What prevents people from executing their plans


What prevents people from executing their plans

Planning and mapping things is one thing. Commencing fire is something entirely different. In many life examples, people have developed amazing plans, protocols and strategies. They invested high quantities of time and money to create just the perfect blueprint. But when time came to move the troops in attack, everything went blank.

And then you have another type of people. These developed great business plans by doing everything by the book. Every single detail was researched and investigated. But once they started with the execution of their business plans, slowly but surely they started to deviate from them. In no time their operations got terminated.

As it turned out, once the operations have started and gained on the momentum, they became overwhelmed by the intensity. They’ve lost the sense of not only what are they doing but also why are they doing it.

Not even once did any of them take a single look at the bulletproof plans they’ve made. Once they pressed the start button, business plans ended up in a drawer to collect the dust.

And now they all agree in one thing:

If I was just disciplined enough to follow what I planned, I would be a millionaire by now.”


It is simple enough to sit behind the laptop and keep thinking shit up. When it comes to taking the action, however, people freeze. They freeze from the fear. It’s that primary fear of the unknown, common to all of us.


It all comes down to this: are you an astronomer or the astronaut?


It is the interest of every man to live as much at his ease as he can; and if his emoluments are to be precisely the same, whether he does, or does not perform some very laborious duty, it is certainly his interest…either to neglect it altogether, or…to perform it in as careless and slovenly manner as the authority will permit” – Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations, 1776.


In other words, as a human being, you always strive to use minimal efforts.

You need motivation to push higher. You need to remove limits and take that leap. You need a healthy amount of stress and anxiety.

It’s the “fight-or-flight” response all over again


It is the moment where you are expected to show the balls. This is the leap point and 80% of men and women are scared to jump. It is relatively unknown territory so it’s connected with one of two primary fears: fear of the unknown.

But this is what separates boys from men; girls from women.

The good analogy is this: when you are facing an imminent danger, coming from the approaching group of three men in some dark alley, what do you do? Do you take a hike or do you fight?

Starting the business is initially accompanied with basically the same mechanism controlling the fight-or-flight response. When time comes, your body is overwhelmed with the cortisol; a stress hormone that transforms your body into a fighting machine. People who know how to control this mechanism and how to use it in their best interest don’t think twice: flight is not an option. Instead, they slam into the group targeting the leader as their best chance to survive and emerge from the battle victoriously.

But unfortunately less and less people are willing to jump. All too often we are witnessing the ultimate “cowardness” resulting in total failure and disaster at later times. Because the lack of courage to confront the danger and the unknown now, will take its toll later on. Once you develop a habit of caving in frequently, you will start missing on obvious opportunities. Your days will go by following other people’s successes while you will start to feel trapped and betrayed. Soon you will start to blame the God, the world, the government and even a fish in a nearby lake for your misfortune and bad luck.

The fact will be – and you will be well aware of it: it’s you who should be blamed and nobody else.

Your reluctance to make the jump will backfire in every segment of your life because your brain will suddenly realize one thing: whenever you are faced with the choice, it causes serious disturbance inside the system, which forces the brain to use more resources to keep you alive and on the move. And since the only role of your brain is to keep your alive and happy by using minimum resources, it will simply shut down the portion responsible for recognizing opportunities. That will even lead you to stand in a wrong line at the supermarket. You will miss the moment when new line opens.

The bottom line is this: if you are so gutless that you won’t even risk a punch in your face, how the hell do you think to swim with sharks?

You have to be ready to occasional bite. And the world of business is a sea overwhelmed with sharks.

People are well aware of this fact and therefore they are reluctant to even try to jump in.


What they are not aware of is that a shark will never attack the other shark. Instead, they will quite often hunt together because there is enough of prey to go around. Why risking injuries.


Even during the planning, you will start learning how to behave like a shark to avoid bites and serious injuries that could potentially shut down your operations.

It is where most people miss, because planning the endeavor from the vicinity of your safe harbor and then trying to jump in the water without even feeling the temperature first spells disaster. It’s exactly that type of wannabe entrepreneurs that causes others to pull the brakes and not even try. Those are the people with the best intentions of personal and global progress but with the lack of knowledge and discipline to do what has to be done in order to succeed. And as they keep failing, others become scared.

The great analogy is a gymnastics championship and pommel horse competition. As soon as one of the competitors falls from the horse during the presentation, several others next in line will fail the same way.

In the same way, business failures that managed to echo through the community will freeze those less competitive and gutless. Regardless of the quality of their business plans and tremendous time invested into logistics and necessary preparations, they back down in the last moment. They become completely overtaken by the fear of failure. They freeze on the spot.

