphasized when you take another fact under consideration: we do control the money, but we use that money to exploit Earth’s natural resources.

What will happen when we drain every last drop of it?

Well, our current advances already allow us to produce food at accelerated rate. With the birth of vertical farming and advancements in DNA manipulation research, we will cover our needs. We’ll make the supplies on our own.

The only real issue we are facing with is the fresh water but we will figure that out if we ever face the difficulties. 1% of usable, clean fresh water supply on this planet seems like a small number but in reality, that’s a lot of water.


Yet, there are those who simply refuse to recognize the reality of things. They are afraid how we are digging our own grave.

It wouldn’t be a problem if they would keep it for themselves. Panic and ignorance cause them to play a dangerous game – to spread panic and unwittingly endanger people’s lives.

Some of them are even suggesting specific alternatives to avoid sure to come doomsday of the human species. But none of those alternatives can be employed in a practical way, no matter how enthusiastic they seem. In all fairness, it’s just a waste of time.

What’s wrong with proposed alternatives


There are plenty futuristic societal designs with Venus Project as one of the most discussed. It is a theory of modern, futuristic society originally created by Jacque Fresco, self-described structural engineer. The proposed alternative is a resource-based economy as opposed to our current monetary and consumer society.

What Fresco proposes is use of advances in technology to free the people from hard labor and to provide the equal conditions to everybody where money and power do not exist.

In theory, this is all lovely and most of it should be (and is) adopted in current practice.

In reality, Venus Project can potentially only exist as a small community while still having to abide to the global rules of trading. Which implies that while the people who reside in Venus town do not use the money, they will still have to produce surplus and sell it to the “outside” world in order to stay connected. Hence, they will use money.

It will never go transcontinental and it will never exist as the society. Because, deliberately or not, Fresco seems to forget about the envy, intemperance, competitiveness, ambitions, occasional selfishness and aggression.

There will always be those who think that they deserve bigger house than others.

And when you think about it, maybe they are right. Why would someone, who’s been sitting for the entire days watching TV and doing absolutely nothing to increase his odds, have the same rights as you who spend 8-10 hours per day working on that agenda?


The only way for Fresco’s idea to work, even on that small local level, is to ENFORCE the certain set of behaviors which implies banning and penalizing some other behaviors or some sort of global behavioral therapy that’s been researched for some time now. We all know what that would bring. Whenever someone tries to enforce something, humans respond with resistance and rebellion.


And let’s not forget about something else.

No money (gold, diamonds or whatever the hell valuable item it may be in use in future society), means no automatic control of the market.

Who gets what and in what quantities?

It appears that all futuristic societies are relying on “collecting” and “rations”. The absence of “buying” action implies that somebody somewhere must “prescribe” the quantities per capita. How much bread, meat, milk, carrots, cars and all other goods are you allowed to “collect” per month is apparently the matter of the global consensus.

Now, do you really want someone to “prescribe” the “dose” of meat you can have per meal?

Do you honestly believe that humankind is capable of reaching the consensus of this kind?

Or do you believe that we can produce the surplus to cover intemperance of 10+ billion people in the future?

That would be one lazy and fat society…

Thus, Venus Project and similar utopias cannot be the final global solution.

So what we can do?

Deeper understanding of reality


1% is approx. 75 million people (give or take). And we allegedly have 118 (give or take couple of hundreds or thousands) who take most of it. If that is the fact, then who are those 75 million people? Do they all own banks? No.

These are the people who understand the system and live synchronized with it. They’ve reached the Point of Sync – something you MUST do in order to live free and in abundance. Every other approach is useless and counter-productive.

You see, in reality, we have a perfect, yet least understood system among all that we have created over the millenniums. It appears that only 1% of the entire human population or 75,000,000 people “dig” the system and operate according to its rules. And rules are simple once you look deep enough.

What did we say about how those 118 make their money?

By lending it to the governments, companies and individuals through banking system.

What is the primary function of all that money?

To produce stuff that can be sold to the people. In other words, money is INVESTED into the production of the goods that are then sold to the general population, companies and governments. People on the other hand are selling their labor and loaning extra money from the banks to purchase the goods. Do you see the pattern already?

There will always be more than enough people who will start to work, loan more money from the banks, spend everything and die poor. All they have to do is to print more money and inject it into the system. Add the interests from paid loans and you’ll always have money in circulation.

It may seem unfair but ask yourself this: If you are willing to spend 8+ hours of your EVERY day working, to make the progress and reach the point of sync, while Jim is sitting in front of his TV with a cold Bud in his hand, watching football and blaming the government for his poor lazyass destiny, why would Jim have equal or more than you?

System is fair. You’ll get proportionally to the value you’re bringing to the group. Jim brings least or no value at all thus, Jim is about to lose his TV. It’s a perk he doesn’t deserve because he’s acting more like a parasite than a normal human being.

And yet, state will cover people like Jim and prevent certain starvation; something nature would never do.

Have you ever wondered how they can come up with few billions to cover refugee crisis in Europe and only a month before that they were all swearing how there is no money for some domestic socially sensitive matters or increase of salaries?! But they can fund the refugees and they can fund the warfare on the Middle East. It’s the same mechanism that keeps people like Jim alive against all odds.

