FREELANCERS: Know Your English or Struggle Making Money

free english online course

FREELANCERS: Know Your English or Struggle Making Money

We found the perfect FREE ENGLISH ONLINE COURSE because, if there’s one thing connecting the international market of any kind, that’s the English language.

It’s universal business lingo. This is even more emphasized in freelancing industry where the largest number of clients (prospects) is coming from English speaking countries such as US and UK. Therefore, they expect understandable, concise and meaningful cover letter before everything else.

Fail to deliver desired quality and your chances of landing the contract will rapidly decrease, regardless of your industry or niche!

One other thing must be mentioned here:

Knowing your English is not only important for writers but for all others be it designers, coders or virtual assistance staff.


This is a common, yet largely overlooked, obstacle for most of the non-English speaking freelancers. For some strange reason, many believe that communication like ‘Dear Sir/Madam, I name Ragnar Lothbrok and me is top freelancer‘ is quite enough.

Well, think again!

In most of the cases, awkward English in your cover letter will force REJECTION type of response. After a while, you’ll lose your enthusiasm and grow to hate freelancing. And all you failed to do to put your life on a certain growth trajectory path is devoting some of your time to learn proper English.

It doesn’t have to be perfect. You’re no professor of English composition. Heck, not even the US or UK based folks are using English flawlessly. But it does have to make sense because it’s irrational to believe that you would even be able to buy a bread let alone to arrange a business deal if you don’t speak the language!

So be smart about it.


FREE or PAID English online course?


Today, there aren’t much quality information that we cannot acquire for free. Internet is providing us with the unique knowledge database – free of any charge! At least for those who know where to search.

So, according to our principal belief that education of any kind MUST be free and efficient, we made an effort to dig out the perfect FREE ENGLISH ONLINE COURSE. 

Found on, one of the most respectable e-course services today, the course is segmented in a way that cover every single aspect of English language usage. From the most basic stuff to the more advanced like business communication – something every serious freelancer must learn.


All you need to enroll in this free online english language course are three things:


  1. email address
  2. working internet connection
  3. time


That’s all to it.


Make no mistake: shitty English translates in poor revenues and scarcity of contracts. You’re therefore strongly advised to take this seriously and learn how to communicate on this universal business language. Your future in freelancing industry depends on it! Improve the success rates of your cover letters!



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