This Is How Habits Influence Your Success


This Is How Habits Influence Your Success

Have you ever wondered about what exactly habits have to do with success? A lot more than you think. But we are not talking about some dumb, useless stuff like healthy dieting, recreation or yoga. We are explaining the primary habits. The ones that truly determine the balance on your bank account. 

Brace yourself. This is going to be a rough ride and perhaps a hard kick in your ego. Unfortunately, sometimes, there’s no other way but to be brutally direct. 


Every outcome, positive or negative, is a direct consequence of your action. It’s never about the referee or some higher power. It’s about you and your habits. In case you are wondering how come someone can spend months sailing the world without any financial worries, while you have to bust your back for 8-10 hours every single day and still fail to break even, here’s the answer: it’s you who are pulling the strings and subsequently deciding the overall quality of your life.

Not the system. Not the government. Not your rich neighbor. It was always about your actions and reactions. It’s about your habits.

Every dreadful experience you had with money, debt, career and even your sex life, is caused by you and your habits.


It’s time to learn what’s going on and how habits are influencing your odds and deciding the quality of your life.


Here we go.


Two main problems cause people to fail in their efforts:

1) Serious lack of knowledge and experience

2) Lack of determination and discipline.


Number 2 causes number 1 which cumulatively causes failures. In a sense, most people are set to fail sooner or later on account of the series of bad habits.

But it’s not that black as you think now. In fact, it is a thing that gives you an edge. 80% of self-made millionaires started their dizzyingly fast and effective rise from the point of being $50,000 in debt due to poor decision making caused by ignorance and lack of discipline.

Hell, my first attempt, in my early twenties, cost me close to $100,000. But the funny fact is: it would be a money well-spent if I knew how it’s done properly. By know, those $100K would generate several millions. Yet, due to poor habits and lack of experience, it became a really expensive mistake I learned from. And learned well, I tell you that.


Plenty of us did that same mistake.


And we all did it due to serious flaws in our programs. We all did it because we wanted it but just wasn’t developed enough to make it happen. Our habits were wrong and we lacked the ones that do count for success.

That event, when we found ourselves on the street with virtually nothing to eat, has delivered a decisive impact to our belief systems. Right cerebral hemisphere managed to disturb the left as brain has terminated secretion of norepinephrine since it became clear that something was fundamentally wrong with the original matrix.

That event opened our minds and we became more self-aware. You can observe that moment as the moment of revelation and epiphany. Because it was exactly that.

Being $50,000, $60,000 or $100.000 down with mouth to feed definitely grows hair on your ass and triggers the right switch. In a sense, every man should go through this purgatory. Because you emerge stronger and wiser. You became aware that something simply doesn’t add up and you start doing that same thing you did when younger – start learning the new stuff. But this time, you are in control of information. And you are very picky about the sources.


That means that you automatically ignore everything that shares any similarity with the previous program.


It’s because you are aware of a simple fact of life:


When you ban everything that isn’t the solution, whatever is left, regardless of how odd it may seem, must be the solution. The Occam’s razor principle.


And our society operates on two principles: success and failure. There is nothing in between. No shades of grey. You’re either a wolf or a prey.


Pick any segment of the life and you’ll see the same pattern. Same set of behaviors.


One group is operating upon the principles of the wolf and second group acts like grazers in African savanna. They go with the flow, trying to avoid risk and danger on every step of the way. Give me my grass (salary), secure my premises by sheer number (group) and I’ll be happy (comfortable). Sure I’ll bitch from time to time but I don’t really care that you’re eating caviar while I’m eating shit.


My shit is in a safe place. Your caviar is not.

This is the prey mentality. These are the people that will never move from the level of being “comfortable” or “having just enough to pay my bills.” It’s those on the “80 side” of Pareto principle; those who will make up an excuse.

It’s their habit to have just enough.


But they still buy stuff, don’t they?


What they are essentially doing is allowing the current of the system to randomly slam their micro-systems against the rocky banks. It’s just not the way to live your life, isn’t it?

