Common time management issues nobody discusses


Common time management issues nobody discusses

While they can speculate about the relativity of time as much as they like, that doesn’t concern you. This is due to the two facts of your life:

1) Your time on this planet is seriously limited,

2) You’re living in a society operating under the principle of linear time.


Thus, Einstein’s theory wages none of the importance to you.

You see, problem with time is more or less unique: once passed, you can’t get it back. Unlike money, you can’t earn more of it. Ergo, you have to create a habit of managing your time properly otherwise you’ll most certainly fail again. Poor time management caused your current financial situation; have no doubts about that.

You’ll now learn why and how did time play critical role in your downfall.


Day has 24 hours. Deduct 7 hours of sleep, 1 hour of bathroom rituals, 2 hours of feeding, 8 hours of work, 1 hour of preparations and transport to work and back home, 2 hours of doing something with your friends and family, 1 hour of watching movies or reading something and you are left with only 2 hours to do something else.

And some people’s brilliant plans were to develop a full scale business, using just 2 hours of your day. That didn’t include Sundays and holydays. Nice game plan.


In order to make it happen, you need at least 6 hours of every day. That includes most of the Sundays and holidays.

Yes, this initial period of paving the way for future freedom consumes time. If you’re serious in creating wealth, don’t think that 3 hours, Monday to Friday — as they preach online — will be sufficient. It takes a hell of a lot more to make real progress.

It will be sufficient for the Stage 1 of the business program you are getting close to, but sooner or later you’ll have to detach from the zone of comfort and invest far more hours each day to reach the Stage 3.

This “incubation” period lasts anywhere from 2 to 5 years and by the time this intensive period ends; you’ll grow habit out of it. That means that you’ll spend many hours on your projects even if you don’t have to; once your business is practically operating on auto-pilot. The trick is to use this initial period and work hard for your money.

With proper time and money management, you’ll make your money work for you, which is the main point of our lovely society.

Money flows like a river. One just has to reach down and grab it. There is more money in this World than drinking water and as everybody is drinking water, there is no a single reason why everybody wouldn’t be rich. But in order to do this, one has to perceive his time on this planet for what it is in a world of business: an asset.

And it’s not that easy as they say.

Time control issues


Expert materials set a precise sequence of actions or detailed explanations with practical actions for effective organization of your time. To an experienced mind one thing is certain: the majority of “preachers” don’t live their lives according to the dogma they preach and have never even tried that.

How do we know that?


While it is important to learn how to organize your time — as it’s explained in details through Sequence master course modules — there is one instance in time management nobody discusses.

It’s how to make it happen.

How to free enough of your time under your own free will, essential for what you’re about to do?


Because, you’re not alone in this, no matter how it may appear to you right now. Your routine so far was predictable to your closest social environment. That’s about to change soon and it will feel like a slap in a face to your partner, kids, family and friends. All of the sudden you won’t be available as you used to be and that will create a certain shock at all of them. So better be ready for some rough time, especially if you’re married for a while now.

No matter how hard do you try to explain how critical it is for you to have 6 and more hours per day fully concentrated and without distractions, they will never understand it. And they can’t understand it because you now have a quite different mindset from them. This problem will be even more emphasized in your emotional relationship. She/he will start to feel neglected. It is inevitable.

The question is: to what level you can tolerate the behavior caused by her/his state of mind once she/he starts to feel as the second thing on your list of priorities? How much time can you devote in extinguishing fires all over the place? How much money will that cost you?

Now dealing with the annoying friends and peers is one thing. You can cut them off more or less easily. But you cannot apply the same principle on your marriage. It’s way more sensitive since you’re sharing your life with that person and that same person is one of the reasons why you’re so eager to succeed.

Situation presents a certain paradox.

Your partner is unconsciously aware of all the benefits but habits are hard to be broken over the night. It doesn’t really matter that she/he understands the cost and stakes. Selfish needs will surface and become ever more emphasized.


Start with the political approach here


That means that you have to include quality time with your partner in your daily schedule. You have to include daily errands into the equation also since you are the part of your household and much depends on you.

Thus, you cannot simply shut yourself down for 12 hours of every single day whenever the hell you want. You have to participate and do your part of it because with every passing day, pressure will become harder to sustain. Constant quarrels and fights will soon start taking the toll on your mission to succeed. You will eventually become mentally disturbed and disabled from quality work for the next couple of hours following the discussion.

As time goes by and money starts pouring in, things will change. Your environment will start to accept your new rhythm. They will sync their actions to your time schedule. You just have to give them some time to adapt.

Now, you have to options here:

  1. You can continue with the practice of non-managed time and see what happens.
  2. Or you can learn and master the 3 essential habits for any kind of success – financial in particular.

Start slowly. Take our FREE course, INSIDE THE BUSINESS MIND to get the glimpse of what lies ahead of you. Or, if you feel confident enough, jump right on the master courseTHE SEQUENCE, a 6-module advanced personal development and business course with 3-stage business model added as the uniquely efficient bonus. 

It’s your choice. What will it be?


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