3 key features of every success


3 key features of every success

Google the term “success” and if you want, you can spend next three years, reading tens of millions of versions of one and the same doctrine: set the goal, plan your route to that goal, manage your time, eat healthy, move a lot, don’t do drugs or alcohol, keep learning new stuff and dozens of similar wisdoms.

OK, we all know that. Nothing new. The question is:

How to achieve anything? How to set the goal for example? 

Most of the “wisdoms” we are using in our adult stage of life are part of our early education and parental influence. Your father didn’t forget to sell you that oldest, “You have to work hard for your money,” demagogy. But who can blame him. After all, his father told him the very same thing. Only in his father’s case, there was still some truth in all of that.

Today, same as it was when your grandpa was in his peak, the paradigm of that demagogy is changed. It contains the second part nobody told you.

The second part of that sentence is: “to be able to make your money work for you.

And that’s the missing piece of the puzzle. Hardly any of us have ever heard our folks saying that crucial second part of the philosophy. If they did, you wouldn’t be reading this in the first place.

OK, now you know it and you are sure you would like that to happen.

How that works? What kind of goal is that?

By now you have mastered the first part of this obsolete monetary philosophy. You are busting your balls for an extended number of months or even years and still not moving from the square one. It’s because you never tried to work on a second part – the closing part of it.

Why you’ve never tried? Because of the lack of knowledge, willingness to learn how system works and subsequent poor money management.

Why you suck in money management for instance?

Because the very first thing your young brain picked up was the moment when you dad comes home with the paycheck, pick you and mommy and off you go to spend some of his hard earned cash. Next thing your — still pretty much young — brain picked up was the quarrel mommy and daddy had about how difficult it is for him to pay for everything with his salary.

Those damn capitalists are taking everything, leaving is with the pocket change. State and government are only making them easier to rob us,” was your dad’s punch line every time he would talk with some friend. And you heard it. Correction. Your brain heard it and created the memory block to add to your central belief system or the set of principles upon which you are living your life.

Bam! Your central belief system has suffered a direct hit and got changed. From that point on, you were growing up believing in 3 things:

  1. You work, you get paid and than you go and spend it all
  2. It’s hard to pay for everything. Money is something difficult and strange. It’s like you are dealing with the live entity, not some imaginary man-made value
  3. System is not allowing you to live free and in unlimited wealth.

Why do you even expect to achieve anything when you were actually raised to despise money?

As you can see, it’s not your fault. The ones who were supposed to teach you this essential skill failed to do so due to their own ignorance, corruptive agendas or lack of any of the 3 D’s we’ll discuss later.

So how it works in your case? What do you do with money you’ve earned?

You pick up your salary, or in our modern times do nothing at all but wait for the SMS or email from the bank; pay your bills, and leave whatever remains for spending, right? And if things go from bad to worse, you just use your credit card to fill in the blanks.

How much do you have on your savings account? Any commodities? Equities? Bonds? Nothing? Why?

Yeah, yeah, small paychecks, expensive life and crap like that are most likely your answers. Well…in all honesty my friend, that answer is just an excuse. That answer proves your inability to properly manage your: A) time, B) money, and C) life in general. You are unable to do it efficiently because you’ve never learned it!

Now if you don’t know how to manage money, how the hell would you be able to make it work for you?

You are managing a drilling machine and it works for you, doesn’t it? You are handling some machine at your job post with ease because you’ve mastered it by now, and it does work for you. But money is somehow always slipping away.

Another fact from your life: when you got your first job, the very first thing you did was to master the machinery or some other kind of technology in order to be effective worker. But when you’ve received your first paycheck, you went to the bar and got so freakin’ drunk that somebody had to drag your ass home. Are you realizing the problem?

Money is nothing more than just another asset you have to learn how to properly use!

That’s your imminent goal right now! That’s the very next thing you want to learn and master – the proper MONEY MANAGEMENT. We got you covered, don’t worry. The Sequence master course, among everything else is teaching you how to properly perceive money and how to manage it by providing you with the proven money management program/plan.

And to do that with highest efficiency, you will need to introduce high levels of 3 most important features of every success in life – The 3 D’s.


Everything on this planet revolves around these 3. You need to decide to do something. When you’ve decided, you need to be determined to finish it properly. And to do that, you need discipline. It doesn’t really matter what it might be; these three are always in equation.

It is the fundamental law of existence. Remove one and nothing can be achieved.

Where that leaves you in terms of long term success, money management and reaching your goals and dreams?

Considering the level of your current knowledge, right at the beginning point.