God only knows how many great ideas never saw the light of the day due to this.

At the end, they just weren’t determined enough because they failed to set the stage right.



People tend to burnout fast. It seems that nothing they can find on the internet helps dealing with it. It happens to all of us, almost without exception – inevitable weakening of necessary determination to endure throughout the entire process. 

However, there is a solution and it’s hidden in our nature or the way we are perceiving and sensing things.

As you know, we are visual and tactile creatures. That’s why only physical manifestation (a physical object) has the essential power to trigger the right switches in our minds.

That’s the reason why we the humans have something no other species on this planet has.

It’s the symbolism; something we are all depending on.

For instance, did you know that the single most efficient way to overcome low self-confidence and even low self-esteem issues, is to build the self-bow and shoot some arrows from time to time?

Sounds funny, doesn’t it?

Well, you can spend thousands on shrinks or you can build an efficient weapon, from natural materials, with your own hands. The former guarantees success, while the foremost does not.

Wondering why is that?


It’s because of what that self-bow represents every time you look at it; something shrink can’t give you! It’s a symbol — a physical manifestation — of your devotion, determination and success. A constant reminder, powerful enough to keep you on fire.

People are known to take just a swift look on the self-bows they made and automatically exit the acute procrastination period. That’s why we love tokens, emblems, talismans and all other symbols. Because they trigger the switch in our brain every time we lay our eyes on them!


They are the physical shape of our abstract achievement.


And that’s exactly why we made The Sequence Master Course available as a book. Sure, we answered to overwhelming number of requests, but we also understood the underlying reason of that same request. It was easy to identify with that sentiment.

But there’s another reason for that decision.

On your journey, there will be times when you’ll have to remind yourself on a specific segment. It is a complex matter after all, executed in the sequence of steps. Time will go by, causing permanent loss of specific memory blocks. The only way to deal with this, is to have the information in your vicinity, at all times.

Now, regardless of how you feel about your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, your automatic action, when in search for some info, is to grab the book!

It’s in our blood. We feel comfortable and safer when we have those information written somewhere.

That’s why, even though you have tons of simple apps to “write down the note,” you are still using the good old notebook, sticker or a sheet of paper and the pen to do it! You simply can’t resist it and you shouldn’t because screens will never replace paper just like keyboards will never — and they shouldn’t — replace pen.

A book, that you keep on your shelf, has the power to deal with both procrastination and oblivion. Something to consider and have in mind if you feel like losing it.

How do you know that you are ready to take the jump?


The moment you are satisfied with your business plan and have closed your financial structure, you are good to go. Waiting is not an option.

And there are few reasons why waiting is not an option:

  • more you wait, more money you lose
  • your will is getting weaker by the hour
  • level of determination you have when you are working on the plan must not weaken in any sense.

That why You have to make your move while everything is still warm and in your head.

Will you succeed?


We have no doubt in our mind and neither should you. The rule here is simple: whoever becomes determined to invest 8, 10, 12 or 16 hours per day on his idea will inevitably succeed big time. Because what you focus on expands.

It’s same as learning how to drive a car and eventually to master the speed races or stunts. If you are devoted and practice a lot, you will progress from someone who is not capable of parking the car to someone who can do it with his eyes shut and a cup of coffee on top of the roof – without spilling a single drop.

It’s all about devotion.

Will there be setbacks and occasional fails?


Name one system that is fully immune to this.

The way to think about this is simple and straightforward:


What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!


That means that even if you miss somewhere, you will learn on that mistake and avoid repeating it.

You see, up until now, much of mistakes you did, caused you to cave in even more. But, once you start the show on solid foundations such are those presented to you in the part discussing the money making plan, mistakes or setbacks will become normal rhythm of your life.

It’s basic statistics after all. Being successful entrepreneur means expanding your portfolio and working hard to solve ever larger problems. Sooner or later you will make the wrong move but that will bear small significance in your overall efforts.

Where do you start?


You will execute the first part of the program – Stage 1. It is your base of operations. In short period of time, this source will start to yield revenues.

As soon as you can cover the initial part of the Stage 2 of the program, you dig right in. Do as described and try not to deviate a lot. Improvisations are fine, but that doesn’t mean that you should change the backbone or the structure. It means that you can change the thing or two as you go without messing with the core concept.

Since this part relies heavily on the things you’re passionate about, it is in your best interest to stay persistent because in no time money will start flowing from this source also, opening the way for the execution of the Stage 3 of The Sequence.

This is the moment you were waiting for, because from that point on you will have 3 and preferably even more different and steady sources of incomes. Since you are focusing on all three they can only expand.

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