How belief system is being made

How belief system is being made

Welcome to cutting edge neuroscience explaining why you think and act the way you do. When you finish with this short course, you’ll realize one critical fact about our brains and their absolute dependence of environment. You’ll realize that if you were by any chance raised under the dogma or Mighty Mouse, you’d now worship a rodent! While it’s one of our greatest survival mechanisms, it’s dangerous in the same time because your matrix may easily be programmed the wrong way. 

You see, your current situation is nothing more than a sum of bad habits and entirely wrong, false and obsolete belief system. Irony is: it’s not all your fault. Heck, it’s least your fault. Again, even if you think that you’re doing well considering, think again. You haven’t even scratched the surface yet.


Who are you?


From the moment you saw this wonderful World for the first time, process of indoctrination has started and has been an ongoing process ever since. And that process really does start very early in life without you even realizing it.

Until you reach the age of 18 months, you don’t have a part of the brain responsible for the recall memory. This is the reason why adopted children somehow always “know” that they were adopted but can’t seem to remember it. Just because that specific part of the brain is missing, it doesn’t mean that child doesn’t collect impressions. It’s clear that there is no specific region in brain where memory blocks are being stored.

From the age of 1 to the age of 5, your brain collects information at the speed of the light. That period is the most intensive in terms of building memory blocks, beliefs and perspective towards life in general. No other part of child’s future life has the capacities like these first 5 years. It can learn complex math, physics, signs, letters and few languages.

Up until the age of 8, this process of immense data collection is continuing. Let’s say with about 80% of capacity and intensity from the age of 5 to the age of 8. This is the period of your life when you’ve developed the basic and fundamental structure of your views on life.

When you reached the age of 12, you filled 98% of your intellectual capacities and whether you are aware of it or not, your central belief system has been created.

It’s those 2% that you need to fill now after rewriting important portions of your old belief system. Make no mistakes; this 2% is big as an ocean and no man managed to fill it entirely in a life time. Remember this number because you’ll see the pattern later on in life. And for the most part it is a chemical thing. Because, after all, you, I, and everybody else are just one, big, walking, complex set of chemicals and chemical substances. There is nothing more to it.


Can you “sense” on telekinetic or telepathic level? Sure. We are all capable of that. As if we are all radiating some invisible stream of energy. One look at person’s eyes and you’ve already made your impression – it took you less than 2 seconds. It’s that powerful. But at the end, no matter what kind of stimulus was that, set of chemicals in your brain develops the memory structure about the profile of that person. And here is the bigger picture and the reason why everybody is preaching about the importance of that “first impression.”

They are all right, make no mistake about it, and in this instance we’ll use it as the analogy because everything you absorb and create opinion about, revolves around the same mechanism. Once you understand the mechanism, you will learn how to change that impression or how to avoid making a hasty one.

It’s vital for you to open your mind and become self-aware.

What that means is that throughout your life, your brain is collecting bits and pieces and builds up your belief systemthe set of principles upon which you’re living your life. It uses the set of chemicals (neurotransmitters): endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, cortisol, norepinephrine and many others in constructing you the way you are and the way you think hence; the way you respond to your environment.


Do not confuse central belief system with the religious believes. Religious believes are only a segment of your entire central belief system.


For instance, if you were raised in some raw, haters-type, racist, white supremacy environment, you will never have a good first impression of an African-American person no matter if he or she is a renowned neurosurgeon or even a President of United States of America. He’s just another colored person to you. Same is with the fundamental comprehension of certain type of religion, left or right political believes and similar one-sided believes.

Why is this happening? Why can’t we see the forest from a single tree?

It’s a puzzler, isn’t it? Well…it’s not.


The origins of your belief system


Once upon a time we were hedonists and ultimate selfish type of beings. As time went by, it became clear that organizing in the groups and helping each other provided with the best chance of survival in this harsh world. In no time that system proved itself as a good way to live and thrive.

To be able to push this new way beyond, our neocortical regions in the brain started to rewrite our primitive instincts and one of the first things that faded away was our hedonism. We have successfully eliminated one of the most important notions of nature: the survival of the fittest. Even if you were born sick and had difficulties walking, group would take care of you. You would be provided as it is the practice today.

Our brains were getting bigger and more complex with each following generation. But that had its side-effect.

We started to think beyond 5 basics of the life: air, water, food, sex and sleep. It went so far that we started to question our sole existence. Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose?

Of course nobody could provide the answer to it, so they started to build abstract terms and stories about the Sun, stars, day and night. It was beyond our comprehension that we were made out of nothing by no one. Advanced life form like this, must have been influenced by some higher power, right? Maybe aliens as some believe?


This is how it works from biological perspective


Everything collects in your left cerebral hemisphere. This is where the “God” is so to speak. So what is the role of your right hemisphere? It is a counterweight. It constantly challenges the left one. But when the belief system is strong, brain will defend it. It is an inner fight.