Whatever you’ll do from this moment on, you need to think about these 3 principles. Especially when it comes to proper money management. We both know how hard it is to suppress yourself from the urge to spend it or to keep it in your drawer. First is essentially OK  under the assumption that you’re not just buying crap but also doing what you’re supposed to do with the money. Second is mistake because static money loses his value on account of annual inflation rate at minimum.

If you would somehow make your money mobile, you would be able to compensate and make profit.

But first you need to learn your dollar, euro, yen, rouble and every other currency of your interest. You need to learn what to do with it once you get a hold of it. Because it is clear that you are not doing something right. Otherwise you would be sitting under some palm tree on a distant Pacific island, knowing how your money is sweating its ass to multiply.

To learn it, you need to start from the beginning. And that beginning states that you have to spread your money in a precise order for it to reach its original purpose – to multiply!

This requires immense amounts of raw perseverance because sooner than later your eyes will catch something lucrative and your instinct will be to even borrow the money if needed just to have that single product. When we say “borrow,” we mean use of credit card.

Discipline is the name of the game here since it is clear how you already decided and become determined. Proper levels of discipline will prevent your irrational and hasty decision.

The optimal course of action

Your course of action is simple:

  • first you learn how to properly manage your hard earned money
  • then you start learning how to move your money in order to start picking fruits of your hard labor.

It does take time to learn it, no question about it. Some people even spend years on universities in order to master the theory which is still inadequate because they are still missing few critical pieces of the puzzle they don’t teach in schools or universities.

The process of adjustments starts with


Decision in this particular aspect of your life seems rather simple, doesn’t it? OK, you want to make your money work for you. Simple as that, right?

Wrong on so many freakin’ levels.

If you are not used to money management, how the hell you’ll know what to decide in the first place? Decision is not a dream. Decision is a soon to happen precise action. And if you don’t know where to turn, how do you decide? Lucky guess? It may work when you are driving. It’s easy to turn around and return. But with money, story is different.


You have dozens of different money management plans and protocols. While they are revolving around the same axis, you need to pick or create the one that best suits your needs. In The Sequence master course, you are provided with the most optimal money management program. It’s designed according to the rules of monetary-market system and not someone’s caprice.

So let’s say you’ve decided in favor of this presented money management plan. What next?

Your new way of handling the money will wreak havoc in your closest social environment. No more impulsive spending, no more beers with your drunken pals, no nothing for some longer period of time.

How do you think your spouse or friends will react on this? Your wife — if any — will be pissed when you close the valve and cut her off from the supplies. She’ll be all over you. First yelling, then denial of sex as the ultimate weapon and all will culminate in a form of an ultimatum and long term silence. It takes some hardcore nerves to live through this period.

This is where second feature comes in play.


You need to stay persistent no matter what. You know what you are trying to achieve so do your best to stay in the track!

There is entirely new world for you out there. Things you are watching in movies or on TV actually do happen. They do exist and there are those who are living that high-end lifestyle for a longer period of time.

Another thing to remember here is: focus on opportunities.

So far you were acting as a frightened chicken in front of the wolf. Everything seemed too goddamn risky. It’s just because you were focusing on risks rather than on opportunities. So change your perspective. Learn from others.

How long will it take before you see the fruits of these cumulative efforts? It depends on a level of your determination but on average 2 years will mark the point when you should expect first revenues from passive incomes; those that didn’t force your spine or muscles, but still more than sufficient amount to cover all of your expenses and even generate surplus. Yes, it won’t happen over the night. Get-rich-quick schemes are illusion, remember that. It takes time, patience and hardcore planning to build wealth. If it would be easy, than everybody would be billionaires, right?

It cannot be achieved over the night just because learning everything that matters takes time and that timeframe depends on your own free time, learning capacities and power of will.

The former is the result of the third feature.


Your willpower is in direct proportion with the level of introduced discipline because money management is only the part of a complex equation. Luckily for you, willpower can in fact be trained in a similar way as muscles. The only difference is that training the will is much easier and simpler than pumping up the volume of your muscles.

If you take a moment and go through the overview of The Sequence master course, you’ll realize how one entire module is dedicated to the power of will. It’s arguably one of the most critical aspects of every success and it’s in direct causal relationship with these 3 key features.

But don’t think about the discipline in some hardcore military way. It’s a different kind of discipline, less intensive than military one. Take a look.

We suggest that you take one additional step before any kind of decision

Point of Sync academy is inviting you to take our FREE pre-course and get a little bit more familiar with the subject of wealth building and monetary-market system itself. It’s entirely FREE and won’t take much of your time. In the same time, it will act like a breaking point. After you go over it, your perception of our society will radically change.

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