4 life lessons nobody taught you


4 life lessons nobody taught you

There are 4 things nobody has taught you when you were kid. Now it’s your chance to correct that and adopt new knowledge to make necessary adjustments to your matrix. Don’t struggle when there is no real need for that.

Let’s go over the 4 critical life lessons.

Time is the most valuable asset


While it’s amusing to think about the Einstein’s theory of relativity, it doesn’t apply on you. You live and operate in a linear time where you can calculate the exact number of Earth’s turns around the Sun and own axis before you run out of time.

What you do with your time has the predominant role in a quality of your life.

It’s critical that you understand the following 3 key factors of time management: 

  1. Time is the only thing you cannot retrieve or earn more of it. Thus, you have to be careful with time.
  2. Don’t waste it on things you don’t benefit from.
  3. Schedule everything to make room for important things.


For the most part, we are repeating the actions of our parents. What we’ve seen and experienced have been deeply imprinted in our central belief system and it’s not that easy to change the way we perceive the world around us and the way we respond to our environment.

The biggest issue is to force yourself into organization of your time. You simply don’t think it’s important. All they taught you was that you have to be somewhere (job!) on time! That was all your parents or teachers explained to you about the time.

But time management is not that easy as it’s been presented through thousands of available online materials. None of them discusses the common issues with time management. It’s as they don’t even exist. Like it’s a piece of cake to change your habits over the course of the single night. Make no mistake: proper time management is essential skill on your road to financial success but that mastery doesn’t come easy.

If you take a moment and go over the overview of The Sequence master course (link will open in new tab for your convenience), you’ll find out that big part of one of the course’s modules is devoted to time issues. Not only that you’ll learn how to perceive time as an asset and what are the non-discussed operative issues connected with time management, you’ll also go through series of advanced exercises to forge your skills. Lesson after lesson and you’ll end up being perfectly capable of predicting the week ahead.


But that’s just time. Moving on to another critical lesson. 90% of the entire human population don’t know how to handle the following.

Your life depends on your money management skills


You’ve been taught two things about money:

1) You have to work hard for your money;


2) You have to save your money. Maybe they even said that you have to save 10% of every dime you make.


And money management education stopped right there. Nobody taught you anything else about the money. In fact, you most likely heard the phrase how money is not everything and how money is not that important.

Ask yourself this:

If someone was constantly repeating, throughout your childhood, how meat is not important and how wrong it is to have plenty of meat, would you eat meat or is it more likely that you’d become vegetarian?


Let’s go back to those two lessons your parents taught you about the money.

It’s true that you have to work hard for your money, but for how long? Entire life? No! It’s not the way how monetary-market system operates. You’re doing things wrong. It was never about earning money. Monetary-market system is based on money-making principles. Nobody told you that because they didn’t — and still don’t — understand it. Your school had only one duty – to teach you a skill necessary for you to start selling your labor, otherwise known as – earning money.

And about those 90%? You’re saving 10%, but what do you do with 90%?

Up until now, your habit was to spend it all. And that’s why you’re busting your back to put the food on your table.

The proper course of action is this:

First, you have to work hard for your money. Then you employ your money to work for you. It’s the way how things are. Fail to do it, and you’ll struggle for the rest of your life.


Have no doubts that money is in fact the single most important thing in your life. It’s a tool and the weapon to provide and protect. How you think about money has a direct influence on your bank account balance and subsequently your future.

Therefore, it’s absolutely critical that you learn and master the proper money management.


Which leads us to the next lesson. Something you’ve never learned because nobody has been teaching this important subject.

Money must be invested. You must reach the point where you are reinvesting 80% of your total incomes. Thus, stop spending all of it and stop keeping it in your sock or drawer.


This is the core principle of our current civilizational setup. Money is designed with only one purpose:

  • to make more money.

We made sure to create the system that operates on those principles and those who understood this are now making millions while playing golf. They understand that not everything they make is their to keep!

You failed to accept this fact and as a result you don’t make millions.

Understand that the only way for the money to make more money is to invest it wisely. Without investments, your labor will be more or less unproductive. You’ll keep busting your back from 9-5 in some company and never make more than to cover your basic needs, if even that.

Theory of investments is your next step after you master the time and money management skills. You have to learn the environment which is not that difficult as you might be thinking now. For example, Stage 3 of The Sequence master course is leading you through this underlying principle of our monetary-market system. It represents the point of sync, or the moment where money is making money and your labor is no longer needed.

5th module of Sequence is in fact 3-stage proven business model that leads you to the point when money makes money. You only need to adjust and execute the provided blueprints. 



But investments, time and money management and basic psychology of our society, are implying additional routine you must adopt. How you do it will make all the difference.

Be innovative and always challenge the status quo. Also always question the authorities. Never allow yourself to fall into comfort zone.


It may appear that this lesson is sending the wrong message. It does not. The three lessons we explained so far heavily relies on this last one. What you are doing with this fourth one is critical for your well-being.

By constantly pushing the limits and accepting different types of information, some of which may even sound contradictory to your beliefs, you are creating an open and highly intelligent mindset. You’re pushing your brain over the limits through complex explorations and researches. You begin solving problems and that’s the secret of entrepreneurship and every financial success. Bigger the solution, more money you make. That’s why earning money can never make you rich, no matter how big your paycheck may appear to you. You’ll spend it all.

The only way to start generating surplus of money is by selling solutions! And all you need for that is your brain and innate intelligence.

You see, intelligence is not conditioned by the genetics. We are all born with the same capacity. It was up to your parents and school system to fill that potential. And now, it’s in your hands. The studies as well as practice have shown that brain is developing — physically changing — with every next stimulus. Learning and experiencing new stuff are arguably two best ways to further expand your logical and overall intellectual potentials.

Remember: 98% of every problem you can think of is already solved. Your job is to dig out the remaining 2%. Once you find it and develop the expanded solution, problem will again be solved only 98% because you just added the new layer that has the potential to be expanded. This is how innovations economics operates.


These were the basics. Now it’s time to go into more details and start making necessary changes before you start executing the 3-stage business model we’ve designed for you. Please advance to next step.

On the other hand, if you are not so sure that you’re ready for it, start with the FREE pre-course just to get the sense of what lies ahead. There are no shortcuts and if you’re looking for one, you came to the wrong place. We are not dealing with hypotheses or wishes. We are providing you with the reality. And that reality is brutal. Those who don’t know or don’t want to know will keep struggling. But those who are willing to detach from the obsolete and largely wrong matrix and learn from those who know how system works and how things have to be done, they thrive.

What will it be? Are you ready for the change or would you rather continue doing things the way you used to regardless of the fact that it’s obvious even to you how you’re falling into deeper regression?

Be smart about your life and your future. World is a great place for those who know.

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