This is Who You Are, Right Now

This is Who You Are, Right Now

You are a man or a woman on a crossing point. A human being with the choice. And that alternative is what’s causing you to lose your grip from time to time. It’s a chemical thing.

You see, your belief system is strong and your actions are predictable when you only have one idea in your head. But when person holds two ideas of same strength, there is a chaos going on inside that person’s mind. And this is how it works:

The bio-mechanism of “CHOICE”


Your neurons communicate on a specific frequency for each specific task. When life runs according to your beliefs, the communication is synchronized – your neurons are resonating. But when person holds two equally strong contradictory information, it causes a dissonance.

That’s why you are feeling nervous, anxious and agitated now. Your entire belief system is collapsing. You are starting to question your sole existence. You feel like you’re losing your identity.

It’s OK. There is nothing wrong with it. You should welcome this breakthrough.

You are opening your mind to the alternative and becoming self-aware.

Your brain stopped the norepinephrine secretion since it became clear that something was wrong with the structure. It cannot survive in this environment. Something has to change.

The trouble is: you can only know what you’ve experienced. In other words, your brain needs some assistance. You have to provide your brain with the elements for the new structure.

Those who fail to do this are those who put the bullet in their head or embrace some spiritual dogma, even the extreme forms of religious beliefs.

That’s why it is important for you to adopt one new habit: from now on, you won’t distinguish information of right or wrong.

Instead, you’ll absorb everything and use the parts that bests suits you. Because, in essence, you can learn something even from a complete moron.






Who says that it was the right thing?

Your current situation clearly demonstrates that there was something fundamentally wrong with it.

Your parents, peers, friends and school failed to prepare you for a success, that’s all.

In the same time, you were so devoted to those principles, that you failed to learn and to develop.

It’s the power of belief system.


Nobody taught you how to properly manage the money, how to learn, how to grow in terms of success, and finally how to thrive in this new environment.

Don’t blame them for they didn’t know any better.

But what they didn’t miss was this: YOU HAVE TO WORK HARD FOR YOUR MONEY TO MAKE THE MONEY WORK FOR YOU. They only left out this second part of the “wisdom.” That’s it.

And now, you will learn how to do it from ground zero.


ACCEPT that. What’s done is done and there is nothing you can do about it. What you will do is to learn from it. You will embrace your every mistake as a tool for personal development.





ACCEPT the fact that you’re starting even stronger and smarter than you were just few days ago.

And here is an interesting stat to further boost your confidence.


Do you know that 80% of self-made millionaires are men and women who made tragic decision in younger days and ended up in debt of $50,000 and more? It’s one thing that is similar to all of them. It was that debt that acted as a wake up call, stimulus and brutal motivation.

So, wanna be a part of these elite 150 million men and women or you wanna continue with the struggle?

The choice is yours.

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