My guess is that You are not like that. I believe that You are a wolf.

How I figured that out?

If you were to be a prey, you would never end up reading to this point. You would never attempt to exit your comfort zone and something is telling me that you’ve already tried on several occasions. Something triggered your killer instincts and you tried. God have you tried. But it was like trying to swim across the Atlantic during the winter with nothing but the swimming trunks on you. Sooner or later you’re gonna drown.


And why did you try to swim across like that?


You didn’t know that the water will be so damn cold and that it will eventually drain all the energy from you.

Nonsense…you know that you can’t swim across the Atlantic during freezing temperature. What kind of stupid analogy is this, you’re bitching right now probably?

The perfect one actually.

Same way you know that you would drown; you knew that your previous efforts or dreams weren’t the right way to succeed. You were relying on or dreaming of luck and on a chance for the most part of it. You lacked some serious discipline and you know that. You knew that you can’t live like that because pure mathematics was telling you that you’ll drain your resources in an exact point of time. But you disregarded the logic and went by your “gut feeling.” Everything will sort itself out, you were comforting yourself.


Again, how did I figure that out?


You are an intelligent person. Only the ones with a certain level of intelligence can become wolves. Others are preys. Thus, you knew what it takes to make your way up. You just didn’t have needed discipline and determination to do it right.


Does that make you stupid?


Not for a second. That makes you a hunter and hunter can’t kill every time. But hunter learns from his failures. He will aim for the soft spot next time. And he will kill next time. You will succeed next time. Never question that.

If you give up, you’ll wreak havoc inside your mind and probably end up on anti-depressants or even worse. Why? Because you are among the only few that still possess that killer instinct. So by giving up you’d totally screw your brain and system would crash beyond the point of repair.


Understand this:




Your obsolete and wrong belief system is collapsing and your brain is screaming for the new elements to rebuild you. All you need to do is to provide your brain with just the right elements. And this is exactly what You will do with our help.


The power of the right habits


Yeah…your habits and total absence of the one that counts mostly, determined the quality of your life. So, when you finally decide to make the change, take The Sequence master course and fix it. As you will see, The Sequence Program is a “straight-to-the-point-precise-type-of-guide,” where you will not waste time on some stupid things and meditation. That shit sucks anyway. What we are going to do is to teach you how to integrate 2 important new habits. That’s it. Just 2. Sounds simple enough and doable? It is.

Of course, there are few more that will really help you in your mission, but these 2 are critical. We got you covered; no worries.

But what’s most important is that this is THE ONLY PROVEN WAY to rise again in a short period of time and to rise with style. Because 1 of these 2 is exactly what you’ve been missing to do properly so far and it is exactly what they failed to teach you. Miss on it again, and we guarantee you – you will fail again, and again and again and eventually…you will put the bullet in your head.

You cannot escape from who you truly are. You may reprogram your behavior but you cannot do much about primitive code. And if you persistently try to act as a prey while being a wolf, nuthouse is waiting for you.


What habits have to do with success?


In simple words: You are a slave to your habits.

That sounds nasty, doesn’t it? Well, nasty or not, it’s true. Repeat the same action over and over again and it will become an automated action; it will become routine action; it will become a habit. Because habit is a neurological event where brain creates something known as the “loop of habit.” Event, smell, sound, action, reaction or state of mind acts as a SIGN that initiates your ROUTINE ACTION in order to receive the REWARD.





Your brain and you respectively cannot live without that high.


What did you do with your first paycheck?

You went out and drank it with your palls.

Why did you do it?

Because you were raised under the premise that money is the prize for your hard labor. That belief has led you to the point of disaster. You were never taught of how to properly manage your money or what money truly is. You’ve never developed a habit of managing your money. And what’s most important: nobody told you that it was never about earning money.

How do you — or even better, WHY do you — expect to do anything with it if you don’t know how to handle it?


What is money?