For example, if you do believe in God with all your being, when confronted by the atheist, you will strongly defend your belief system. It goes so far that you will make stuff up to back up your stand and your claims. You believe in something you never saw, never heard, never touched and never actually felt by your senses and yet you believe in it. How do you explain that?

Simple. It is the way you were raised and programmed.


Brain will help you in your debate


It will dispatch norepinephrine to block the entrance and nesting of every information that doesn’t correlate with your beliefs and may potentially cause damage. Again, it’s a chemical thing. Your brain understands how sensitive this is because you’re adapted to fit perfectly within your social and physical environment as the only mean for you to not only survive but to thrive and what’s most important – to propagate.

This is the reason why it’s possible to “crack” somebody to the point of full lethargy and to re-indoctrinate that person – a process commonly known as “brainwashing.”

The process is quite simple actually because person’s own brain will help with it since it will recognize that there are far better chances of survival if you accept the new dogma or doctrine. Instinctively, every suspect of the felony wants to “come clean” in a first few seconds of interrogation. He has to fight against it. Because, as far as his brain is concerned, it’s not only useless but also counter-productive to suffer the pain and discomfort. Brain will immediately stop sending norepinephrine as the first step. Process is straight forward from that point. Person just has to be exposed to stimuli for a certain period of time and slowly but surely that same person will adopt the new belief system or spill his guts out to the detective.

If that person remains in that new environment, after just a short period of time no one will be able to tell the difference. It would appear like person is born with these beliefs. It is a survival mechanism, nothing more.


Take sex drive for example. Hetero guy will start having sex with another man in prison after a while. It’s not a rule but those weaker, who are not able to fight their urges, will definitely succumb to this urge. Only a year before, they would puke on an idea or image of it.


If you were raised under the dogma of Mighty Mouse, you’d believe in rodent now!


Regardless of what you think about it.

So, if you were raised in the environment where life is a struggle and where all claim how “money is not that important”, what do you think your belief system would look like?


You would struggle because you were taught to work hard for your money while in the same time you wouldn’t appreciate that money for it has no real value according to your beliefs. As the result, you never moved from hard labor and you never really reached your true potentials.

Thus, you need to change your environment and adapt to new circumstances.


We adapt to survive. It’s that simple. And as it had been the reason for your fall(s), it’s your chance to get up and rise again; this time with style. You only need to understand yourself — to become self-awareand to accept who you are right now.


Who are you right now?


You are a person — a self-conscious human being — on a crossing point. A person with the choice. And that alternative is what’s causing you to lose your grip from time to time. It’s a chemical thing again.

You see, your belief system is strong and your actions are predictable when you only have one idea in your head. But when person has two ideas of same strength, there is a chaos going on inside the person’s mind.


And this is how it works.


Your neurons communicate on a specific frequency for each specific task. When life runs according to your beliefs, the communication is synchronized – your neurons are resonating. But when person holds two equally strong contradictory information, it causes a dissonance. That’s why you are feeling nervous, anxious and agitated now. Your entire belief system is collapsing. You are starting to question your sole existence. You feel like you’re losing your identity.

It’s OK. There is nothing wrong with it. You should welcome this breakthrough.

You are opening your mind to the alternative and becoming self-aware. Your brain stopped the norepinephrine secretion since it became clear to it that something was wrong with the structure. It cannot survive in this environment. Something has to change.

The trouble is: you can only know what you’ve experienced. In other words, your brain needs some assistance. You have to provide your brain with the elements for the new structure. Those who fail to do this are those who put the bullet in their head or embrace some spiritual dogma; even the extreme forms of religious beliefs.

That’s why it is important for you to adopt one new habit: from now on, you won’t distinguish information of right or wrong. Instead, you’ll absorb everything and use the parts that bests suits you. Because, in essence, you can learn something even from a complete moron. This is how you deal with narrow-mindedness which caused few unfortunate outcomes already, didn’t it?




You are the sum of what you’ve being told, taught and what you’ve experienced.


Who says that it was the right thing?

Your current situation clearly demonstrates that there was something fundamentally wrong with it. Your parents, peers, friends and school failed to prepare you for a success. That’s all to it. In the same time, you were so devoted to those principles that you failed to learn and to develop.

It’s the power of belief system.

Nobody taught you how to properly manage the money, how to learn, how to grow in terms of success, and finally how to thrive in this new environment. Don’t blame them for they didn’t know any better.

But what they didn’t miss was this: YOU HAVE TO WORK HARD FOR YOUR MONEY TO MAKE THE MONEY WORK FOR YOU. They only left out this second part of the “wisdom.” That’s it. And now, you will learn how to do it from ground zero.

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