System is fully self-sustainable as long as there is someone pumping money in it. And that’s the reality of the things.

We are the guilty ones


Because we didn’t make the least of the efforts to learn and understand the system. Our passivity and ignorance have led the system to the breaking point on several occasions so far and it will inevitably occur few more times until we finally reach the perfect balance.

In the same time, from whatever angle you look, with the objective and unbiased eyes, this is the only societal setup that provides equal chances for almost everyone. No other system so far managed to do so because wealth and life in abundance were conditioned by person’s origins throughout the history.

Today, that is completely irrelevant. Anybody can detach from the obsolete and dangerous thinking and make his way up, making more money that he could spend. 75.000.000 examples prove that!

Instead, most people are working on their 9-5’s, keeping whatever extra money they have in a drawer and loaning more money from the banks, buying stuff and living way above their true standard and buying power. And regardless of what you might think, devaluation of currency, increase of prices, inflation rate and expensive interests you have to pay back to the bank have nothing to do with the low levels of buying power.

The true reason behind poor buying power in middle-class is their false perception of the money and total oblivion toward the rules of the system.

And those rules imply that you MUST INVEST your money in order for it to reach its true purpose. Money makes money thus; money has to be part of the cycle and not part of your drawer, sock or some lame savings account. You must think problems and solutions and not drawers and savings accounts. Bank loans are invented to fund the businesses! Current strategy of issuing consumer loans is simply the act of necessary adaptation because no one wants to start the business!

In other words, nobody is willing to move from the illusion of the comfort zone and solve some problem. Nobody wants to make money. Most people just want to earn money. Or to put in in more precise way: to sell their labor for the pre-agreed, fixed monetary compensation. There’s a big difference between making money and earning money!

Now recall the 80/20 rule.

Here is your reason behind current global financial situation and most likely your personal one! System is optimal, only you don’t know how to use it. That’s the fact and you can believe whatever the hell you want, that won’t change the reality of the things.

And the reality is harsh: you’ll either sync or struggle. There’s nothing in between.

The global solution


Money is an abstract value made by the humans for the humans. Which means that we the humans are in total control of it. We control the money and not the other way around.

And while it may not seem like that from your current perspective, remember this: mind is changed by the event.

You’ve already experienced the event that ultimately started the process of alteration. That’s why you’re reading this. You are flat broke, close to that point or sensing the possibility for that to happen. Or you’re well aware (as you should be) that there’s something bigger here. Something you just don’t see.

You’re right.

Once you upgrade your matrix and start using the program we’ve developed for you, you’ll reach the Point of Sync inevitably. That means that you’ll start INVESTING your money in a smart way. And you’ll invest the money you’ve generated through multiple sources. We’ll explain in details how to set up businesses and how to invest; no worries.

As you progress and establish the network of investments using your own efforts and services of proven brokers(!), you will reach the moment where you don’t have to even think about the money, the work, or the future. Money will continue to make more money for you. Because it is the core of the system. All you have to do is live in the moment and enjoy the benefits of the perfect system most are not even aware of.

But now you might be wondering what will happen if we disturb the 80/20 rule. What if more people adopt what you will soon? Wouldn’t that be counterproductive? Nobody will work and who will produce then? What will make money?


It was never about the car, bread, condo, gold or diamond. It was always and it will always be about MONEY itself. And that’s the brilliance of the system once you understand it.

If we disturb the rule and move the ratio to, let’s say, 40/60, what will happen as a direct consequence?

Number of the available workforce will be seriously reduced due to the fact that most of them are now enjoying the benefits of the system. They are fighting bankers and elite 118 with their own weapon, if it sounds more appealing to you that way.

The beauty of it is that those 118 can do shit about it if they want to make more money. The only option they have is to pump up more money to supply the market. The process will never stop and at the end we will live in some sort of virtual reality where we all pretend that money has some sort of value. That illusion is our salvation!

With the drop in available workforce, companies worldwide are now facing serious problem: they cannot pay shitty hourly wage anymore because of the serious disturbance of the market. Now companies have to fight for the workers and not the other way around!

That translates in much, much larger compensation for the labor worker is providing or to put it simple, salaries will start to rise at the speed of the light. The market will crystalize itself because only those who know how to operate in this new and evolving environment will own the companies and as far as we are all concern, those 118 may own every single company in the world. Even better, because why should we sweat about it, right? Let’s have fun instead. If nothing else, it will be easy to pick the right stock – you wouldn’t be able to miss.

And as the ratio of those who are doing nothing but investing is increasing, global corporations will be forced to invest ever more resources into the automation of the process, bringing society a step closer to corrected Venus Project.

So theoretically, if 100% of people are using the same system those 118 are using, robots will do the labor for us while we are sun tanning on Tahiti. Because, those 118 will never stop pumping the money. They don’t know what else to do! Nobody does. And when you think about it, this is the perfect system because invention of money and its mechanics paved the way for every advance we enjoy today. This trend will only continue with money used as the primary instrument of balance.

This theoretical event will mark the point where the entire society has reached the Point of Sync.

Because let’s not forget one additional reality: more money you make, more ideas you get to make even more money. So, how about you start making money? Yes, it’s easier than you think right now because money is not earned, as you are led to believe. Money is made. And this is how it’s done!

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