Money is a tool to get the prize. And the prize is a fulfilled and happy life in wealth and abundance where you are in position to help the others. To truly help the others.

Having a $100 to spare on charity is OK and will do wonders for you and others. But having $500,000 to spare for the same purpose will sky-rocket you and everybody around you. It’s a common sense.

Why helping the others is incorporated within the prize?

It is the fundamental reason why we as a species survived and are thriving now. The moment we started to share our knowledge and learn from the others around us — sharing and collaborating — we put ourselves on the top of the world. Collaboration and collective mind have led us to the point where we have the ability to communicate with every corner of this planet and beyond. This is deeply rooted in your survival code and you cannot delete it. Thus, you cannot play against yourself.


Unfortunately, you were raised differently.


You were raised under the influence of those who don’t understand the money for what it truly is. How can they teach you then?

You were raised thinking that greed is a bad mortal sin and those with money should burn in flames of eternal fire.

Let me ask you this: how many resources has your family allocated to help the others in need? Keanu Reeves gave $20.000 to the man working on a set because he heard about the rough patch in that man’s life. Would he be able to help out that man if he would be poor?

OK…you’re slowly getting the picture now. Let’s move back to habits.


What was the first thing you did on your first day at work? You spent days, weeks and months learning how to properly use the tools and means that enable you to do your work with highest efficiency.

The question is: why most, including you, don’t have the same habit with money?

The bulk of answers can be summed into this: first we valued the meat, now money buys the meat hence; we value the money.

Now this is entirely wrong perspective. Because, in the essence, we still have to value the meat!

What do Masai Warriors cherish mostly?

Their weapons.

Their arrows, bows, spears, traps and knives. It’s what brings food on the table and protect them from the danger. It’s a tool to get the prize – security & safety.

Let’s switch to Western Civilization now. We cherish money because it puts food on the table and protects us from the danger. We hunt with money, we defend with it. How do we defend with money? We are using it to build our own little piece of security; our condo; our house; our cave.

What is the prize? Security & safety.

Getting the picture now? Do you see where everybody is missing? Can you understand now how almost the entire population has a distorted view on money?

But not all. No, no, no. There are people who understand one crucial thing about life:




System is here. It’s powerful. It’s fertile. It’s great. What you have to do now is start playing synchronized with the system and not trying to play against it and then bitch how everything sucks and how you’re just another victim of the corrupt monetary system.

Ask yourself this: if the system is so wrong and so bad, then how come 2% of all owns 86% of everything this planet has to offer? Does that fact ring any bell? Can you reason it without that old ridiculous, “Well, there you go, you just answer it for yourself,” bullshit?


Hear this now and memorize it.


The reason why only 2% of all holds 86% of everything is because there are approximately only 2% of men and women who are really willing to make the most out of every situation they find appealing. And they can do it because in every given time, at every given place, you have only 2% of those who are willing to put their asses on the line. The real killers.

Only 2% of human population learned what it takes to use the most out of the system. Because, let’s face it: system is brand new. It took millions of years for us to develop. It takes time and this system that we have created is just a baby.

2% of people are holding 86% of useful planetary resources. We suddenly have 150.000.000 people who get the system. A whole lot more than you thought, right?

You don’t believe this? OK, how many guys and girls aced in your high school class? How many fellows and young women aced during your college time? How many people ace in your professional environment?

The number is always the same: 2%.


Only 2% of people understand WHICH HABITS ONE HAS TO HAVE IN ORDER TO THRIVE and have the willingness to create them.


Luckily for you, habits are something that can be erased, rewritten and even to be written from the scratch. Another great fortune for you is that you will soon learn how to do it and that will put your life on a growth trajectory path in a following period.

Remember: Your future has not been written. Destiny is an abstract term derived from our fundamental ignorance and mental limitation because we can see only what we had seen. If no one would have told you that Earth is a sphere, how would you know that?

Stop wondering. Start doing. But do it right. Here’s your chance:


Make Money and Build Wealth with The Sequence Master Course

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